Friday, January 16, 2009

Sohio Weather Forecast

A lot of my fellow buckeyes will remember the Sohio weather sounder, probably better than the prices displayed on the signs. Some of those who admit to be close to my age will remember "Boron with double ice guard. No fuel line freeze up guaranteed. You go, or Sohio pays the tow."

Cliff Note: If my site meter is any indication, Don, of Things that run through my mind fame is now in the Youngstown area. I hope you are enjoying this balmy weather. And don't forget your hat and gloves.
I also hope this post brought some warm memories.


Tim Lones said...

I "borrowed" the Sohio video to make some weather comments on my own at my Thw Wonder of His Grace Blog..

I need to ask..How does one put links on comments here?

Daisy said...

I remember that commercial with the Sohio pays your tow line in it. Hope you are staying warm, Wixy.

dons_mind said...

lol lol yeah yeah i saw the sohio weather forecast!!!! thanks cliff! as i write this, it's middle of the 3rd quarter and it's 13-7 steelers and its 15.3 degrees outside! warmest it's been since i got here last thursday night!