Thursday, January 08, 2009


Amias just left a comment on my hall of fame post about the online guest book for Suzanne Horne. Suzanne's father, Jerry White, is going to have the guest book professionally printed for Campbell and Bella, Suzanne's children. The book will be up until January 27 and I wish anyone who hasn't signed it yet will do so.

Let the family know what she meant to you, even if you were just a reader of her blog. If you don't care to leave your name, just leave your blogger name. Also take some time to read some of the entries. I think some of the bloggers left some grest tributes.

Click here to go to the online guest book.


Amias said...

Thanks for your help Cliff.

Also, I noticed a lot of her blogging friends wrote tributes to her on their blogs. It would be nice if we could get a link to all those tributes and put them in a post on Suzanne's blog so that her family could visit them from time to time.

Friends on the internet can be so very precious --- as she touched so many of us.

Frasypoo said...

Thanks Cliff,
I just wrote on it

Busy Bee Suz said...

What a wonderful tribute for her children to have and hold. They may not care about it now....but they will one day.

Vanessa said...

I miss Suzanne. I'll definitely go sign the book.

Tassy said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog.Im glad to know she talked about me.She talked about you to me..and she told me once to make sure I visit your blog.I did visit but it was at a time I was going through such a rough patch that I do not think I left a comment or anything and from there I stopped blogging for a while, then I was blogging again...but, it was only yesterday I heard about her.I went to her blog to tell her how come she is so quiet..when I found out the horrible reason, why she has been so quiet. I grew to like her, and when I look back, I do not even know why I liked her so much that I went out of my way to make her something to post it to her so she can smile....I know she loves art, she appreciates the beauty of Art and Craft.And today, I know that, she was an angel and she touched million of hearts.I keep repeating this because,it is sad that I didnt realise it before today!!!!!I need more time to accept this but alos, I feel as though I wasnt good enough friend so she couldnt express herself with me.Or just maybe, I didnt SEE her.I used to think she is fine as she started blogging and being funny and everything.How wrong was I!!or maybe too engrossed in my own busy life, I didnt take enough time to ask her: are you REALLY okay?Anyway, thanks and all I can do now is pray she is okay...Miss you Suzanne terribly.
She was my inspiration, my smile in good and bad times, and full of surprises.I will never forget her.