Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Post 200!!!

I had to wonder when I started writing this blog last August, if I would fizzle out any time soon. Well it's been over ten months now and I am sitting at my home computer typing post number 200.

In last ten months, I've gotten some relatives, some folks at work, and some of those who post on the message boards that I frequent to give this blog a look see. I've been able to promote a very hard working and devoted group of students, the Rittman band, along with their boosters, whom I call the World's Greatest Band Boosters, or WGBB(tm), for short.

I got me some bylines in the local weekly paper, The Post. I also had a distant relative get in touch.

I've been able to dwell upon my interests, and vent when the world isn't going the way I think it should.

I've had comments, both in the comment section here, and via email, and most of them have been of the positive variety.

And, as Mary Ann at work has told me, I've had the chance to try my hand in mass communication.

I want to thank those who encourage me to write these words and check here every day, those who get me to thinking that maybe I have something interesting to say after all.


Anonymous said...

Happy 200th. I do enjoy giving this a 'look see' every morning!!!. Hope you are enjoying your vacation.


wzzp said...

CONGRATS! I've enjoyed it from the beginning. I really enjoy your musings. My only wish is you would update more often, but we all have lives (except for JimOhio LOL). Here's to 200 more posts. God Bless!

bizdecision said...

WIXY, Congrats! That's awesome. Your blog is enjoyable and not full of the stuff on other message boards. Plus, it's fun to read about the goings on in band. I played tuba in high school.

Tim Lones said...

You have done a great job! Your blog makes me feel like I'm sitting down having a cool drink (non-Alcoholic}and shooting the brezze with a good friend. As i said before, You inspired me to try a blog..Keep up the good work..

Anonymous said...


Happy 200th!!!!

Wishing you health and happiness.