Wednesday, December 12, 2007

It's beginning to look like...

Monsoon season here in Northeast Ohio.

In hopes to feel festive, I am going to force myself to help put up the tree this evening after work.

But I am enjoying all the Christmas posts on other blogs.

Keep 'em coming. And a little snow would help.


Anonymous said...

Hope you got your tree up. We're going to try Saturday.

Last night the benefit dinner went really well. No parking, no seating, was absolutely astonished by the amount of people there. The band played many new songs. They also played some marching tunes, and of course, now I'm deaf!! Drummers got a little carried away during Wipe Out.

Was a fantastic evening.

Liquid said...

You know what you (we all) need? A train that would carry us from point "A" to point "B" with no PRONTO! Then, the Girls from Around The Corner could come and do all the work so that you and MRSWIXY could sit back and enjoy Wassle and peanut butter brittle cakes! Kinda' like sprinkling "fairy dust". lol

Bella said...

Snow is out of the question for us!

You better get your tree up!


Kathy said...

Temperatures below 70 would even help me!

Mike Dane said...

Welcome to Ohio. where we have
spring, summer, fall and rainy.