Saturday, January 03, 2009

Some more Top Bananas....

When I last left you, I was passing out the Top Banana awards. There were so many awards, I could not limit it to one post. Once again, this year's Top Banana Awards are dedicated to the memory of Suzanne Horne aka Liquid.

The Doctor Johnny Fever Top Banana, or seeing that I already have one reference to WKRP, goes to Jeremy, of Tri-State Media Watch, and Personal Thoughts/Observations from N KY fame. This is an amazing young man, who has taken to this particular group of bloggers. Jeremy is an internet disc jockey, and a born again Christian. I think Jeremy has gotten this blogging thing down pat.

The Starbucks Frequent Flyer Top Banana goes to Melanie, of Me Melanie fame. Melanie is our resident caffeine addict, but she also was a great friend last March when my younger brother passed away. She has also been more faithful to my blog than I have been to her's.

The Escape From Wal Mart Top Banana goes to Michelle Dawn, of Rusin's Roundup fame. Yes I'm awarding a former Evil Big Box Store(tm) employee. Then again, so am I, and so is Mrs74. Michelle Dawn shows a very artistic flair and is a good cook.

The Happy Hubby Top Banana goes to Randy, of The Way I see it fame. Randy followed his wife, Michelle Dawn into blogging, giving his down to earth views on issues that come to his mind.

The Does a Pigeon Really Wear Pants? Top Banana goes to Pigeon, of Tales of the Pigeon fame. Our snow queen from Chesterland, Ohio has some great photos for all to enjoy. Pigeon is another of Jessica and Jen's friends. We became friends through Jessica's Christmas card exchange.

The Busiest Bees Make the Sweetest Honey Top Banana goes to Suz, of Day by Day-My Life as a Busy Bee fame. Suz writes a family oriented blog, an excellent read. As stated in my previous post, she introduced me to Happy Wife. I met Suz through Bella and she has been a very regular reader of my blog.

The Witness Protection Blog Top Banana goes to Martha, of Welcome Back to the Insanity, fame. As many here know, Martha is my daughter and has gone through plenty of difficulty of late. Bella, if you go to her blog, take a look at her web address. I think you'll like it. And, yeh this is a new blog. She deleted her others for reasons I can't go into here.

The Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery Top Banana goes to Matthew, of Wixy Rittman Indian Band Gone Bananas fame. Matthew is a very shy young man who, because of learning disabilities was home schooled. But one of the things he really likes is the Rittman Indians Marching Band, and to my new readers, I am their announcer. Go to You Tube, type Rittman Marching Band in the search engine there and you will see some videos of my favorite group of student musicians there. The person yelling into the mike is me. Cliff Note: I went to Matthew's blog to get the link and noticed he will be giving out awards sometime this month. The first award will be for best announcer. Modesty forbids me to say who I think it might be.

Coming up...Still more Top Bananas!


Busy Bee Suz said...

Gosh are such a nice and generous person. Thanks so much for this highly esteemed recognition!!!!
It is a blessing reading your daily thoughts!!!!

Ms Hen said...

I just read your daughter's blog...... I too was a stay at home job in the world. (hardest too).

I like her post and utube of that model transformed.. with elongated neck and all.

I worked at Salvatore Ferragamo when I was a teen (secretary work in the basement). The models shoot.. a skinny sweet cute little girl and they transformed her with make up and clothes and hair pieces into a Goddess.. perfectly Flawless skin.. lol.

I wonder how many women don't realize that.

Also Trya Banks... she did a show on Cellulite that I caught.. (I don't watch much t.v.).. and she showed how bad her cellulite got from not exercising due to her busy schedule with a new talk show..

Wow.. a model with cellulite.. lol........... I like her Honesty.

She is really gorgeous because she has a sweet personality.. from a couple of shows I saw..

Your blog is cool Cliff; and will check out the other blogs you list.. Sunday is a reading supercool out there today : but going for a walk on the beach... to get some air.

Pigeon said...

Thank-you so much for your kind words. I humbly accept this spelndid award. You made my day!

melanie said...

You seriously bless me! Thank you! I appreciate your kindness and love. You are my brother in Christ..and I am thankful to know you. :)

Michelle Dawn said...

Thank you so much I defiantly don't miss the EBBS. Congrat's to all.

Tri-State Media Watch said...

Thanks Cliff! I appreciate the nod! :)

Daisy said...

Congratulations to all the winners!

Jessica said...

Hi Cliff.... Thanks for my top banana award! I was actually looking forward to you posting your awards this year. And I'm looking forward to visiting all the award winners in the next few days. You get the top banana award for always lifting us up! You are awesome Cliff!!

Happy New Year!!

Pat Jenkins said...

congratulations to all the wieners!!

Martha said...

YAY!!! I actually won something?? COOL!! As soon as my school work is caught up, I will check out some of the other blogs!

dons_mind said...

more goodies! got to admit i've visited most of your top bananas - but do still have a few to go...