Thursday, May 31, 2007

WIXYcam visits former Red Barns

I am having fun with the WIXYcam on this week of vacation. The above picture is Luna's Restaurant in Wadsworth, which is housed in a former Red Barn. I took pictures of this and another former Red Barn in Medina and sent them to These were posted there this evening. Click here to see the page. If you haven't checked out the site, look around. You'll find out more than you'd ever want to know about the Red Barn chain. A big thank you to Tim Lones for the heads up on this site.

WLCI 97.5 LPFM-The voice of Hocking

After attending the "soft" opening of the new, improved Rittman IGA, it was off to Nelsonville to change cars with WIXYjr. The WIXYjrMobile has been changing it's own oil lately, and both myself and Mrs74WIXYgrad felt that it would be better if he had the soon to be decommissioned WIXYmobile to drive back from school.

So once I got there we switched cars and went to lunch. Upon arrival back to campus we went to the campus radio station where WIXYjr is known as DJ Twitch. His special guest for this show was a certain blogger, known around these parts as 74WIXYgrad.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Once Again Hometown Proud

Wednesday, May 30, 2006 was a big day for the residents of Rittman as the IGA re-opened their doors. The first folks to walk through the doors were my daughter Martha, her husband Kevin, and children Ben, Makenna, and Silas. Ben had told everyone that the IGA was opening and that he was going to be the first customer. After choosing applesauce and chocolate milk, Ben was indeed the first customer to check out at the new Rittman IGA. Owner Dan Foutty is presenting Ben with a ball for being the first customer(Ben calls this his IGA ball). What makes me happy to see is that Rittman has it's full service deli and bakery back. The store is set up the same as before with some welcome changes. Prices are more reasonable, and as pictured there is a special on selected meats where you can choose five packages for $19.99, which is similar to what one of the stores in Wadsworth offers. I will be trying their chicken in the next few days and will report on the quality shortly thereafter. Also the seniors of Rittman now have a place to shop again. And with the price of gasoline having escalated, any trip out of town saved will be appreciated.


Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Post 200!!!

I had to wonder when I started writing this blog last August, if I would fizzle out any time soon. Well it's been over ten months now and I am sitting at my home computer typing post number 200.

In last ten months, I've gotten some relatives, some folks at work, and some of those who post on the message boards that I frequent to give this blog a look see. I've been able to promote a very hard working and devoted group of students, the Rittman band, along with their boosters, whom I call the World's Greatest Band Boosters, or WGBB(tm), for short.

I got me some bylines in the local weekly paper, The Post. I also had a distant relative get in touch.

I've been able to dwell upon my interests, and vent when the world isn't going the way I think it should.

I've had comments, both in the comment section here, and via email, and most of them have been of the positive variety.

And, as Mary Ann at work has told me, I've had the chance to try my hand in mass communication.

I want to thank those who encourage me to write these words and check here every day, those who get me to thinking that maybe I have something interesting to say after all.

Monday, May 28, 2007

WIXYcam on assignment-Rittman Memorial Day Parade

Yes, I figured it out, and was taking pictures this morning at the Rittman Memorial Day Parade. Shot from in front of National City Bank in beautiful Downtown Rittman.
My grandchildren, Ben and Makenna, have arrived to enjoy the parade, Ben is chowing down on a donut. As the parade draws closer, Rittman's finest are closing off roads along the parade route to insure safety to the participants and spectators. And the parade begins with the DARE car leading the way.
Heading the parade are the flag bearers from the American Legion. Followed by the Rittman Indians Marching Band. Pictured is, as of this past Friday, Rittman graduate Mary Hoover on the bass drum. Mary and other members of the class of 2007, gave their encore performance today. My newest grandson, Silas, is enjoying his first parade, and his first flag, while being held by his aunt Sylva. Rittman mayor Bill Robertson acknowledges the crowd as he passes by. Joining the parade are Rittman Cub Scout pack 3405, and Boy Scout troop 405. Also pictured are the students of the D.A.R.E. program, throwing candy as they passed by. Also pictured are Rittman safety forces, and an antique car, a staple of all parades. And at the end of the parade, an unidentified father leads his children on their own mini parade.

Friday, May 25, 2007

One word describes this


Finally going on vacation!!!!!!

I am writing this post on my last morning break before my vacation. what am I going to do? Well several mornings I will sleep until I wake up. I have a garage that is in dire need of cleaning, and a car in need of repair. Also several books need to be read. will I go anywhere? I will probably go see WIXYjr at college.

Improvements are coming here too. I bought a new WIXYcam, and I will be adding my own pictures more often, with a couple of ideas on the board.

I'll be around, just better rested.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Jazzing up a Tuesday Evening

In the cozy confines of the high school MOP room, the Rittman High School Jazz band gave a great performance Tuesday evening. The performance was evidence that these student musicians had been working hard all school year. The Jazz band took us from Cuba to New York City, covering several periods of the 20th century. We heard selections from from Ernesto Lecuona, to Isaac Hayes, to Tommy James, from many genres. It was all good.

The audience was treated to solo performances during most of the performances by various members of the band. A lot of talent was on display.

The evening of entertainment was kicked with a selection from Cuba, "Malaguena". The Jazz band then performed the 1930's classic "Blue Monk." Off to the 1960's-Bossa Nova, James Bond, style, "Bubbert Goes Undercover."

Those of enough who remember 1970's classic rock recognized the Steely Dan hit "Rikki Don't Lose That Number."

A selection by big band legend Duke Ellington, "Mood Indigo" was next, followed by "Birdland".

Before a brief intermission the band performed what some think is the greatest jazz song of all time, "Sing, Sing, Sing".

After the break, the band came back with "Another Day, Another Blues". Those of us who remember the early days of "Saturday Night Live" recognized the next song, made popular in those days by Dan Akroyd and John Bellushi, the Blues Brothers, "Soul Man" written by Isaac Hayes.

"Malibu Drive" was followed by a hit by Les Brown and his Band of Renown, "Sentimental Journey", with a vocal from Sasha Caynor.

"Blue 'N Boogie", made popular by Dizzie Gillespie, was the next selection, and the evening ended with the Tommy James and the Shondells hit "Mony, Mony".

The Jazz band has a CD of their songs available for $5.00, all proceeds going to the band. After the concert, I am convinced that this collection is a great value.

We were reminded again that the band boosters(WGBB) are preparing a spaghetti dinner to raise funds for the band on June 1, from 4:30-8:00, with entertainment provided by the Jazz Band and The steel drum band.

Advance tickets for the dinner is $7.00 or $8.00 at the door .

Monday, May 21, 2007

Roaming sidewalks in Wadsworth.

This past Saturday, I had to go to the Ritzman Pharmacy in Wadsworth to get some prescriptions filled. I go there because that's where my HMO says I can go. I will say as a sidenote that the folks at Ritzman are a great bunch of people, who care enough about you to greet you by name when you come through the door. I had noticed on my way there that there was some sidewalk sales going on. I decided to snap some photos with the WIXYcam, but I couldn't share them until today, I had to get a hold of Cingular, now the new At&t, because I couldn't send my photos from the WIXYphone to my e-mail. Now I can, so these are for your enjoyment. Above is a view from south of the square. The mini concert to your left is given by the good people at Wadsworth Music, where you can also get lessons for all instruments.

You may ask why I would mention a Wadsworth event, being the Rittman shill that I am. Pictured here is Rhonda Pomeroy with students from Rittman Middle School. They are selling goodies to try to get funds for the 8th graders to take their annual trip to Washington D. C. next spring. I also included this picture because Rhonda told me that she will be working with the World's Greatest Band Boosters(tm) serving spaghetti dinners on June 1st. Remember that's at the high school MOP room from 4:30-8pm. Pre-sale tickets are available for $7.00, $8.00 day of the dinner. I've been told takeout is also available.

Other notes: My new e-mail address, which has more space than my Road Runner account(the power of you indeed!) .

Friday, May 18, 2007

From the Bleachers:Band Concert and Awards

On May 17, 2007, the Rittman High School Band gave their final concert band performance of the 2006-2007 school year. Musical fare for this evening was, as always indicative of the hard work and dedication shown all years from Mr. Sims and all the student musicians. Selections were as follows:
Vikings Victorious Concert March, by Chris Sharp
First Suite in Eb for Military Band. by Gustav Holst, arrangement by Robert Longfield
Festivo, by Vaclav Nelhybel
and lastly, Cajun Cookin, By Bruce Pearson

In the midst of the performance, Awards were presented to the band for their extraordinary performances this year and several band members were recognized for their continued participation.

And speaking of being awarded for continued particapation, LuAnn of the World's Greatest Band boosters(WGBB) was recognized for her five years of volunteer service and leadership in the support the boosters provide to the band throughout the year. Brenda then urged those in attendance to get involved and attend at least one meeting. Remember the WGBB will be serving a spaghetti dinner at the high school on June 1.

Mr. Sims also made mention of this blog and my service as announcer during halftime shows.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Catching up

Due to circumstances beyond my control, such as the WIXYmobile blowing a brake line(Try driving on 77 during evening rush hour with a blown brake line. At any time, the median strip would have become my best friend.) I've been away from blogging this past few days.

From the "too often I can be wrong department:"

Idol shocker? America voted, and Melinda was sent home last night. You may ask why. I think the reason is a complex one. Melinda was probably the most talented of the final three, but as I looked at it on Tuesday, it was too close to call. I know I said last week that I thought Blake would go home but he definitely brought his "A game" to the show. If any one looked weak, it was Jordin. Melinda will have a good career ahead of her, but her Idol run is over.

Elliot Yamin let his hair grow out and gave a good performance last night. I wonder if long curly hair(with some talent) would have made him American Idol last year? Not that I have anything against someone with prematurely gray hair.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mother's Day Thoughts

Hopefully by the time anyone reads this, I am wishing any moms who read this a belated "Happy Mother's Day".

For the fourth year running, I have been unable to wish my mom a happy Mother's Day, as she passed away in April, 2004. But I did take the mother of my children out for dinner last night and made dinner today-ham, mashed potatoes with gravy, corn, and biscuits.

As some are aware, I do like to watch NASCAR. One thing I've admired about NASCAR is that they have not raced on Mother's Day, but today is different as it rained last night and postponed it until today. Today, the command to start was given by 21 of the driver's mothers.

Memories of my own mother: To your left is a picture of me with my mother on my wedding day in 1979. I've made the comment before that my mom was my biggest fan. She gave me a lot of support for all my endeavors. My mom didn't have the easiest of lives either. Her parents were both alcoholics, and I probably wouldn't be too far wrong by saying that my grandfather was the town drunk. She didn't have too good a reputation in her early twenties, and her first husband beat her. Heredity hasn't been too fair either as our family has been affected by a condition known as Neurofibromatosis. My younger brother and sister both had epileptic seizures as a result of it. She took care of my brother until 1999 when they finally put him in a nursing home. The seizures also took an effect on my sister's mental state, and we now take care of her.

To my mom her most important job was to be our mom, and that kept her going after my dad passed away. She knew my interests and and tried to find things to give me pertaining to them. In fact the day she died we had plans to watch the race together. Mom wanted to make sure someone would be there to take care of my sister and brother, and when she realized they would be taken care of, Mom was at peace.

Update:As I was listening to the game where the Tribe snatched defeat from the jaws of victory, I remembered when Nick Mileti was the "owner" of the Indians. On Mother's Day one year, he honored moms in attendance by giving them all Right Guard deodorant. That really stunk.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

So far..I may be right

I am awake this late because my father-in-law was taken to the hospital by EMS this evening. According to what my wife has said the EMTs didn't think it was life threatening.

Anyway I got to watch most of the AI results show. I got it right this week. Mrs74WIXYgrad thought that Blake would go. I thought LaKisha had a sub par performance. Now unless Jordin and/or Melinda have a complete meltdown next week, Blake should be eliminated next Wednesday.

Now the Mary Tyler Moore finale type "group hug" by the final four was a bit corny.

Remember to pray for my wife, her parents, and her sisters.

Update: My father-in-law is back home, as it was a case of the flu. With the heart problems he's having now, it's better safe than sorry.

Also remember that this Sunday is Mother's Day.

An evening of good eating and great entertainment.

Everybody, circle June 1 on your calendars. Make plans that evening to be at Rittman High School. The World's Greatest Band Boosters plan on whipping up the world's greatest spaghetti dinner. Also during the evening, you will also be entertained by The Rittman High Jazz band, and PANomenon, the steel drum band.

Remember, that will be Friday June 1st
Rittman High School MOP room
WGBB will be serving their culinary delights from 4:30-8:00.
You can get pre-sale tickets for $7.00,
or you can get your tickets at the door for $8.00.
For tickets, contact Brenda @ 330-714-7982.

Now tell me, where else can you get fed AND entertained at such a reasonable price.

Oh, by the way, all proceeds from this yummy dinner go to participation fees for the band.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

While I'm strolling down Memory Lane

I got some of these images off the web for your enjoyment.