Friday, January 09, 2009

An introduction to some, reintroduction to others

As some may or may not know, Amias is currently the administrator of Liquid Illuzion, Suzanne's blog. Amias and I have also been friends, who met through Liquid Illuzion, for over a year. Amias and Suzanne are two parts of Liquid Plastic Sisterhood. She and Suzanne's family are working together to make an online memorial to Suzanne.

Like I said above, I first saw Amias' writing in the comments section at Liquid Illuzion. It was very evident that the two were very close friends. Suzanne told me one day that she had hoped that the two would become next door neighbors. I went over to Amias' blog to check out her writing. I made a comment there and she come by and returned the comment, almost being apologetic about the way she expressed herself. And with this, our friendship began.

Amias is a 60 year old native of Mississippi, now living in Houston, Texas. She keeps referring to herself as old, but she's only 7 years older than me. Amias has been another one of those bloggers who have here for me when I needed it, and we've developed a friendly relationship through blogging and email. For the first time on December 26, we also made phone contact with each other. Funny, Amias told me I sounded like a teenager, but I have been told that the voice doesn't match up with the face.

Amias has gone through much suffering in her life and her writing has reflected that. I have tried on occasion to try to interpret her writing, which most of the time is very deep. Struke has said that her writing should be required reading in high school and Amias has told Struke that she wished she had teachers like him.

Amias is a supporter of several blogs and a friend to many. Her most recent blog is called The Magic of Integrated Circuits. It's a collection of her thoughts in prose, poetry, and photos. Give it a look. And tell her that you appreciate the work she has done with the White family.


Michelle said...

I can't think of a more perfect choice as admin For Suzanne's memory than Amias.

Busy Bee Suz said...

What nice things you have to say....I must go check her out.
take care,

Amias said...

Thank you for your kindness Cliff ... I don't blog as much as I used to, but I am getting back into the swing of thing. It seems like I been away a long time ... !

Chelle said...

lovin' me some Amias!!!!

JihadGene said...

Done...and thank you.