Saturday, December 29, 2007

Featured link for January and coming post

New Years is three days away and you know what that means either resolutions or remorse from too much celebrating over the holidays. People will be spending a ton of money on health club memberships, diet foods, and exercise equipment. I have something for you that's free. All it takes to find out is a mouse click.

If you notice to your right, I have a featured link for January. The link is called "A Day in the Zone." The blog's author, Diamond, pictured to your left, is on a mission to lose weight and is chronicling her efforts and giving tips for losing the needed pounds. This is in the true Zig Ziglar style. Zig has said "You can get what you want if you help enough other people get what they want."

Thanks to Frasypoo for going over there and leaving comments. I urge others to do the same. Also add her to your link list.

Now, in the next couple of days, I plan to announce the Top Bananas of 2007. Last year I almost called them the Golden Bananas and was going to do the same this year until I did a Google search of Golden Banana and found one of the first results was a strip club called the Golden Banana. I immediately scrapped that idea. Come back for the presentation and be prepared to congratulate the winners.


kasper794 said...

I'll check in on her page soon. I plan to quit smoking and try to lose around 25 pounds. Have a safe and Happy New Year!

Monday Morning Power said...

I love bananas.
You have been TAGGED. This one is fun and easy.

Pat Jenkins said...

and the weinner is..... this i will look forward to with some nervous anticipation.....