Thursday, January 29, 2009

I like Amias because......

To those who are unfamiliar with this series, I began this exactly one year ago today. It was only going to be a one shot affair at the time as I was writing the post for the sake of cheering up the one I was writing it about, which was Amias. I got the concept from a recording of motivational speaker Zig Ziglar, who, like Amias, is a native of Mississippi. It became a very popular series on this blog and I ended up writing about 18 posts about bloggers on my list. My goal is to introduce all of my friends to each other and Lord willing, I will do 2 posts of this nature a week for the next few months.

Last weekend, Amias told me that I was the Ambassador to the blog world. I kinda like that.

I met Amias as a result of my friendship with Liquid. I could see that there was a definite chemistry between the two and I eventually started reading Amias' blog. One day I commented and she come here to comment, almost being apologetic because of her writing style, which she called "sometimes raw." One of the cornerstones of our friendship is mutual respect.

After a few months of reading her blog, I started commenting there, she commented here and on my Seek Him First blog and I introduced her to my readers, and she became a frequent visitor to other blogs on my list. And the compliments also came from the keyboard of Amias. One of those is the acrostic she wrote for me, on my sidebar, using the letters of my name. She had later told me that that poem came very easy to her.

I would get up in the morning, usually 3AM EST, and would tsake a look at my site meter. I would notice that minutes before that I would get a hit from Houston, Texas. I knew that was Amias and I would send her an email, and we would email back and forth a few times as I was getting ready to go to work. One morning I got Michelle from Crow's feet involved. She had just become one of my online friends and was commenting on one of my posts. I suggested she go to Amias' blog, which she did. The two are good friends now.

But like I noted before, Suzanne was the one who brought the two of us together. Amias and Suzanne were good friends, probably close as sisters, long before I ever met Liquid online, and one of the signature lines Liquid would use when addressing Amias was "love your bones." Amias would call Suzanne "beloved one." I was proud that I was a witness to the closeness of the two of them.

If Amias likes you, she will speak well of you to others. Maggie is a good example of that. When Maggie first started her Liquid Ice Musings blog last year, she put a link to this blog on her sidebar even before she commented here. She stated that Amias spoke well of me. It's nice to see that kind of trust.

Amias has had family and personal problems, more than her share. Despite all this, she has time to uplift her friends. When Suzanne took her life Christmas Eve, Amias reached out to the family and she also set up the hub on Liquid Illuzion for those to post links to any tribute they may have written for Suzanne and at last count there were 56 tribute links. Amias also takes time to administrate the links. All this time she has done that while going through the healing process due to losing her very good friend. And I have noticed that Amias has gone to every single post and thanked the writer for their contribution.

Amias continues to plug away and help her friends, while her daughter, Mary Elizabeth is fighting cancer. She asks all of us to lift Mary Elizabeth and her family up in prayer. And while you are at it breathe a prayer of thanks that we all have Amias as a friend.

Check out Amias' blog. It's called The Magic of Integrated Circuits.


clean and crazy said...

What a very sweet posting for Amias, I left her a prayer in my "God box" and left her a comment telling her so.

Mike Golch said...

A great post about a great person,even though I have not meet her from what I read she is a warm person.I let a message of support for her and said prayers as well.

Amias said...

Oh Cliff, you made me cry ... you touched my heart, which is filled with humility at your wonderful thoughts. You are my friend, as I am yours. My soul thanks you and your wonderful readers -- for caring.

Ms Hen said...

What a sweet sweet tender post you wrote Cliff.

Hugs to you Amias.. and to your daughter ((((hugs)))) ...

Betty Ann

Shellmo said...

You are the true ambassador! My prayers for Amias and her daughter - may angels watch over them both.

Awake In Rochester said...

That was beautiful Cliff! I'm not good at expressing myself like that.

I'm just getting to know Amias, but I can tell that she's special already. Liquid trusted her with a great deal, and she has done a fantastic job under very stressful circumstances. She is also gifted in versus ways.

I got to know her & you though Liquids passing. I really wish it happened another way, but I'm glad I'm getting to know you both. It usually takes months for me to add someone to my blogroll, but your both on it as of tonight, because I think you are both special people. I'm not saying that to make you feel obligated, it's how I truly feel.

74WIXYgrad said...

Awake: I wish it could have been under other circumstances also. but I am glad there has been some good come out of Suzanne's passing.

Amias said...

You all are so caring.
I told my daughter about the prayers, and she said to thank you ... she if feeling as well as can be expected, under the circumstances.

She is resting well, but the Chemo is really taking it's toll on her spirit, as well as her body. But she is hanging in there, and her spirit seems lifted.

I believe that God is answering your prayers, because she doesn't sound as angry as she did, and there is such a sweetness about her now.

I want to thank you all, especially Awake and Cliff .. as they have asked for prayer our behalf and it's amazing how the Bloggers are responding. I have heard of such, but this is my first experience with it. GOD BE PRAISED!

SandyCarlson said...

You demonstrate that the blogosphere is full of miracles. Thanks.