Saturday, January 03, 2009

And now, a special presentation of the Top Banana Awards

The past couple of years I have presented my blog awards in the week between Christmas and New Years Day. This time, because of the tribute posts I wrote, I had to push them back. Since in the past year, I have seen an increase in friends who are part of "The Bunch," I will be doing this in at least two posts, concluding in a special presentation.

I am dedicating these awards this year to the memory of our friend, Suzanne Horne. I hope that the family members who have visited here in the past week can find comfort and catch a smile on your faces.
Suzanne loved both receiving and giving awards. I had seen the awards going around the blogs, and I wanted to take it a bit further. Sometimes people ask me what my blog is about and I feel like saying blogging. I think all the blogs I am reading are worth reading and I enjoy promoting them and possibly inspiring others to be a better blogger.

Before I begin my presentation today, I would like to recognize Sandy Carlson, of Writing in Faith fame, for having the post of the day at Sandy and others who have just started coming here this week are all future Top Banana winners. I want all my new friends to check out the others and see why I like them.

Now to the awards....

The Les Nessman Buckeye Newshawk Top Banana goes to Struke, of Media Matters fame. Struke keeps us all aware of some stories that others feel might be newsworthy. A lecturer at the University of Toledo by trade, Struke keeps us educated with his eye for news.

The I Want to be like Mike Top Banana goes to Frasypoo of This and That fame. Frasypoo decided that she was too busy to keep up a blog this past summer and decided to retire from blogging. A month and a half later, she did a Michael Jordan on us and started blogging again, finding that blogging is incurable.

The David Copperfield Top Banana goes to Bella, of Ciao Bella fame. One day I found her blog was missing. I put out an APB here and within a day, our environmentally friendly nurse was back with a new blog. Let's all lift a cold one to her.

The Excellence in Blogging Top Banana goes to Pat of Pat J.(at least in my mind)Knows it all fame. Pat is one of the most active political bloggers who makes regular
stops here. His somewhat snarky humor brings a smile to my face and sometimes gives me a desire to one up him.

The Better Than I Deserve Top Banana goes to Happy Wife, of Happy Wife, Happy Life fame. We met through a comment on one of my posts that I thought would just appeal to my local readers. I had announced that Dave Ramsey would be broadcast in my area on a stronger signal at a time when I could hear him. I found out Happy Wife was a hardcore fan of where "debt is dumb, cash is king, and the paid off home mortgage has taken the place of the BMW, as the ststus symbol of choice."

The Motorcycle Mama Top Banana goes to Chelle, of Thoughts From My World fame. Chelle, who I met through Liquid, commented on a blog post I made in early June about the traveling Vietnam wall on display in nearby Wadsworth, Ohio. Chelle was part of the motorcycle escort when the wall went from Nashville to her hometown.

The Colonel Sanders Eat Your Heart Out Top Banana, goes to my buddy at the Remember the Love Canal Blog, of the same fame. I had the pleasure of meeting this gent, as well as Struke, this past spring for a chicken dinner at Milich's Village Inn, in Barberton, Ohio. They both found out that this chicken can be habit forming.

The Why Can't We be Friends Top Banana goes to Jessica, of Five Pines fame. Jessica sent me several new blog friends in the past year. She promoted my Whattville blog and also had a Christmas card exchange, bringing me another friend.

The Artsy-Craftsy Top Banana goes to Jen, of Unglazed fame. This one is fitting when you see her new profile pic. The reason I give her this particular award is that she makes, among other things, salvation bracelets. The week before Christmas, Jen mailed me some presents. She gave my wife one of the bracelets. Jen come to my blogs-she stopped at Whattville first-via Jessica.

The Abe Lincoln(the President, not the blogger)Eat Your Heart Out Top Banana goes to Shellmo, of Building a Log Cabin fame. Shelley also comes my way via Jessica. She is a very passionate about her log cabin and also sells them. Her posts and photos show a very warm atmosphere and makes you want to go there and be her guest.

The Master Storyteller Top Banana goes to Daisy, of Dancing With Daisy and Smiling With Daisy fame. Daisy is a fellow Buckeye baby boomer blogger. I met her through Liquid and she became an active part of my blog list. She also is quite a good poet and has a pleasant voice, which you hear as she posts herself reading her posts occasionally.

The Lemme Try This Top Banana goes to Brenda, of snicker*snicker*snort fame. Most of you have known Brenda for awhile, even before she started her own blog. Brenda was a regular commenter here. I awarded her a Top Banana in 2007 because she has proven to be a great friend. I'm so glad to have her as one of my blogging buddies as well as one of my best friends off blog.

Check these fine blogs out and come back soon, as there are more awards to follow...


Shellmo said...

Cliff - I am laughing and smiling with a warm heart right now! Thank you so much for the Abe award! This was so much fun to read and I must thank Jessica for leading me here to your blog. I am going to visit your other banana recipients as i know they are all worthy individuals.
Happy New Year my friend!

struke said...

Cliff...thank you for the Les Nessman award. How appropriate. Will there be an awards ceremony over chicken?

Editor of the Remember Love Canal blog said...

Cliff once again you are the top banana in my book. Thanks for the award!

I hope your readers will come over and visit Love Canal and view my FRIED CHICKEN slide show, and vote in my poll.

Jen said...

I feel so honored to be on your list. Thank you dear Sir!

I hope I didn't disappoint you, but I changed my profile picture just today. Don't be alarmed!
It's not shiny.

I will check out the other recipients that I don't know here and I welcome them to come over and vist me anytime as well.

melanie said...

Congrats to everyone!! :)

Daisy said...

Thanks so much, Cliff! I appreciate your kind words and feel honored to be chosen for a Top Banana. :D

Margaret said...

Just wanted to stop by and tell you that you have a nice blog. I went to Wooster and Kent State, and know your area well. Found you through Jen and Jessica, both good eggs.

HappyWifeHappyLife said...

Thanks, Cliff - you are such a sweetheart! :-)

SandyCarlson said...

A wonderful list, Cliff. These blogs are new to me; thanks for highlighting them and helping me pull my head out of the sand!

Ms Hen said... thanks for making me laugh.....I just went on a boring first date.... and needed a good LAUGH..since it is 10:10 PM and I'm home already on a Saturday NIGHT... (got out of going to the movies).

.............You one of the good ones.. I'm enjoying your style of writing .. your personality shines right through.

Good weekend to you and the Mrs. :)

Michelle Dawn said...

Congrat's to all the winner's.

Anonymous said...

Cliff! I look forward to your awards every year! =)

Thanks so much for being a wonderful blogger friend and for the award. It is too cute.

=) Bella

Pat Jenkins said...

i thank you very much for this honor wixy. let's hope we all can live up to these awards through the year!!.... but you forgot one ..... the my top banana award for the best slider look a like goes to.... rittman indian drum roll please.....wixy goes bananas!!... oh that was terrible wasnt it....

74WIXYgrad said...

Pat, that was terrible. Now you have to go to White Castle and eat nothing but sliders for the next month.

Brenda said...

You are sweet, and you make it easy to be your friend!!!

Once everybody at home is well, and we're all back on our feet, I'm hoping to play some catch up on my blog!!

dons_mind said...

enjoy reading these! good job cliff!

Pat Jenkins said...

WILL DO!!!!... you don't have to twist my arm to do that my friend!!!