Saturday, January 31, 2009

Weekend Notes

A few notes for this Saturday before the Super Bowl. Mrs74, WIXYjr, and I were in the Evil Big Box Store(tm) to get a few items and it was a mad house there. Really a shame to make a holiday out of a bunch of entertaining commercials.

Amias has started a new blog called, The Prayer Hubs. She was astonished at all the response she got from the prayer request she posted on behalf of her daughter Mary Elizabeth. Mary Elizabeth has had surgery and will be going through chemotherapy. Prayer is still needed for that family. And if you have prayed or posted a request on your blog for them, post a link on the new blog.

I now own an official Kinky Shovel(tm Wynn and Wilson Morning Show). I called and looked around and finally found it at Lowes. I can now get some relief for my 53 year old back. What I should do is go on Freecycle and see if anyone has a snow blower they aren't using. I doubt if that's going to happen though.

A new blog on my sidebar is called Awake in Rochester. Awake is a 40 something nursing assistant. Her blog is a potpourri of poems, photos, musings, and other things she has on her mind. Awake is also partnering with Amias and myself on the Prayer Hubs.

People have been asking me who I think will win the Super Bowl. I have this foolproof theory of who's going to win. It's usually the team with the most points. So let's get this nonsense out of the way. In two weeks the real stuff begins, the Daytona 500.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

I like Amias because......

To those who are unfamiliar with this series, I began this exactly one year ago today. It was only going to be a one shot affair at the time as I was writing the post for the sake of cheering up the one I was writing it about, which was Amias. I got the concept from a recording of motivational speaker Zig Ziglar, who, like Amias, is a native of Mississippi. It became a very popular series on this blog and I ended up writing about 18 posts about bloggers on my list. My goal is to introduce all of my friends to each other and Lord willing, I will do 2 posts of this nature a week for the next few months.

Last weekend, Amias told me that I was the Ambassador to the blog world. I kinda like that.

I met Amias as a result of my friendship with Liquid. I could see that there was a definite chemistry between the two and I eventually started reading Amias' blog. One day I commented and she come here to comment, almost being apologetic because of her writing style, which she called "sometimes raw." One of the cornerstones of our friendship is mutual respect.

After a few months of reading her blog, I started commenting there, she commented here and on my Seek Him First blog and I introduced her to my readers, and she became a frequent visitor to other blogs on my list. And the compliments also came from the keyboard of Amias. One of those is the acrostic she wrote for me, on my sidebar, using the letters of my name. She had later told me that that poem came very easy to her.

I would get up in the morning, usually 3AM EST, and would tsake a look at my site meter. I would notice that minutes before that I would get a hit from Houston, Texas. I knew that was Amias and I would send her an email, and we would email back and forth a few times as I was getting ready to go to work. One morning I got Michelle from Crow's feet involved. She had just become one of my online friends and was commenting on one of my posts. I suggested she go to Amias' blog, which she did. The two are good friends now.

But like I noted before, Suzanne was the one who brought the two of us together. Amias and Suzanne were good friends, probably close as sisters, long before I ever met Liquid online, and one of the signature lines Liquid would use when addressing Amias was "love your bones." Amias would call Suzanne "beloved one." I was proud that I was a witness to the closeness of the two of them.

If Amias likes you, she will speak well of you to others. Maggie is a good example of that. When Maggie first started her Liquid Ice Musings blog last year, she put a link to this blog on her sidebar even before she commented here. She stated that Amias spoke well of me. It's nice to see that kind of trust.

Amias has had family and personal problems, more than her share. Despite all this, she has time to uplift her friends. When Suzanne took her life Christmas Eve, Amias reached out to the family and she also set up the hub on Liquid Illuzion for those to post links to any tribute they may have written for Suzanne and at last count there were 56 tribute links. Amias also takes time to administrate the links. All this time she has done that while going through the healing process due to losing her very good friend. And I have noticed that Amias has gone to every single post and thanked the writer for their contribution.

Amias continues to plug away and help her friends, while her daughter, Mary Elizabeth is fighting cancer. She asks all of us to lift Mary Elizabeth and her family up in prayer. And while you are at it breathe a prayer of thanks that we all have Amias as a friend.

Check out Amias' blog. It's called The Magic of Integrated Circuits.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

What does a blogger do on a snow day?

Most bloggers in their right minds would do as Maggie suggested in the comments of my last post, "Get a cup of hot coffee and stay warm on the Blogs."

But nobody ever accused me of being in my right mind, so I took the WIXYcam, hopped in the WIXYmobile and drove around town, snapping some pictures. In the first photo, is the WIXYmobile in the driveway at the WIXYranch. City crews were out trying to make all the streets passable

This photo was taken at the corner of Main Street and Ohio Avenue, considered as "downtown Rittman"

Rittman, Ohio is the only town in the United Staates with that name. It's original name was Milton Station, but was changed to it's present name after Frederick Rittman, treasurer of the railroad that went through town.

The long time regulars have seen this location during the spring and summer months. I write quite a bit about the Rittman IGA. Too bad Donny Foutty, the owner, wasn't in town to enjoy the weather. He is currently in Arizona participating in the Cleveland Indians fantasy camp.

No city business could be conducted today as city hall was closed due to the weather.

State route 57 runs past Rittman and is maintained by the Ohio Department of Transportation. It's the main route between Rittman, Orrville and interstate 76. Usually the crews take good care of the road, at least until you get to the Wayne/Medina County line, which is about a mile north of where I took this photo

Back home, I took this photo from my front porch. Just reminds me that I have to shovel my driveway. I'm also looking forward to when I have to mow around that tree.

Storm has hit and I'm too chicken to drive

I decided to take a snow and mental health day from work today. I got up early and and left early, but when I get as far as Wadsworth, I decided to turn around and go back home. We had snow, and a nice crust of rain on top of that.

5X5: I've been trying to do this 5X5 meme that Jen has tagged me with and I had a special planned. The photo is on my desktop and it's not cooperating with blogger. I tried emailing it to myself so I could upload it from my laptop with no avail. I will be taking the desktop in for some service.

The photo I wanted to use was a shot I took for the site. If you ever ate at the old Red Barn restaurants, you will love this site. Rich Perrot has done a fantastic job in posting memorabilia of the chain and there are many pages of old Red Barn buildings and what they are used for now. Going on 2 years ago, I went around and took photos of some. That was one of my first assignments with the WIXYcam.

I have been given another honor. Matthew, of Wixy Rittman Indian Band Gone Bananas fame, has awarded me with the best band announcer award. Matthew is a real fan of the Rittman band and goes to all the shows during the marching season. He did say that one time this season I did scare him as he didn't realize I was starting an announcement. Matthew did recognize tha fact that I am the loudest band announcer. I thank you, Matthew.

And speaking of the Rittman band, be in prayer for Rittman Band director Ed Sims. He has taken time off to tend to his wife who has had complications from surgery. Brenda has told me that he is considering retirement, which is understandable. Mrs. Sims has sacrificed much over the years in order for Ed to be the best band director possible for these student musicians. It's her turn now as she has a ways to recovery. Keep them in your prayers.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Another blast coming

I sit here at my desk at work during my morning break typing this. I keep hearing about a blast coming from the southwest that is supposed to give us 3-5 inches of snow. I would insert a global warming crack here, but I won't in respect to those "green" bloggers on my list.

I was supposed to respond to a tag by Jen and I had every intention to, but my desktop at home wouldn't cooperate and I even had a pretty good post planned. It will be posted in the next day or so.

I'm also humbled at the number of 12 steppers who have been following this blog. We can all learn something by reading their musings. I'm also impressed by the fact that they realized couldn't handle their struggles by their selves and recognize a need for a higher power. And the fact that they are able to call for help. That's something I have a problem with and I'm not addicted to anything but food, although I do have the urge at times to say "My name is Cliff, and I'm a (dummy)."

I hope everyone has a super day! And thank you for reading WIXY's Gone Bananas!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Start of a new week

January's almost over which means we are about over the hump as far as winter is concerned. A week from tomorrow is Groundhog day, the chronological halfway point of winter. The movie, Groundhog Day, is one I can watch over and over. Bill Murray is one of my favorite former Saturday Night Live cast members.

I have a meme to do and hopefully I will get this up in the next few days.

I think everybody knows that I like to promote other blogs and their authors. Those who have been coming here for about a year or more remember the regular feature I wrote last year called, I Like....Because. The first "I like" post was one to try to another blogger. This grew to a regular series which lasted into last May. Since I have a much larger blogroll which is growing constantly, I will be doing this more often. Look for the first of this series for 2009 to be posted by the end of the week.

And to all others who are new visitors, I will get around to visiting you soon.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Attitude and Gratitude Award

Betty Ann, of Diary of a Frugal Hen fame, presented me with the Attitude and Gratitude award.

Here are the rules:
  1. put the logo on your blog or post
  2. nominate at least 10 blogs, which show great attitude and/or gratitude!
  3. be sure to link to your nominees within your post
  4. let them know that they have received this award by commenting on their blog
  5. share the love and link to this post and to the person from whom you received your award.
  6. How did you get a great attitude and gratitude
Now I don't usually do the pass on awards, but this one goes well with some of my philosophy.

I'm grateful that I have the friends I do in the blog world, and for those who have come to know me in the past little bit.

I'm also grateful that I have this blog where I can express my feelings.

I'm grateful that at this time I have a job.

And although I have some conditions I could do without, I am in relatively good health.

Now I don't know if I will get to 10 people, but I will try. These folks show how to make lemonade out of the lemons that have tossed at them.

1.) Randy, of The Way I See It fame. Randy is giving us an inside view of his life although in the recent past everything has been falling down around him. He also is faithful to go around to the other blogs and give his fellow bloggers encouragement.

2.) Amias, of The Magic of Integrated Circuits fame. In the past month, Amias has reemerged in the blog world with her insights of life. And this was while administrating Suzanne's blog and dealing with her own grief over losing such a dear friend. I'm glad we can benefit again from her musings.

3)Clean and Crazy, of My Recovery fame. C&C is one of my newest friends. She describes herself as an addict who has been clean for a little more than 4 years. Her blog is an inspiration to how anyone can come from rock bottom and work their way up. I suggest you go to My Recovery and give C&C a pat on the back for being a good example to follow.

4)Melanie, of Me Melanie fame. Melanie is a good prayer partner and a fellow caffeine freak. Her blog offers a great devotional. She also shows that it is possible to come back from an abusive childhood.

5)Happy Wife, of Happy Life, Happy Life fame. HWHL is a self employed entrepreneur, who has hit some rough times lately. She still has time for all her online friends. I also like her because we like reading some of the same books.

6)Diamond, of A Dose of Nonsense fame. Diamond is faithful in showing us all sorts of tips in maintaining a healthy weight through sensible living. She has just been laid off from her job, which is not uncommon, but is still around to offer support.

7)Daisy, of Dancing With Daisy and Smiling With Daisy fame. Daisy has been regaling us with her good sense of humor even though, like me, she is not enjoying this Ohio Winter.

8)Bella, of Ciao Bella fame. Bella is another one who takes time from a busy day to make sure she is encouraging her friends. She has recently become addicted to facebook and is a good addition to my friends list there.

9)Shelley, of Building a Log Cabin fame. Right now Shellmo is at a disadvantage. Her computer crashed and she has to use her husband's computer. She is keeping us updatedon the progress, but may lose a number of her photos. Go over and give Shelley some encouragement.

10)Frasypoo, of This and That fame. Frasypoo and Mrs74 have one thing in common: They both deal with a diabetic husband. But Frasypoo's husband is a barber and I haven't seen one in awhile(look at my profile). Our Indian Georgia peach and I have been friends for quite some time. We are also prayer partners and get to sharing ideas through email at times.

Go visit these blogs and find out why they're award winning blogs.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Twas the Month After Christmas

Twas the month after Christmas
And people are spastic
They're getting the bills
From using their plastic

They open their mail
And reach for their pills
Relief they will need
For running up bills

They look at their budget
For things they must slash
The price they must pay
For having no cash

The account at the bank
Is such a disaster
To debt they are slaves
And the card is the master

I can handle the bills
In November they scoff
And now two months later
These bills set them off

The credit card bills
Have just reached their maxes
The news won't get better
We'll soon pay our taxes

Thursday, January 22, 2009

I've Been Awarded

During my brief hiatus, I was notified by Michelle Dawn, of Rusin Roundup fame, that she had an award for me. So in her own words:"I have created the Through Thick and Thin Award This goes to all of my blogging friends who have stood by me no matter how negative or positive I get on my blog and that means so much to me."

And on awarding me she said, "Cliff has been a great resource of humor and advice or just positive hang in there comments."

Michelle Dawn created this award to commemorate post number 250 of her blog. Go on over and congratulate her on the milestone.

Cliff Note: Thanks for all the comments on the "Pardon me for a couple of days" post. It has become my personal policy to post here if I might be away from my blog for more than a day. Since August, 2006, the longest I've been away has been a week, and even when I went on vacation to Florida in November, 2007, I managed to access a computer twice. I have some of the best blogging friends in the world and I don't want to worry anyone by my absence, even if it's only for a few days.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Kinky Shovels and Other Stuff

Life is looking up again. I got through the audit for another year and I now am aiming towards having things ready long before the next one. I just hope the next 12 months is not a country song like the previous 12 were.

I'm sure I'm getting some hits from people searching for something else, but I have to share with the "bunch" about the "kinky shovel." I was driving to work this morning and listening to my favorite morning show. They got me started off right by playing some Toby Keith. Sue talked about going into her office this morning and almost tripping over something. It was a kinky shovel. But I need to back up a little.

Last week, while I was driving to work, Scott, Sue, and Ryan were talking about shoveling snow. Sue had just changed to another service to clean her drive. He was less expensive, but Sue found out that she got what she paid for, as he would just plow one path in her double wide driveway. She had to go out and shovel the snow in order to properly utilize her driveway. Now Sue stands about 5'2" and a good stiff wind would possibly blow her away. (Here is a photo I stole from the WQMX morning show's MySpace page of Sue Wilson and Toby Keith.) Scott told her that she should go to Lowes and get herself a kinky shovel. So the talk during the coffee clatch for a couple of days included the kinky shovel. I then emailed them and told them that Sue should be sent back to her former employer, a religious company, and get healed.

So the other day Sue went into Target with her daughter and asked for a kinky shovel, thinking that was the brand name, which when she got a funny look from the associate, she realized it wasn't. But Scott come to the rescue because he wanted to save his partner's back.

But I found this other snow shovel which might be a better bet for both of them. Scott has a different problem. He has a broken auger. To your left, you have what's called (ta-da) the World's Safest Snow Shovel. We baby boomers have to watch out for each other.

Also, if I write a post about a "wheelie shovel" I won't get any hits from people looking for an adult website.

For a first person account of the kinky shovel story go to Scott Wynn's Window
. No word yet if Sue will be offering a rebuttal on her blog.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Pardon me for a couple of days

We will be going through an audit at work and at this point I'm fried. Some of my current problems are coming to a head and it will take me a couple of days to get my head back together.

Stay tuned.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Teaching in the trenches

As you may know, my daughter is an intervention specialist. At the present time, she is still looking for her first full time teaching job. She does plenty of substituting.

The reason that I'm writing this post is Sandy Carlson posted yesterday about blogging your blessings. Sandy is a middle school English teacher and she blogged about the bad kids. You know the ones she was referring to. Those who take away valuable teaching time from the rest of the class. Those who may crave attention, but don't know a way to get the positive kind.

Sort of takes me back 35 years to my senior year of high school. I took a course called living math. I had to take the class to graduate, as math would be my second minor. The teacher was fresh out of college, sort of a nerdy type. His name was Mr. McCormick, and we called him Cy, after Cyrus McCormick, the inventor of the reaper. We also gave him the hardest time possible. Although I am good at math, I just barely passed the course. I spent most of the second semester in the hall. I wasn't the worse one by far. One of the others kicked in the rear fender of his car. Some reduced him to tears.

One day during the spring after I graduated, I come home from work. My brother met me at my car with that day's Medina County Gazette. The headline told me that Mr. McCormick jumped off a bridge in Akron. I knew there were other problems, but I asked myself(and still do at times) "did I help push him off that bridge?"

Another reason I think teachers are underpaid.

Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

Every week, David McMahon features a blogger as his subject on his Sunday Roast. And since it's already Sunday in the land down under, he has already published it. The blogger he is featuring is........The Banana Guy! Go over there and check it out. See things like why I use the 74WIXYgrad name and how I came to use this name for my blog. Click here to go to the Sunday Roast. Also take some time to say G'day to David.

Friday, January 16, 2009

I promised I'd do this

Scott and Sue at WQMX decided that today would be Hawaiian day, so I sent Sue an email and told her I would post a Don Ho video. I'm a man of my word....

Sohio Weather Forecast

A lot of my fellow buckeyes will remember the Sohio weather sounder, probably better than the prices displayed on the signs. Some of those who admit to be close to my age will remember "Boron with double ice guard. No fuel line freeze up guaranteed. You go, or Sohio pays the tow."

Cliff Note: If my site meter is any indication, Don, of Things that run through my mind fame is now in the Youngstown area. I hope you are enjoying this balmy weather. And don't forget your hat and gloves.
I also hope this post brought some warm memories.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Some musings

Looking at the 980 posts between all three of my public blogs, I can see what Mary Ann at work, who happens to be a faithful reader of this blog, has pointed out to me- I've grown since I have started blogging. Some exchanging of emails between me and the World's Greatest Program Director/Morning Show Co-host, Sue Wilson pointed out,to me, the same.

Before I started blogging, I was active on some message boards, usually radio related. One day I was upset because the Salem Radio Network had decided not to air Dave Ramsey on their stations. I went to the Religious/Contemporary Christian board at and started a thread by unleashing some very unchristian and uncharacteristic comments about Salem Broadcasting, which included any station not branded "The Fish" was treated like a red headed stepchild, and if they couldn't minister to the public, they should sell the stations to someone who could. I did not realize that this was the wrong board to unleash those kind of statements on and I walked straight into a hornet's nest called RadioElizabeth. RadioElizabeth happens to have been a coworker and friend of Sue Wilson. Her real name is Elizabeth Grattan. Elizabeth has some very solid convictions and can usually back them up. Me, I was going by my feelings and I couldn't argue my way out of a wet paper bag. I took on the wrong person and her online friends. My only salvation(maybe wrong choice of a word) was that Ohio Media Watch, the most respected media blogger in my area, come over to back up the spirit of my rant. The spirit of my rant was that Dave Ramsey was going off the air on the station I was listening to him on, there was no room for him on any of the other talk outlets in the greater Cleveland area, and I needed to voice my displeasure. Only problem was I took my frustration out in the wrong place.

Now at the time, the program director at the Fish was Sue Wilson. She and Elizabeth, who was once midday host there, are good friends, which I could have guessed by how often she posted "Sue Wilson rocks!" on message boards. Sue is also a reader of the message boards I post on, and by that alone I wonder why she took a liking to me. Cliff Note:That's why I awarded her with the "I've Seen you on the message boards, but I still like you Top Banana." Sue, at the time, had her own "thorn in the flesh" and that happened to be many self righteous people who took exception to the programming on the Fish. I would guess it was a very vocal minority who felt, since the music wasn't to their liking, it wasn't proper to play on a "Christian" radio station. I would also guess there were many quotes taken directly from the KJV. I listened to the station from time to time, enough to win three prizes, but the music wasn't aimed at my demo. In 2009, I feel that this "shoot the messenger" attitude from supposed Christians is wrong.

I also feel that I do not write a "Christian" blog. I am a Christian who blogs. There also aren't "Christian radio stations," but Christians who work at radio stations. Sometimes we improperly give things labels. These labled objects then become the reason for unfair attacks and these attacks usually hit too many innocent bystanders.

I say I've grown because a few weeks after the rant on Radio-info was when I started blogging, and I blogged a few of these rants in some of my early posts. And at one time I was going through a phase where I would have been one of those who sent out the nasty, self righteous emails. Sometimes God works overtime to protect the foolish from themselves.

By the way, here's Elizabeth Grattan's website. Also check out the latest post on Sue Wilson's Voice Over. It's very thought provoking.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The first traffic vent of the season

As all know, I live in Northeast Ohio and I drive over 40 miles to and from work.

Well today, the drive home was somewhat dicey. I had to drive I-71 instead of the usual I-77 this afternoon. I got on I-490 and proceeded to get behind this very slow Cavalier(the last time I saw a Cavalier move that slow was when Mel Turpin was at the Coliseum) and when I finally got around, I saw a very scared driver white knuckling the steering wheel, hanging on for dear life.

I get around the Cavalier and about a half mile later I'm in the flow of traffic. The flow is about 15 MPH. It continued that way until after I passed the airport. Then it increased to about 30MPH. I didn't get up to speed until I got into Medina County. It took me about 1-1/2 hours to go the distance it usually takes me 45 minutes to drive. This could be my second favorite thing to do. The first would be getting stuck in a crowded elevator at a chili festival.

Oh, and I have a new sponsor. This traffic report is brought to you by the Ajax Bakery where there are many specials for the regular customers and prune danishes for those who aren't.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Big Chuck! a review

Update 01/12/09: Click here to read a related article on Ohio Media Watch, along with a review of the book.

Cliff Note: It's the second article in the OMW post.

I spent a good portion of my Friday nights while I was going through my preteen and teenage years watching a television show called "The Hoolihan and Big Chuck Show." In high school, I was on the wrestling and football teams. One of my teammates was a quiet young man named Mike Schodowski. His father is Charles Schodowski, also known as Big Chuck. The book I'm about to review chronicles his 47 years as a part of Cleveland television history.

The book tells how Chuck come from a family living in the Slavic Village neighborhood in Cleveland, how he went from working in a foundry on Cleveland's east side, to going into Cleveland television, first at KYW, channel 3 to WJW, channel 8, and how he became a Cleveland icon.

Chuck started out as a camera man and went into directing. He was a part of the phenomenon called Ghoulardi. Ghoulardi was Ernie Anderson, who went on to fame as the booth announcer for ABC. Most of you would remember hearing, "Saturday night, on the Looooove Boat." That was Ernie. He and Tim Conway attempted for years to get Chuck to move to California, but Chuck is Cleveland born and Cleveland bred and wanted to stay in Cleveland. We Cleveland area people are richer for that.

Big Chuck! also tells about the all star teams in softball and basketball, how they would play games to benefit the representatives of the places they were playing. I recall when the Hoolihan and Big Chuck all stars played the faculty of Highland High during my senior year of high school. One of the players was "Lil John" Rinaldi, who would later become co-host of the Friday night show. This particular evening he was lip syncing and doing a mock striptease to Tom Jones' "She's a Lady." That night I was running the scoreboard and heard Lil John tell the announcer that he could barely breathe and was suffering from bronchitis. I doubt if anyone else that paid to see this game knew.

Big Chuck also was involved in much of the technical side at WJW for years. This included during the early years running the sideline mic during Browns games and producing news. While running the mic at a Browns game during the 60's, Chuck was run over by Jim Brown, who was running out of bounds. Now that's one heck of a story to be able to tell your grandchildren. Another of Chuck's accomplishments is producing a film of boating safety for the Coast Guard, which leads me to another personal story: Highland had a program they called Experiment in Free Form Education-EFFE. During this one day event, the school, in cooperation with student council, invited people from many areas of the community. One of the classes was film production, taught by Chuck Schodowski. During the class he showed the film on boating safety. He had included in this film several of my classmates as extras. And though the film was produced over 35 years ago, the Coast Guard still shows it.

At his count there were over 2000 skits done during the Ghoulardi/Hoolihan and Big Chuck/Big Chuck and Lil John years, over 40 years in all. Most of the time I never payed much attention to the movie. The skits were what we all talked about, and still talk about. Ben Crazy, Soulman, Certain Ethnic Guy, all these skits are heavily viewed on You Tube, and will be for years to come.

In Big Chuck!, he introduces us to his co-workers, people like Art Lofredo, Dick Goddard and others. He tells us about his family and how he's proud of the way they all turned out. He tells of folks, like Tom Hanks, who were big fans of the show. Chuck Schodowski also pays homage to the fans, and to Cleveland.

I say that if you've not read the book and you are a Cleveland television fan, or even a broadcasting geek, you owe it to yourself to get a copy. Click here to order your own copy from Amazon.

Read a sample chapter by clicking here.

The book was an easy read and hard to put down. I had originally started writing this review on Christmas Day, but circumstances took this blog in a different direction.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Amias' labor of love

Amias has posted a hub on Liquid Illuzion for those who have posted tributes for Suzanne. I would like for everybody who come here who posted a tribute to go there and use the Mr. Linky function there and post the link. I have linked 8 of my posts there. Cliff Note: I thought awhile before linking that many. I did it out of love for Suzanne and respect for the family.

If you didn't post anything, go there and look at some of the fascinating tributes that come from the hearts of many hurting bloggers.

I want you to do something else. Go over to Amias' blog, The Magic of Intregated Circuits, and leave her a comment, thanking her for her work in preserving all of this.

Friday, January 09, 2009

An introduction to some, reintroduction to others

As some may or may not know, Amias is currently the administrator of Liquid Illuzion, Suzanne's blog. Amias and I have also been friends, who met through Liquid Illuzion, for over a year. Amias and Suzanne are two parts of Liquid Plastic Sisterhood. She and Suzanne's family are working together to make an online memorial to Suzanne.

Like I said above, I first saw Amias' writing in the comments section at Liquid Illuzion. It was very evident that the two were very close friends. Suzanne told me one day that she had hoped that the two would become next door neighbors. I went over to Amias' blog to check out her writing. I made a comment there and she come by and returned the comment, almost being apologetic about the way she expressed herself. And with this, our friendship began.

Amias is a 60 year old native of Mississippi, now living in Houston, Texas. She keeps referring to herself as old, but she's only 7 years older than me. Amias has been another one of those bloggers who have here for me when I needed it, and we've developed a friendly relationship through blogging and email. For the first time on December 26, we also made phone contact with each other. Funny, Amias told me I sounded like a teenager, but I have been told that the voice doesn't match up with the face.

Amias has gone through much suffering in her life and her writing has reflected that. I have tried on occasion to try to interpret her writing, which most of the time is very deep. Struke has said that her writing should be required reading in high school and Amias has told Struke that she wished she had teachers like him.

Amias is a supporter of several blogs and a friend to many. Her most recent blog is called The Magic of Integrated Circuits. It's a collection of her thoughts in prose, poetry, and photos. Give it a look. And tell her that you appreciate the work she has done with the White family.

Thursday, January 08, 2009


Amias just left a comment on my hall of fame post about the online guest book for Suzanne Horne. Suzanne's father, Jerry White, is going to have the guest book professionally printed for Campbell and Bella, Suzanne's children. The book will be up until January 27 and I wish anyone who hasn't signed it yet will do so.

Let the family know what she meant to you, even if you were just a reader of her blog. If you don't care to leave your name, just leave your blogger name. Also take some time to read some of the entries. I think some of the bloggers left some grest tributes.

Click here to go to the online guest book.

It takes all types

This morning I was listening to my favorite morning show enroute to work. Sue wasn't there, as she was taking some well deserved days off. But Scott and Ryan Haidet were talking a bout a news article about a man was asking as part of his divorce settlement that his ex wife gives the kidney he donated back. Now that's an idea for a country song-"You broke my heart, now I want my kidney back."

Scott was also taking calls from snow plow operators. One of these people was a barber who said that he would give him a shave from a straight razor if he would come to his shop in Doylestown. Excuse me Scott, but as a long time Rittman resident, I need to caution you. I would not trust anyone in Doylestown being close to my throat with a straight razor.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

New blog to explore-My Recovery

The explosion of hits I have had in the past couple of weeks have yielded some new friends to this blog. One of which calls herself Clean and Crazy. Her blog is titled My Recovery. C&C came here to read my tribute posts and decided to hang around. She also put a link here on her blog.

C&C describes herself as an addict. She has also been clean now for four years and is succeeding in putting her life back together. Her blog is a collection of her journey and other thoughts.

As always, I urge all to go on over, check it out, and give her some words of encouragement.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

A Ringing Endorsement

Once again the fruit of the morning on the Wynn and Wilson morning show was "bananas." So I had to call them up. When Scott answered the phone I said "I guess it's Wynn and Wilson's gone bananas." Sue guessed who it was and she said that it was nice to hear the voice behind all that good writing.

After they played the call, they talked about my blog and all the interesting blogs linked to mine. That's great as not all radio people are too keen on blogs. As I have said before, the Rubber City Radio Group, in Akron are big on pushing blogs among their personalities. And I'm big on promoting blogs.

And to those near their computer, WQMX does stream their programming 24/7 just click on listen live. They also stream a classic country channel. Wynn and Wilson are on from 5:30-10:00 Eastern.

Also if you are looking for a movie review, Scott Wynn's Window has reviews among other interesting posts.

Sue Wilson's Voice Over
, is a blog which Sue gives her views on everyday life. Her latest post is titled, "Hope for a New Year." Good thoughts on the current state of the economy.

Both blogs are a good read.

Sad news

Please pray for Struke and his family. Struke's dad passed away suddenly yesterday.

Monday, January 05, 2009

Top Banana Hall of Fame-First Member

She told me that her daddy would sing her this song and it was her favorite. The talent she had for taking a photo of a junk tractor and maake it look like a piece of art is a talent a few of us have.

A friend to us all, she made each of us individually feel like the most important one to her.

Her absence is felt in all of "bloggeritaville" but we all are richer for having known her.

While she was here we all were felt that she made this more of a wonderful world.

Suzanne Horne, aka Liquid, gone but never forgotten, my first member of the Top Banana Hall of Fame!

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Even more Top Bananas

Lemme tell you, there have been some tired delivery workers coming to Rittman, Ohio and by the looks of things, I think next year there will be even more awards to hand out. I may have to change my venue as the audience will be even larger. Here are some more awards.

The I like Bagpipes Top Banana goes to Michelle, of Crow's Feet fame. Michelle comes to us from Scotland, but is a native of South Africa. Michelle to me is one of the best advantages of having the internet, as we communicate by email quite often. It's great having friends I can communicate with in other continents.

The Press 1 For English Top Banana goes to Amelia, of Amel's Realm fame. Amel moved from Indonesia to Finland to get married and is now getting very used to her new home. She is learning Finnish, but still likes to communicate to all her English speaking friends.

The Cathode Ray Tube Top Banana goes to Tim, of Cleveland Classic Media fame. Tim is one of my friends who followed me from the message boards to be one of the original readers of this blog. Tim then started his own blog, dedicated to Cleveland area media from the 1940's to 1980's. He also has some posts of national interest. I always say that Tim does too good a job on his blog not to get paid for it.

The It's Not a CMA Award, But What the Heck Top Banana goes to Scott Wynn, of Scott Wynn's Window fame. Scott is one half of the morning show on country station WQMX/94.9 Akron, Ohio. Scott reviews movies on his blog and has written some pretty good stories.

The I've Seen you on the message boards, but I still like you Top Banana goes to Sue Wilson, of Sue Wilson's Voice Over fame. Sue is the better looking half of the WQMX morning show. She is also the program director there. Sue is one of the most liked radio personalities in our area. She's also been very nice to me and always returns my emails. Her blog gives her views on everyday life, sometimes telling aboutr her experiences at the station.

The Hills Are Alive Top Banana goes to Kathy, of Kathy's Klavier fame. Kathy is a musician in her own right and her son plays drums in a Christian band called a Plea For Purging. Her latest post is about a CD she is recording.

The Ups and Downs Top Banana goes to Sindi of Life is a Roller Coaster fame. Sindi is a very good friend who does a good job at it. I think she is the anchor of the Terre Haute gang.

The Richard Simmons, eat your heart out Top Banana goes to Stacy, of My Thoughts fame. Stacy has spent the past 6 months working on a lifestyle change and has lost a great deal of weight. Go on over to her blog and give her some encouragement.

The Being a loser isn't a bad thing Top Banana goes to Diamond, of A Day in the Zone fame. Diamond works hard to look up some good hints to help with weight loss and she also gives us a view of her life.

The Eyes in Texas Used to be in Ohio Top Banana goes to Don, of Things That Run Through My Mind fame. Don is a former Buckeye Baby Boomer, but now lives in Texas. He checks in often to see what's happening near his old stomping grounds.

The Sometimes you can't judge the package by the label Top Banana goes to Cathouse Teri, of The Road Lester Travelled fame. I met Teri through Liquid and we sometimes will tease each other. She has a hard exterior, but a heart of gold. Teri first started dialogue with me on my Seek Him First blog, which blew me away at first. But I could see that she has some very solid views of faith.

Now concludes the regular portion of the Top Bananas. My next post will be a special presentation and induction into the WIXY's Top Bananas Hall of Fame.

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Some more Top Bananas....

When I last left you, I was passing out the Top Banana awards. There were so many awards, I could not limit it to one post. Once again, this year's Top Banana Awards are dedicated to the memory of Suzanne Horne aka Liquid.

The Doctor Johnny Fever Top Banana, or seeing that I already have one reference to WKRP, goes to Jeremy, of Tri-State Media Watch, and Personal Thoughts/Observations from N KY fame. This is an amazing young man, who has taken to this particular group of bloggers. Jeremy is an internet disc jockey, and a born again Christian. I think Jeremy has gotten this blogging thing down pat.

The Starbucks Frequent Flyer Top Banana goes to Melanie, of Me Melanie fame. Melanie is our resident caffeine addict, but she also was a great friend last March when my younger brother passed away. She has also been more faithful to my blog than I have been to her's.

The Escape From Wal Mart Top Banana goes to Michelle Dawn, of Rusin's Roundup fame. Yes I'm awarding a former Evil Big Box Store(tm) employee. Then again, so am I, and so is Mrs74. Michelle Dawn shows a very artistic flair and is a good cook.

The Happy Hubby Top Banana goes to Randy, of The Way I see it fame. Randy followed his wife, Michelle Dawn into blogging, giving his down to earth views on issues that come to his mind.

The Does a Pigeon Really Wear Pants? Top Banana goes to Pigeon, of Tales of the Pigeon fame. Our snow queen from Chesterland, Ohio has some great photos for all to enjoy. Pigeon is another of Jessica and Jen's friends. We became friends through Jessica's Christmas card exchange.

The Busiest Bees Make the Sweetest Honey Top Banana goes to Suz, of Day by Day-My Life as a Busy Bee fame. Suz writes a family oriented blog, an excellent read. As stated in my previous post, she introduced me to Happy Wife. I met Suz through Bella and she has been a very regular reader of my blog.

The Witness Protection Blog Top Banana goes to Martha, of Welcome Back to the Insanity, fame. As many here know, Martha is my daughter and has gone through plenty of difficulty of late. Bella, if you go to her blog, take a look at her web address. I think you'll like it. And, yeh this is a new blog. She deleted her others for reasons I can't go into here.

The Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery Top Banana goes to Matthew, of Wixy Rittman Indian Band Gone Bananas fame. Matthew is a very shy young man who, because of learning disabilities was home schooled. But one of the things he really likes is the Rittman Indians Marching Band, and to my new readers, I am their announcer. Go to You Tube, type Rittman Marching Band in the search engine there and you will see some videos of my favorite group of student musicians there. The person yelling into the mike is me. Cliff Note: I went to Matthew's blog to get the link and noticed he will be giving out awards sometime this month. The first award will be for best announcer. Modesty forbids me to say who I think it might be.

Coming up...Still more Top Bananas!

And now, a special presentation of the Top Banana Awards

The past couple of years I have presented my blog awards in the week between Christmas and New Years Day. This time, because of the tribute posts I wrote, I had to push them back. Since in the past year, I have seen an increase in friends who are part of "The Bunch," I will be doing this in at least two posts, concluding in a special presentation.

I am dedicating these awards this year to the memory of our friend, Suzanne Horne. I hope that the family members who have visited here in the past week can find comfort and catch a smile on your faces.
Suzanne loved both receiving and giving awards. I had seen the awards going around the blogs, and I wanted to take it a bit further. Sometimes people ask me what my blog is about and I feel like saying blogging. I think all the blogs I am reading are worth reading and I enjoy promoting them and possibly inspiring others to be a better blogger.

Before I begin my presentation today, I would like to recognize Sandy Carlson, of Writing in Faith fame, for having the post of the day at Sandy and others who have just started coming here this week are all future Top Banana winners. I want all my new friends to check out the others and see why I like them.

Now to the awards....

The Les Nessman Buckeye Newshawk Top Banana goes to Struke, of Media Matters fame. Struke keeps us all aware of some stories that others feel might be newsworthy. A lecturer at the University of Toledo by trade, Struke keeps us educated with his eye for news.

The I Want to be like Mike Top Banana goes to Frasypoo of This and That fame. Frasypoo decided that she was too busy to keep up a blog this past summer and decided to retire from blogging. A month and a half later, she did a Michael Jordan on us and started blogging again, finding that blogging is incurable.

The David Copperfield Top Banana goes to Bella, of Ciao Bella fame. One day I found her blog was missing. I put out an APB here and within a day, our environmentally friendly nurse was back with a new blog. Let's all lift a cold one to her.

The Excellence in Blogging Top Banana goes to Pat of Pat J.(at least in my mind)Knows it all fame. Pat is one of the most active political bloggers who makes regular
stops here. His somewhat snarky humor brings a smile to my face and sometimes gives me a desire to one up him.

The Better Than I Deserve Top Banana goes to Happy Wife, of Happy Wife, Happy Life fame. We met through a comment on one of my posts that I thought would just appeal to my local readers. I had announced that Dave Ramsey would be broadcast in my area on a stronger signal at a time when I could hear him. I found out Happy Wife was a hardcore fan of where "debt is dumb, cash is king, and the paid off home mortgage has taken the place of the BMW, as the ststus symbol of choice."

The Motorcycle Mama Top Banana goes to Chelle, of Thoughts From My World fame. Chelle, who I met through Liquid, commented on a blog post I made in early June about the traveling Vietnam wall on display in nearby Wadsworth, Ohio. Chelle was part of the motorcycle escort when the wall went from Nashville to her hometown.

The Colonel Sanders Eat Your Heart Out Top Banana, goes to my buddy at the Remember the Love Canal Blog, of the same fame. I had the pleasure of meeting this gent, as well as Struke, this past spring for a chicken dinner at Milich's Village Inn, in Barberton, Ohio. They both found out that this chicken can be habit forming.

The Why Can't We be Friends Top Banana goes to Jessica, of Five Pines fame. Jessica sent me several new blog friends in the past year. She promoted my Whattville blog and also had a Christmas card exchange, bringing me another friend.

The Artsy-Craftsy Top Banana goes to Jen, of Unglazed fame. This one is fitting when you see her new profile pic. The reason I give her this particular award is that she makes, among other things, salvation bracelets. The week before Christmas, Jen mailed me some presents. She gave my wife one of the bracelets. Jen come to my blogs-she stopped at Whattville first-via Jessica.

The Abe Lincoln(the President, not the blogger)Eat Your Heart Out Top Banana goes to Shellmo, of Building a Log Cabin fame. Shelley also comes my way via Jessica. She is a very passionate about her log cabin and also sells them. Her posts and photos show a very warm atmosphere and makes you want to go there and be her guest.

The Master Storyteller Top Banana goes to Daisy, of Dancing With Daisy and Smiling With Daisy fame. Daisy is a fellow Buckeye baby boomer blogger. I met her through Liquid and she became an active part of my blog list. She also is quite a good poet and has a pleasant voice, which you hear as she posts herself reading her posts occasionally.

The Lemme Try This Top Banana goes to Brenda, of snicker*snicker*snort fame. Most of you have known Brenda for awhile, even before she started her own blog. Brenda was a regular commenter here. I awarded her a Top Banana in 2007 because she has proven to be a great friend. I'm so glad to have her as one of my blogging buddies as well as one of my best friends off blog.

Check these fine blogs out and come back soon, as there are more awards to follow...

Guest Post: My wife and her new blog

Cliff Note: I would like to introduce you to my wife, Kathy, and her new blog, bipolar supporters unite. As I have mentioned before, our son Adam has bipolar disorder, and has gone through some struggles with it. Kathy has always been an active parent and has always been ready to fight for our children.

My name is Kathy and I am trying to help people who are dealing with Bipolar disorder or any mental illness. I have been helping my son for a long time. Check out my blog and let me know what you think.

Of local interest....

Cleveland, Ohio television legend, Fred Griffith is celebrating his 80th birthday. Fred was the longtime host of WEWS-TV5 show, The Morning Exchange. This show was the model ABC used when they first launched Good Morning America.

Happy 80th Fred!

Friday, January 02, 2009

Turning a corner

To all who have been coming in the past week, welcome. You are going to find out what I'm about. To all of my longtime friends, thank you for all your support this past week. I had no idea when I started the tribute posts to Suzanne what was going to become of them.

And to Suzanne...Thank you for having such good friends in "Bloggeritaville." I think we will all do a good job of taking care of each other. You won't ever be forgotten. And if there is ever a bloggers hall of fame, you will be one of the first inductees.

I picked up a bunch of new friends this past week. Some of these friends I've crossed paths with before, either at Liquid Illuzion or at authorblog. First new friend I want to introduce you to is familiar to many who come here, Sandy Carlson. Sandy writes several blogs, her main one is called Writing in Faith. She is a very talented lady. Sandy also wrote some posts in Suzanne's memory.

Next up is Betty Ann. She has made several comments here and gave me several smiles. Betty Ann is one of several Al-Anon members with blogs. What I have read of her blog, Diary of a Frugal Hen Without a Rooster, she has tons of advice we all can use.

Mojo contacted me yesterday evening. He wanted me to see his Flash 55. Funny thing was that I had already written a 55 of my own(see post below.) His blog is called Why? What have you heard? Also a good blog to read.

As you have read this past week, my son is bipolar. Bipolar disorder is a very misunderstood condition. I want to do anything I can to help prevent prematurely losing anyone else who is burdened with this disorder. This afternoon I helped my wife start a blog which will tell of her experiences with our son and some of the things she has found out of services available for those who are close to those afflicted with bipolar disorder. In the next few days, I will have her write a guest post here, introducing her new blog.

Now to the new friends I have coming here, in the next few days I will give you a reason to visit my other friends, as I present the 2008 Top Banana Awards. I have some of the best blogger buddies around, and you will see why.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

One Time Flash 55

Cliff Note:Suzanne would participate in a meme every Friday, called Flash 55. The participants were to come up with some story for their blogs containing 55 words-No more, no less. I thought it was fitting for me to do this one time only(I don't do regular memes). I am also doing this because G-Man commented on my last post. This will be in honor of Jeri Suzanne Horne, aka Liquid. And if you do want to get in on the fun report this to the boss G-Man.

She was a friend to us all
Her posts made us smile
We looked at her photos in awe
She commented a lot
Made her friends, our friends
And our friends, her’s
Made us all feel important
We felt her love
We all saw her beauty
We miss you sweet lady
Miss you very much