Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Storm has hit and I'm too chicken to drive

I decided to take a snow and mental health day from work today. I got up early and and left early, but when I get as far as Wadsworth, I decided to turn around and go back home. We had snow, and a nice crust of rain on top of that.

5X5: I've been trying to do this 5X5 meme that Jen has tagged me with and I had a special planned. The photo is on my desktop and it's not cooperating with blogger. I tried emailing it to myself so I could upload it from my laptop with no avail. I will be taking the desktop in for some service.

The photo I wanted to use was a shot I took for the site. If you ever ate at the old Red Barn restaurants, you will love this site. Rich Perrot has done a fantastic job in posting memorabilia of the chain and there are many pages of old Red Barn buildings and what they are used for now. Going on 2 years ago, I went around and took photos of some. That was one of my first assignments with the WIXYcam.

I have been given another honor. Matthew, of Wixy Rittman Indian Band Gone Bananas fame, has awarded me with the best band announcer award. Matthew is a real fan of the Rittman band and goes to all the shows during the marching season. He did say that one time this season I did scare him as he didn't realize I was starting an announcement. Matthew did recognize tha fact that I am the loudest band announcer. I thank you, Matthew.

And speaking of the Rittman band, be in prayer for Rittman Band director Ed Sims. He has taken time off to tend to his wife who has had complications from surgery. Brenda has told me that he is considering retirement, which is understandable. Mrs. Sims has sacrificed much over the years in order for Ed to be the best band director possible for these student musicians. It's her turn now as she has a ways to recovery. Keep them in your prayers.


Pat Jenkins said...

huh we didn't get a thing here! no 5 inches of snow, with sleet on top of that. or even anymore snow today! i wonder why it missed us?

Ms Hen said...

It is snowing (raining) and snowing... but warming up to the high 30s today and tomorrow (tonight more snow).

I'm happy that whenever it snows it warms up; and makes shoveling easier that way.

I always had my grown son do it until he moved out in the summer. I thought it would be a hassle. But I do like the exercise since it warms up.

I'm glad you made a decision to go home and be safe.

We are only getting a few inches and than rain.. it looks pretty on the trees..

and a couple of more tonight..

Be careful.

Pigeon said...

You're not the only one who had a false start today. Chris made it almost to the freeway this morning, and decided to turn back also. It usually takes 10 minutes to drive each way; he was gone over an hour. Congrats on all the awards you've been getting!

Busy Bee Suz said...

Taking a day off never hurt anyone!!!! Enjoy...
Sometimes the copmuter can really frustrate instead of make life easier...sometimes just a few kind words will work. SOmetimes some UNkind words make you feel a bit better. :)
congrats on your award.
Prayers for your friend...I hope she recovers soon.

Shellmo said...

I'm glad you took a snow day - you deserve it! Congrats on your award and prayers to your friends.

Jen said...

Thanks for taking part of the meme Cliff, or at least making an attempt. :)

We are covered in snow, ice and now more snow here. Day two of Cabin Fever.

Amias said...

Well I don't envy you Cliff .. snow is wonderful, but I am too old to enjoy being that cold. My knees wouldn't appreciate it.

Congratulations on yet another honor, as you are very deserving.

I'll be praying for your friend.

Maggie said...

Here in GA we are having a light rain with a temp of 58 degrees...I can not even imaging trying to drive on roads with the type of weather you are having at this time.
Get a cup of hot coffee and stay warm on the Blogs.

Tim Lones said...

On vaxation from work here..glad I am not having to try to navigate this to get to my bus stop..Church was cancelled so my wife and I are in for the evening..and probably all of tomorrow too..

Hale McKay said...

I too, turned around while out and went back home. It took a public transportation bus fishtailing in front of me to reach that decision and to ask myself why in the heck I left the house in the first place.

Fortunately I was only traveling at about 10 mph and was at a sufficient distance behind the bus to be able to avoid slamming into it broadside.

It was cold enough to make me shiver - but this morning it wasn't the temperature that had me shaking in my boots.