Thursday, May 17, 2007

Catching up

Due to circumstances beyond my control, such as the WIXYmobile blowing a brake line(Try driving on 77 during evening rush hour with a blown brake line. At any time, the median strip would have become my best friend.) I've been away from blogging this past few days.

From the "too often I can be wrong department:"

Idol shocker? America voted, and Melinda was sent home last night. You may ask why. I think the reason is a complex one. Melinda was probably the most talented of the final three, but as I looked at it on Tuesday, it was too close to call. I know I said last week that I thought Blake would go home but he definitely brought his "A game" to the show. If any one looked weak, it was Jordin. Melinda will have a good career ahead of her, but her Idol run is over.

Elliot Yamin let his hair grow out and gave a good performance last night. I wonder if long curly hair(with some talent) would have made him American Idol last year? Not that I have anything against someone with prematurely gray hair.


Mike Dane said...

I'm just glad you're safe and sound.

Mike Dane

74WIXYgrad said...

Thanks Mike. I will consider in the next few days whether or not to get a new WIXYmobile, as my mechanic has told me that I will need all my brake lines replaced. Northeast Ohio winters, you know. that, and the WIXYjrmobile needs alot of repairs.

Anonymous said...

I'm w/ Mike, glad you are OK.

I was very suprised to see Melinda get voted off. But my votes belonged to Jordin since day one!

Just a reminder. There is a band concert tonight at 7 at the H.S. And the Jazz Band concert next Tuesday. I will be putting together a MySpace for the band boosters here in the near future. Will let you know!!

Thanks for all your support Cliff.

wzzp said...

i'm glad your safe and sound cliff