Monday, December 31, 2007

Some awards not available at press time

In announcing the Top Bananas last night, these were announced after the deadline to go to press. So this special post is to announce those we regrettably missed.

The Mr. Kotter award goes to WZZP and BizDecision, two local guys who do their best to expand the minds of our youth.

The Thinker award goes to Amias, of Liquid Plastic, for her thought provoking views of life as she sees it.

The other awards are in the post below.


wzzp said...

Thanks for you kind thoughts. Keep on truckin' in the New Year. You and I are going to make it to The Farm this year. The hungries are hitting!

BizDecision said...

WIXY...thank you for the award. I feel honored to be recognized by your blog. It's an honor. I'm in good company with fellow reader WZZP.

Amias said...

I am indeed honored to received this award ... <---smiling and blushing ----> I have been so blessed to be in such company, and so very grateful to Suzanne a.k.a. Liquid, for introducing me to such wonderful folks. I wish you all peace, blessings abound, and a happy and healthy New Year!

Liquid said...


{{{{standing ovations for each}}}}