Monday, December 10, 2007

WIXYmobile back on the road

After several months looking for the necessary parts, the WIXYmobile is back on the road-not a moment too soon. With the price of gas nowadays, I need the gas economy that car provides. It's not the best looking thing on the road, but it does take me there and bring me back.

This leads me to another question. Here in Ohio, there are special license plates for those who have DUI's on their records. This prompts me to ask this: Why are most of the cars with these tags better cars than the one I'm driving?

Update: I will post before and after photos of the WIXYmobile soon.

And as far as our "special" DUI tags, if you travel through Ohio, look for yellow plates with red numbers. One thing we are known for in Ohio are some very ugly license plates.


Seadra & Zoe said...

Sorry for laughing...I find this kind of funny.

Wow, I had no idea that any states had plates like that. That's kind of like wearing a scarlet letter. I'm surprised something like that got passed. Not that I'm against it.

As far as the better cars....Just look at Hollywood or ritzy communities and see how much partying is going on.


Jessica said...

Oops...I was signed in as Seadra and Zoe....It's really me, Jessica

Pilgrim said...

Maybe they can also sfford the expensive lawyers who get them back on the road.

wzzp said...

Congrats on getting the WIXYmobile back. Would love to see pictures of the new and improved wheels.

Keyword: duct tape

Bella said...

Cool about the car tags... we don't have those here.

Amias said...

We don't have those tags here in Texas .. seems a good idea, as I would know who to stay clear of!

I agree with Pilgrim ... maybe they have money. In either case I would like to see your ride. Post a photo!

Pat Jenkins said...

do we need better work out of our prisoners when it comes to our plates wixy?? ok that is enough out of me!!!

Liquid said...

Um.......I kinda' like that idea!