Monday, May 21, 2007

Roaming sidewalks in Wadsworth.

This past Saturday, I had to go to the Ritzman Pharmacy in Wadsworth to get some prescriptions filled. I go there because that's where my HMO says I can go. I will say as a sidenote that the folks at Ritzman are a great bunch of people, who care enough about you to greet you by name when you come through the door. I had noticed on my way there that there was some sidewalk sales going on. I decided to snap some photos with the WIXYcam, but I couldn't share them until today, I had to get a hold of Cingular, now the new At&t, because I couldn't send my photos from the WIXYphone to my e-mail. Now I can, so these are for your enjoyment. Above is a view from south of the square. The mini concert to your left is given by the good people at Wadsworth Music, where you can also get lessons for all instruments.

You may ask why I would mention a Wadsworth event, being the Rittman shill that I am. Pictured here is Rhonda Pomeroy with students from Rittman Middle School. They are selling goodies to try to get funds for the 8th graders to take their annual trip to Washington D. C. next spring. I also included this picture because Rhonda told me that she will be working with the World's Greatest Band Boosters(tm) serving spaghetti dinners on June 1st. Remember that's at the high school MOP room from 4:30-8pm. Pre-sale tickets are available for $7.00, $8.00 day of the dinner. I've been told takeout is also available.

Other notes: My new e-mail address, which has more space than my Road Runner account(the power of you indeed!) .


Tim Lones said...

Yep..shill would be the word (just kidding Cliff)..I love small towns..I grew up in East Sparta just south of Canton..BTW Cliff, I've just updated my Blog. I can just about guarantee the info in this blog you wont find anywhere else..Its about old TV station construction permits that were never built..Or built by other owners years later..(speaking of a good week Cliff..

74WIXYgrad said...


You can shill here all you want, just do it properly and tell those who look at these comments that your blog is called Cleveland Classic Media and you can get there by clicking on Tim's name, or go to the links on my blog to get there.

And have a blessed day!