Monday, December 10, 2007

Benefit for some friends

As most of you know, while I was on vacation three weeks ago, I had received the sad news that a friend of mine, Waneta Hoover, was killed in an automobile accident. Her husband, Dan, also a friend of mine, as well as many in Rittman, has many expenses from this unfortunate event.

This coming Tuesday, December 11, there will be a benefit lasagna dinner at the Rittman High School cafeteria.
Dinner will be from 5:00-7:30. During this time there will be entertainment provided by the Rittman High School Choir, Steel Drum band, and High School Concert Band.

Suggested donation for the dinner will be $5.00 If you went out to eat, you couldn't get a good lasagna dinner for that.

Anyone who would want to contribute, but can't attend the dinner, go to the Rittman office of FirstMerit bank and make a donation to the Hoover Fund. Rittman High School will also be accepting donations. Make checks out to Hoover Fund.

The Hoovers have been friends to the community for many years. Dan has driven bus for most Rittman school students. I really got to know the Hoovers from my involvement with the marching band.

Note to Brenda: If you have anything to add to this, please do so in the comment section.


Anonymous said...

The donations can only be made to the Rittman Branch of FirstMerit or to the Rittman High school.
Either one can be found on

Thanks Cliff.

The Hoover family is definately a very special family.


Pat Jenkins said...

wixy i wish you and the whole town a huge success with this endeavor!!!!!

Bella said...

So nice that this is being done.

Can't go wrong with lasagne!

Liquid said...

In tribute, I shall order the lasagne plate from Gene's Resturant a block down from Around The Corner today. I hope it was a true blessing for Dan.