Saturday, January 31, 2009

Weekend Notes

A few notes for this Saturday before the Super Bowl. Mrs74, WIXYjr, and I were in the Evil Big Box Store(tm) to get a few items and it was a mad house there. Really a shame to make a holiday out of a bunch of entertaining commercials.

Amias has started a new blog called, The Prayer Hubs. She was astonished at all the response she got from the prayer request she posted on behalf of her daughter Mary Elizabeth. Mary Elizabeth has had surgery and will be going through chemotherapy. Prayer is still needed for that family. And if you have prayed or posted a request on your blog for them, post a link on the new blog.

I now own an official Kinky Shovel(tm Wynn and Wilson Morning Show). I called and looked around and finally found it at Lowes. I can now get some relief for my 53 year old back. What I should do is go on Freecycle and see if anyone has a snow blower they aren't using. I doubt if that's going to happen though.

A new blog on my sidebar is called Awake in Rochester. Awake is a 40 something nursing assistant. Her blog is a potpourri of poems, photos, musings, and other things she has on her mind. Awake is also partnering with Amias and myself on the Prayer Hubs.

People have been asking me who I think will win the Super Bowl. I have this foolproof theory of who's going to win. It's usually the team with the most points. So let's get this nonsense out of the way. In two weeks the real stuff begins, the Daytona 500.


clean and crazy said...

I want a kinky shovel just because it sounds fun!! I stopped watching the super bowl the year my father died, it just wasn't the same. It is still real easy ti keep up on stats, today I am more interested in world things like, oh I don't know the economy. I will follow the prayer hubs sense I do not know how to do the link thing still and let bloggers know to pray. Thanks for taking care of us Cliff you are so appreciated.

dons_mind said...

yeah but my man carl edwards gonna own nascar this year - you watch! :) :)

coltfan said...

I just get to wait on next football season . Bout all I watch on weekends lol

Mike Golch said...

just stopped by to say Hi,and to tell you that I have added you to my blog roll of honor

HappyWifeHappyLife said...

"...the team with the most points!"
Love it! I will watch some commercials and that's about it.
I do have a cousin who lives in Pittsburgh, and I've been to Arizona once, so I guess I'm split down the middle as to who I should pull for. :)

Cliff, we had a great message in church today.... all about "Skittles and Gratitude"... they'll have it posted up by tomorrow if you're interested in listening. - click on Resources, then Messages. I think you'll like it, even though you wont' be able to see the video clips that Kevin showed along with the message. It was really good.

Pat Jenkins said...

it was a zoo in every store we went to as well wixy. but let us not forget the weather kept many snowed in during the week.

Awake In Rochester said...

Thanks for the mention Cliff. ;)