Thursday, January 15, 2009

Some musings

Looking at the 980 posts between all three of my public blogs, I can see what Mary Ann at work, who happens to be a faithful reader of this blog, has pointed out to me- I've grown since I have started blogging. Some exchanging of emails between me and the World's Greatest Program Director/Morning Show Co-host, Sue Wilson pointed out,to me, the same.

Before I started blogging, I was active on some message boards, usually radio related. One day I was upset because the Salem Radio Network had decided not to air Dave Ramsey on their stations. I went to the Religious/Contemporary Christian board at and started a thread by unleashing some very unchristian and uncharacteristic comments about Salem Broadcasting, which included any station not branded "The Fish" was treated like a red headed stepchild, and if they couldn't minister to the public, they should sell the stations to someone who could. I did not realize that this was the wrong board to unleash those kind of statements on and I walked straight into a hornet's nest called RadioElizabeth. RadioElizabeth happens to have been a coworker and friend of Sue Wilson. Her real name is Elizabeth Grattan. Elizabeth has some very solid convictions and can usually back them up. Me, I was going by my feelings and I couldn't argue my way out of a wet paper bag. I took on the wrong person and her online friends. My only salvation(maybe wrong choice of a word) was that Ohio Media Watch, the most respected media blogger in my area, come over to back up the spirit of my rant. The spirit of my rant was that Dave Ramsey was going off the air on the station I was listening to him on, there was no room for him on any of the other talk outlets in the greater Cleveland area, and I needed to voice my displeasure. Only problem was I took my frustration out in the wrong place.

Now at the time, the program director at the Fish was Sue Wilson. She and Elizabeth, who was once midday host there, are good friends, which I could have guessed by how often she posted "Sue Wilson rocks!" on message boards. Sue is also a reader of the message boards I post on, and by that alone I wonder why she took a liking to me. Cliff Note:That's why I awarded her with the "I've Seen you on the message boards, but I still like you Top Banana." Sue, at the time, had her own "thorn in the flesh" and that happened to be many self righteous people who took exception to the programming on the Fish. I would guess it was a very vocal minority who felt, since the music wasn't to their liking, it wasn't proper to play on a "Christian" radio station. I would also guess there were many quotes taken directly from the KJV. I listened to the station from time to time, enough to win three prizes, but the music wasn't aimed at my demo. In 2009, I feel that this "shoot the messenger" attitude from supposed Christians is wrong.

I also feel that I do not write a "Christian" blog. I am a Christian who blogs. There also aren't "Christian radio stations," but Christians who work at radio stations. Sometimes we improperly give things labels. These labled objects then become the reason for unfair attacks and these attacks usually hit too many innocent bystanders.

I say I've grown because a few weeks after the rant on Radio-info was when I started blogging, and I blogged a few of these rants in some of my early posts. And at one time I was going through a phase where I would have been one of those who sent out the nasty, self righteous emails. Sometimes God works overtime to protect the foolish from themselves.

By the way, here's Elizabeth Grattan's website. Also check out the latest post on Sue Wilson's Voice Over. It's very thought provoking.


Busy Bee Suz said...

Well, you certainly do stay busy.
Have a great day,

clean and crazy said...

Isn't Dave Ramsey the baby steps money guy? You know I hate labels, I admit to being a little sheepish when I hear the words like Christian or Jesus, I still prefer using the words "Higher power" over God, however, I agree with you labels are bad, they create animosity and hate and contempt prior to investigation.
I like people who are there trying to genuinely help others, anyone who gives financial help like Dave R. or Suze O. deserve to not have to deal with the backlash of labels, and yet listen to me rant...

Ms Hen said...

You have a great Blog....... and I feel everyone came to America long ago for Religion Freedom...

I'm an Agnostic..... for about 30 years now. I have Christian friends; Born Again friends; Jewish friends; Muslim friends; and a very good Atheist Friends.

I find that everyone wants the same thing LOVE * Shelter * Friendships * Food * Water * Education... and Good Values.

My HP comes from Just Other People spirituality towards Goodness. Good Values * Good Morals........basically I follow the Christianity 10 Commandments.

And the Golden Rule.. Do to Others as You would them to You.

And I'm a Nerd.. and Environmentalist...

74WIXYgrad said...

A lot of the things that trip people up are due to our prejudices.

I have learned as a blogger that a little tolerance goes a long way. I'm learning more now that I'm getting "twelve steppers" and please pardon the broad brush, coming here and connecting with me. It helps my education to continue.

I have people from many beliefs and many views come to my blog and become online friends. If we all got together and broke bread, I would feel comfortable.

Frasypoo said...

You and I have had discussions about "so called Christians"
I' m like you.... I sometimes feel that I dont do justice to being a Christian on my blog.But both of us feel the same way about shoving Jesus down peoples throats.You are being a perfect example of what Jesus taught when you counsel and comment.
I know that if I ever need some solid,Christian advice I come to you and You know how much i do that!!!A lot!

PS:I know you have been busy with everything thats been going on but I just wanted you to know that you have been missed on the blogs

Tim Lones said...

Early on, you and I talked about Salem ditching the Southern Gospel Format on WHLO (Which WOFN Beach City plays some of but not nearly enough)..Through posting on the radio boards I have learned how hard a business radio can be..I consider myself fundamental-KJV..I know those are labels, but there has to be a "label" sometimes to determine what a person is. At the same time, Idon't feel I have to be a "know it all" Christian like some in the fundamental groups think they need to be..You have grown as a blogger Cliff, and that is a great thing..

74WIXYgrad said...


Thanks for weighing in on this. You and I are pretty much on the same page as far as the beliefs are concerned.

I like southern gospel, but also like what's played on WCRF. Too many believers do not pick their battles and sometimes this does more harm than good.

There are ministers who waste valuable time attacking those who aren't there, and don't minister to those there who need it. Jesus was harshest on the leaders of the church.

As people who are called to reach out to others, we have to put some of our prejudices aside and ignore what's outside and minister to the hurting person inside.

I believe in the fundamentals of the faith, I take my KJV to church with me, but I currently attend a pentecostal church, simply because they have been the best about ministering to me. Besides, one of my former pastors probably wouldn't let me into his church because my hair currently is almost down to my shoulders.

Editor of the Remember Love Canal blog said...


I agree your blog has grown, and because of you and your blog I have grown as a person as well. I have read it since the beginning, and I am glad that it has made so many friends in so many places. Thanks for what you do!

Ms Hen said...

"Besides, one of my former pastors probably wouldn't let me into his church because my hair currently is almost down to my shoulders."

Hi Cliff:

Did not Jesus have loooong hair and wear sandals.. ??

You are lucky you can keep you hair long (like Samuel Elliott in the last film I saw him in last year.. The Golden Compass.) (well actors do add hair extensions; so I'm not sure if it his real hair--they have to look perfect for the big screen).

I don't know why if Jesus has looong hair why hair wore looong is frowned about in churches. Did you ever ask why that is??? I am curious..

Keep your hair long.. it is cool if you can do that... many men I know wish they still had hair left to do that.. (But Bald is Beautiful too). (smile)