Monday, December 31, 2007

Some awards not available at press time

In announcing the Top Bananas last night, these were announced after the deadline to go to press. So this special post is to announce those we regrettably missed.

The Mr. Kotter award goes to WZZP and BizDecision, two local guys who do their best to expand the minds of our youth.

The Thinker award goes to Amias, of Liquid Plastic, for her thought provoking views of life as she sees it.

The other awards are in the post below.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

2007 Top Bananas

As promised, here are the 2007 Top Banana Awards. I have many winners that come to this blog, so I have many awards to give out. I have awards for bloggers and non bloggers alike. So without further adieu, let the ceremony begin.

Non Blogger awards: these go to the following folks, all supporters of this blog, given by their forum names:
Rich from Medina, David5258, WZZP, JimOhio, newsnomore, CollegeDJ86

These are given to those whom I have contact with on a routine basis:
Brenda, Mary Ann

This one goes to a sorta blogger, meaning he has a blog, but hasn't posted on it in months:
Mike Dane

Now I will present these special awards by geographic region:

From the West coast, the Better Than Good award goes to Mel Kaye of Attitude, the Ultimate Power. Also from California, the Mad Magazine Meets Cosmopolitan award goes to Valley Girl of Life of a Valley Girl.

Now on to the Midwest we go. Receiving the Windy City award is Curmudgeon of Second Effort.
The Petticoat Junction award is awarded to the Terre Haute Gang: Sindi of Life is a Roller Coaster, Stacy of My Thoughts, and Michelle of Rusin Roundup. Michelle also gets special recognition for enduring Christmas shopping season, working at the Evil Big Box Store(tm).

Heading south, we have several awards to give out: Suzanne of Liquid Illuzion gets both the Gateway to the Blogosphere award and the Celebrate Good Times award. The second award is in recognition of all the posts she put up in my honor on the one year anniversary of this blog.

Frasypoo of This and That gets the God and Country award, for both her Christian testimony and and her support of the political system in this country, even though she wasn't born here.

Bella, of It is What it is gets the Southern Cuisine award for her recommendation that I try boiled peanuts on my trip to Florida.

I award the Proud Mother-Good Devotions award to Kathy of Kathy's Klavier for her posts that glorify the Lord and keeping us up to date on her son who is a member of the Christian metal band A Plea For Purging.

The Fit and Trim award goes to Diamond of A Day in the Zone, once again the featured link for January, for helping others with her research of resources on weight loss on the web.

Incognito, the Closet Republican gets the Hen in the Fox House award, for giving political views that are contrary to others in her chosen profession.

To Michigan I go to give a special award. Best Band Mom, Corps Division goes to Jessica, of Five Pines and Through the Viewfinder.

I will go back to Ohio to award these: The Philo Farnsworth award is given to Tim Lones of Cleveland Classic Media.

The Homer Simpson award goes to Springfield's own Pat Jenkins of Pat J.(at least in my mind)Knows it all. For those who aren't as up on culture as others, the Simpsons are from Springfield.

Here are some international awards: Warren Peace of Peace of My Mind gets the Canadian Devotional award for his sharing of his Bible studies with the rest of the blogosphere.

And last, but not least, Amel of Amel's Realm receives the Intercontinental Good Friend award for her blogging from Finland, the land of some of my ancestors.

All those who visit my blog are winners. These awards are given with a very light heart and I hope we can all be good friends as we go into 2008 and beyond.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Featured link for January and coming post

New Years is three days away and you know what that means either resolutions or remorse from too much celebrating over the holidays. People will be spending a ton of money on health club memberships, diet foods, and exercise equipment. I have something for you that's free. All it takes to find out is a mouse click.

If you notice to your right, I have a featured link for January. The link is called "A Day in the Zone." The blog's author, Diamond, pictured to your left, is on a mission to lose weight and is chronicling her efforts and giving tips for losing the needed pounds. This is in the true Zig Ziglar style. Zig has said "You can get what you want if you help enough other people get what they want."

Thanks to Frasypoo for going over there and leaving comments. I urge others to do the same. Also add her to your link list.

Now, in the next couple of days, I plan to announce the Top Bananas of 2007. Last year I almost called them the Golden Bananas and was going to do the same this year until I did a Google search of Golden Banana and found one of the first results was a strip club called the Golden Banana. I immediately scrapped that idea. Come back for the presentation and be prepared to congratulate the winners.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

I have made contact with another WIXY School Grad

I was taking a stroll through the blogosphere this morning, and while I was reading the comments section at Ohio Media Watch, I come across a name that sounded familiar-Andrew Boggs. I clicked on his profile and found an email address and had to ask him if he was a fellow graduate of the WIXY School of Broadcast Technique. He shot me a response and said that he was and not ashamed to admit it. I remember him because I briefly dated his cousin in 1976.

Only difference between Andrew and myself is he actually used his schooling and was a radio news anchor in a market outside of Northeast Ohio. He is now retired and runs two websites as a hobby- Mall 727 and House and Cottage.

And I thought I was the only one to admit that I went to the WIXY School. But then again I have successfully used 74WIXYgrad as a branding for myself.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

We are now Inter-Continental

A new blog I have placed on my blogroll is called Amel's Realm. The author of this blog is a native of Indonesia, who now is living in the land of some of my ancestors, Finland. Amelia is a friend of many on the blogroll and left a message for me last week over at Seek Him First. My guess is that she discovered me through the Terre Haute Gang.

Check out Amel's Realm. Today she has posted about her long Christmas weekend, a good read.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Santa was here

We've had a good Christmas at the WIXYranch so far. I got what I needed-socks and pants. A new toy-A digital voice recorder. And a big sack of awards from Mel at Monday Morning Power.

Now with my new toy, I can again attempt to get a podcast together. I had me a headset already, complete with a microphone, but I felt like an idiot sitting at my computer talking to nobody. It's been awhile since my studio time days at the WIXY School of Broadcast Technique.

I have Audacity software on my computer and an account at podomatic, so all I have to do is get off my *hee-haw* and do it.

Merry Christmas everyone.

Monday, December 24, 2007

A quick Christmas Eve Question

Which do you prefer:

A-Batteries not included?

B-Some assembly required?

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Dual Posts: Terry Pluto on Joseph

This being the weekend before Christmas, I want to share with my blogging family an article that Terry Pluto wrote in this morning's Cleveland Plain Dealer, and also available on

The article is about how churches sometime beautify and sanitize the Christmas story. Terry also writes that the story of Joseph should be an example for people of all faiths to follow.

It should be of interest to those who find themselves raising a child that they didn't bring into the world themselves.

Take some time to reflect on the very humble beginnings of the greatest man who ever lived.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Jeff Foxworthys 12 days of Christmas

Here is some humor as we go into the weekend before the big day.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Santa Comes to the IGA

The WIXYcam was recently inside the Rittman IGA as we heard that the one and only Santa Claus was paying a visit. Even though we could not find a sleigh and reindeer, we did see the jolly one himself.

A Link to an Inspiring Story

Yesterday I posted about our newest friend, Diamond's blog, A day in the Zone. Yesterday was also the season finale of The Biggest Loser. Judging by the comments on that post and the other on my struggles, we could use all the inspiration we can get.

My wife had grown up with a man named Tim Dockery. The first time I met him, he had to be tipping the scales at over 400 pounds. His top weight was 547 pounds. He had many health problems and had to be disabled. One day he decided that enough was enough, and started walking on a treadmill. first day he lasted a minute. from there things progressed. Tim ended up losing over 300 pounds and in 2006 he was proclaimed the TOPS(Take Off Pounds Sensibly) national weight loss king. Click here to read his story.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

A Blog in the Zone

A couple of weeks ago, I posted about my lifelong battle with my weight. Last week I was looking over at Mel's blog, Monday Morning Power, and saw this comment by a poster called "Diamond." I clicked on her profile and saw she had a blog called "A Day in the Zone." This blog is dedicated to Diamond's weight loss efforts. I read some of her posts and saw some content that I could use.

Diamond is a young mother, who seems dedicated to her family. I think that she can be a real help to those who need some tips to losing as little or as much as they need to. Remember New Years Day is only 2 weeks away and I'm sure that there will be some who will be making those resolutions to lose weight. It's always easier to do it with someone else.

Check it out. Her post today is regarding the Biggest Loser season finale. Leave some comments and give this young lady some encouragement.

Oh, I forgot to mention this. Diamond is a southern belle.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Post number 400


I was originally going to let this occasion pass quietly, but decided that it needed to be marked.

You may ask why I felt the need to do this. Well, maybe not. Well I did.

You have to realize that I have written 400 posts without the use of any illegal performance enhancing substances(let's hope that caffeine never becomes outlawed.) I have written about performance enhancing substances, with some posts about pro wrestling, but never taken them.

I have never written while under the influence of anything Illegal, or immoral. I have written while under the influence of things that were fattening.

Unlike a certain home run hitter who supposedly has a big head from what people think are performance enhancing substances(he says it's flax seed oil,) I only get the big head when I read my comments section. Keep them coming!

On to 500

Saturday, December 15, 2007

About Retail

In my years of working, I have spent quite a bit of time in retail. Most of this time has been as a second job. I started at Montgomery Ward, as a lawn and garden salesman. I fell into disfavor with management due to my inability to sell service contracts. Personell decided to put me in a non commission job in the paint department. That worked out better for me, but I did miss those commission checks, but the pressure was off to sell those things designed to give the store 100% profit.

The Monkey Ward store where I was at closed their doors, but the Sears store in the same mall, Rolling Acres, hired many of the former employees. It was there where I started perfecting my routine at the "cash wrap" or registers. I was very entertaining as I would ring up someone's purchase. As the terminal would come up with the total. which took a couple of seconds(this was 1986), I would point my index fingers as to shoot the register and give the total. If there were Kids around, I would really pour it on. My time at Sears also included stints in the electronics department, and automotive.

I spent a whole five weeks selling cars. The less said about that the better. Let's just say I have too many scruples to sell cars.

From the car dealership, where I got fired, I went to Fretter Superstore. It was working there when I was introduced to Prozac. I spent 3-1/2 years there, 3 months as an assistant manager. I was probably one of the most knowledgeable salespeople in the Akron, Ohio area. But what did it make me? Probably the lowest paid teacher. When you have to push a Goldstar VCR over Sony, something is rotten in Denmark. I played the game for a while and was being groomed as a manager, but I couldn't reconcile being a Christian to some of the practices being done there.

We had a training session conducted by the district manager. It was about selling service contracts. He told us to take the customer, bend them over the counter. **** them, and break it off. And do it in a way that they will thank you for doing it. Is it any surprise that this company has been out of business for many years? I left there with no intent of ever going back into retail. During the last three months I was there I also worked at the K-Mart Super Center in Medina during night shift stocking shelves. I will cover this in a future post.

Once again I needed some extra cash, so I applied at Wal-Mart. This was to be very temporary and vary part time. I had originally planned to work there on Fridays and Saturdays during the Christmas season. I was assigned to the electronics department and my act was well received. A three month stay turned into two years. It was then that I perfected my public address skills(gooooooooooooood evening Wal-Mart shoppers).

The 2 years that I was working there, the store transformed into a Wal-Mart Supercenter. I will explain why I cal it the Evil Big Box Store, which is more tongue in cheek than anything else.

I can say that in my two years at Wal-Mart, I was able to now able to leave retail on my own terms, and that was to leave them wanting more,

Friday, December 14, 2007

Alvin And The Chipmunks (Christmas Song) David Seville

Enjoy this one from my childhood.

Santa Claus Is Watching You

He's everywhere! He's everywhere!

Another sign of changing weather-And some irony

My turn today to feel yucky. I woke up with a sore throat and I know all too well what means. I'm catching a cold. But then again the common cold in Ohio sometimes lasts from November until April. No consolation to me though.

I'm the type who likes to suffer alone. My wife is the type who wants to make it a group effort.

I know the drill. Drink plenty of water. Take the pain reliever of your choice. Suck on some lozenges. Go to bed early. Yada yada yada.

I'll groan and Mrs74WIXYgrad will ask me if I want to go to the hospital. I will say no.

Last time I had to go to the ER was when I put a knife through my finger in May. I was trying to separate some frozen hamburger patties. There was an irony about that one. The knife I used was from a set of knives we received as a wedding present. That was also the same knife that Mrs74 used to slice a frozen English muffin for me when we were married for about 2 months, back in 1979. Her cut required 2 layers of sutures. Mine only required 2 stitches. she had to have her middle finger immobilized. There were snickers from the little boys in church over that one.

We still use that knife, but cautiously.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Let's go back in time...1973

Bella posted today about her first job, which was in the fast food industry. This has inspired me to post about mine.

I was 17 years old and a junior in high school. I was somewhat active in school activities and had just played the lead role in our junior class play, "Life With Father." But I was tired of not having money and decided to look for a job.

Unlike Bella, my mother didn't coerce me into getting one. In fact she discouraged it.

After looking for quite some time, I finally landed a job. I was going to be the lot boy at the 42 Drive In, located in Brunswick, Ohio. My job was to try to catch people trying to sneak into the theatre and to help clean the lot two days a week.

The pay was a whopping $1.25 an hour. But then again, I got to see some good movies. I also got to see some action going on in the cars-if you know what I mean. Problem was on cold nights, turn signals would be turned on by mistake. You knew what was happening if the windows were fogged up. I could go on but I am still trying to maintain a family friendly blog.

There were some lulls in the action so I would sit in my car and watch the movie. A couple of times I fell asleep.

Cleaning the lot the next day was some disgusting work. Reread two paragraphs above to get some of the gist of one of the items that needed to be removed. Other items were food wrappers, pop cans, beer bottles, half eaten food, and other pieces of refuse. Sometimes we found money there.

The manager of the place was a real piece of work. I was convinced he was someone's funny uncle. He always brought his poodle to work. His poodle's name was "Mouse." He also had a very animated voice. But the thing that endeared me to him the least was his liberal use of the F verb. I almost quit after my first week, but he talked me out of it, telling me that I would hear worse words than the F verb. 35 years later, I still haven't heard one worse.

Anyway, I lasted there for about three months before I decided that enough was enough. I told the boss off, he paid me in full and I went home. My mom told me that I could not use the money I put in savings and I had to find another job.

Side note:I will try to find the yearbook from my junior year and scan the picture from the class play.

It's beginning to look like...

Monsoon season here in Northeast Ohio.

In hopes to feel festive, I am going to force myself to help put up the tree this evening after work.

But I am enjoying all the Christmas posts on other blogs.

Keep 'em coming. And a little snow would help.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

A weird quirk I have

Everyday on my way to work I buy a copy of either the Akron Beacon Journal, or the Medina Gazette. When I buy the paper I never take the top copy because I think someone might have messed with it.

Of course, on most days, I only read the funnies. Someone pays me for the papers once a month.

I was looking for a catchphrase...

But "Get it finished" never quite caught on.

Monday, December 10, 2007

WIXYmobile back on the road

After several months looking for the necessary parts, the WIXYmobile is back on the road-not a moment too soon. With the price of gas nowadays, I need the gas economy that car provides. It's not the best looking thing on the road, but it does take me there and bring me back.

This leads me to another question. Here in Ohio, there are special license plates for those who have DUI's on their records. This prompts me to ask this: Why are most of the cars with these tags better cars than the one I'm driving?

Update: I will post before and after photos of the WIXYmobile soon.

And as far as our "special" DUI tags, if you travel through Ohio, look for yellow plates with red numbers. One thing we are known for in Ohio are some very ugly license plates.

Benefit for some friends

As most of you know, while I was on vacation three weeks ago, I had received the sad news that a friend of mine, Waneta Hoover, was killed in an automobile accident. Her husband, Dan, also a friend of mine, as well as many in Rittman, has many expenses from this unfortunate event.

This coming Tuesday, December 11, there will be a benefit lasagna dinner at the Rittman High School cafeteria.
Dinner will be from 5:00-7:30. During this time there will be entertainment provided by the Rittman High School Choir, Steel Drum band, and High School Concert Band.

Suggested donation for the dinner will be $5.00 If you went out to eat, you couldn't get a good lasagna dinner for that.

Anyone who would want to contribute, but can't attend the dinner, go to the Rittman office of FirstMerit bank and make a donation to the Hoover Fund. Rittman High School will also be accepting donations. Make checks out to Hoover Fund.

The Hoovers have been friends to the community for many years. Dan has driven bus for most Rittman school students. I really got to know the Hoovers from my involvement with the marching band.

Note to Brenda: If you have anything to add to this, please do so in the comment section.

Friday, December 07, 2007

An introduction that should have been a while ago..

Most of my southern friends here more than likely are familiar with Amias and her writing. I would call her a new friend, but we have crossed paths before, as we have a common friend in Liquid.

The first time Amias commented here was in a response to a comment I made on her blog, Liquid Plastic. She was respectful to my style and almost apologetic of hers, as she told me that her content was somewhat raw. Difference is the occasional swear word isn't there for shock value, it's more there for life value.

The first time that I commented on her blog was on an article about the Confederate Flag. With all the controversy surrounding this issue today, Amias gave a unique perspective as an Africian American.

Check it out with an open mind and open heart. And if you feel inspired to do so, leave her a comment or two. She will appreciate it.

The photo in this article was taken from Suzanne's Liquid Illuzion blog. I hope she doesn't mind.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Another Thursday, Another Birthday

Today I pay tribute to one of my blogging friends, whom I met via the discussion boards in my pre blog days.

Tim Lones, the brains behind Cleveland Classic Media, hits the big five-oh today.

Tim has a great mind for television and radio history here in the Northeast Ohio area. Tim's blog is a very popular one with the media history buffs. Like most of us, Tim's work is a labor of love. Like most of us reading this, Tim is a committed Christian who loves the Lord.

Tim lives in Canton, Ohio. Sometimes he will go to the Cleveland Public Library or the Youngstown Library to do research on stories he will post. This is very time consuming for Tim as he takes a bus to these libraries. Tim doesn't drive due to coordination problems and poor eyesight. Despite these challenges, Tim puts together a product that is read by many, including many area media professionals.

Right now Tim is in the midst of posting several stories pertaining to Christmas specials of the past.

Go over to Cleveland Classic Media and wish Tim a happy 50th. While you're there take a look at some of his impressive posts.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Best of the Rittman Indians Marching Band-WGBB

After yesterday's post I wanted to put a face on the person. Brenda is on the right, sitting next to her life long friend, Luann. The two of them were the main faces of the WGBB for a couple of years. This past season there has been some new people being involved with the boosters. Brenda has taught them one of the basics-Take good care of the announcer.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Off Blog Friend Award

Will also be known as the Andrew Gold Thank You for Being a Friend award.

I just made this award up and if anybody wants to follow my example, go right ahead. If you want to make a cute image to go along with it, that would be great.

Right now I'm more grateful than artsy craftsy.

The winner of my off blog friend award is one of my best friends and most loyal readers. She doesn't have a blog of her own, but comments on mine regularly. Sometimes she will go and look at other's blogs as well. Her name is Brenda, and she lives in Rittman. I have made reference to her many times here, mainly in her role as part of the World's Greatest Band Boosters, or WGBB.

The reason I give her this award now is because she took time out of her busy day yesterday to help lift my spirits. I had just gotten through a very rough weekend and was really feeling sorry for myself. I sent her an email where I really opened up and was worried after I hit the send button that I was risking losing one of my best friends.

Brenda then sent me a very well thought out reply. That was a big help in lifting out of the funk I was in.

I once heard a preacher say during a sermon that a friend is someone who know all about you and loves you regardless. I can say Brenda is that type of person.

Thank you Brenda!

Monday, December 03, 2007

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Local Television News

Seeing that I am in a funny mood this weekend, I don't want to risk offending any of my blog buddies, so I am going to play it sorta straight and go with an idea that reemerged in my mind this morning.

I have a few who read this blog who have been employed in television in Northeast Ohio. Most of the folks whom I associate with on the Ohio media discussion boards are "old school," and I am as well.

By "old school," I mean that I prefer my local news 1/2 hour. Nowadays, we get as much as 2-1/2 hours of what is called "local news." Local news could be same stories as much as 4 times, American Idol happenings, "dirty dining," someone painting road kill, or many other things designed to further dumb down society.

We just got through "November Sweeps" and were treated to gems, such as the "Orgasm Diet." A few years back Spencer Tunick was in Cleveland to do a mass nude photography session. One of the participants was a news anchor from one of the local TV stations. The station did a feature on this and aired it during November sweeps. Only problem is this shoot happened in June.

Another TV station had an anchor who was on vacation in Florida. She participated in a wet t-shirt contest and had removed the t-shirt and danced on the bar. Only problem was someone taped her performance and put it on the Internet. She was fired by the station she worked at in Youngstown. She reemerged in Cleveland at the same station where the other "nude anchor" worked.

Do we need all this material? Does this news entertainment send you elsewhere for information? Does the news in your location have "features" that insult your intelligence? If you comment, please also give your location and the market you get your local TV news from.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Now the waiting.... And a find

I am waiting for an ice storm to be coming through the area. We've been watching the weather reports. By now Chicago has already been hit. From what I see, the Terre Haute gang will be spared this time. WIXYjr should be driving home while it's occurring.

If we get some ice hanging on the trees the WIXYcam will be there to bring you the latest.

I've been in a blue funk today, so I decided to go to the Goodwill and look around. I have to do this once in awhile in order to maintain my standing as white trash. While I was there I found two books in real good condition that I think I would give my younger brother for Christmas. My brother has been wheelchair bound for the past 20 years and now resides in a nursing home. Since both my parents are deceased, my wife and I have guardianship over him. He likes sports and can discuss statistics with anybody, although he is mildly retarded.

The books were "The Stone Cold Truth," by Stone Cold Steve Austin and "Mankind-Have a Nice Day," by Mick Foley. Both books are in like new condition and if new, would cost together $52.00. I bought them for $2.00 a piece. My brother will appreciate them regardless, maybe even more if I tell him, which I won't. I have told my wife if Ricky was normal, he would be independently wealthy because he's so tight with his own money.

Oh, we will buy him some other gifts, probably from the Evil Big Box Store(tm).

Update: My friend from that state up north, Jessica, had posted this past Monday in her blog, Five Pines about finding some books in an antique mall. The post is titled "I Found a Treasure".

I have been awarded.

Kathy of Kathy's Klavier has awarded me with the Blog Friend Award.

I have proudly displayed this at the upper right.

Thank You Kathy!