Friday, May 04, 2007

Nice day, but I'm sick

On a day like today, if I were to call off it would be the infamous "mental health day". I'm sure most have taken those at least once in their lives. I called off today because I'm actually sick. One of the worst colds in recent memory. When you have to use the Puffs with aloe, you know it's bad. I've been in my recliner all morning with the television watching me. On a nice sunny day like today, what a waste.

I guess having the two week total vote on American Idol helped Jordin squeak by this week. Now it's down to the final four-Blake, LaKisha, Jordin, and Melinda. Blake saved himself with his song styling this week, but I have this gut feeling he will be the next to go. If I'm wrong I will admit it, or blame it on the cold medicine I'm taking.

Lastly, come to Rittman High School(correct me if I'm wrong about this Brenda)on June 1st. The Worlds Greatest Band Boosters(tm) will be having a spaghetti dinner. This is a fund raiser to offset the pay to participate for the Rittman Band. You will not only eat well but you will be entertained by the Jazz band and the steel drum band.

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Anonymous said...

June 1st is correct. $7 presale and $8 at the door. All are welcome.