Sunday, December 31, 2006

New Year's Eve loose ends

Belated thank you's go to RichinMedina, CollegeDJ86, and David5258, for all their kind comments since I launched this blog in August. In short, everybody who stopped by, left a comment here or elsewhere have helped me make this blog what it is.

Family notes: My in-laws made it to Florida safely on Friday. Thanks for all your prayers. WIXYjr left to go back to college yesterday. Hopefully I will be able to take a week's vacation within the next month. What would I have planned? Anything that doesn't involve driving 46 miles to work.

Television Note: As I write this the television has GSN on. The show playing is The 100 thousand dollar Pyramid. Bonus prize in the lucky sevens was a VCR. My how times have changed.

Do I have any New Years resolutions? Nope. I just want to be a better person and maybe a lighter person at this time next year. I do have to go to the doctor's sometime in the forseeable future and he probably will tell me I can eat anything I want. Then he will give me a list of things I will want.

Finally: If you drink tonight, don't drive. I will have too many sober friends on the roads tonight.

Saturday, December 30, 2006

New Blog Alert

There were a few people I neglected to thank this week in my first annual thank you list. One of them is going to be the newest link on my list.

Michael Dane, of Sunday Oldies Jukebox fame(9:00PM to Midnight, the request show) has a new blog out called "This Wild World". That makes two blogs from personalities of SOJ. Johnny Morgan has the other.

Mike's first post concerns the reassembling of the AT&T monopoly.

I am honored that Mike e-mailed me concerning the debut of his blog and put this blog on his list of links.

Happy birthday

If you are known on this blog as WIXYjr, today is your 21st birthday. Happy birthday Adam. It's also LeBron James' 22nd birthday. In the unlikely event LBJ is reading this, happy birthday and may you give us a belated birthday present of an NBA championship.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Maybe a change in views...

Newsnomore, you could be right. Earlier this month I commented about the no smoking law being in effect. I said to "leave it to the individual business owner". Last night I took my wife out for supper, as she was very stressed by events of the day. We went to a restaurant in Wadsworth(former Red Barn location). We walked in and were asked, "smoking or non smoking". We then noticed the distinct smell of smoke around the counter seats, which was also next to the cash register. My wife asked our server why they weren't obeying the anti smoking laws, and she replied that the owners would not comply until they absolutely had to. Well, the food was good, but having to go through the smoking section to get to our seats and having to pay in an area that had a strong smell of cigar smoke caused my wife to need a breathing treatment when we got home.

Now I don't care about the civil disobedience, BUT one of the problems with this country is that there are some who feel that they have to violate the rights of others in order to exercise theirs. Next time put on your sign "WE STILL SMOKE HERE".

I will stick up for most of my friends who smoke because they don't violate othr people's air space.

One more thing: Where's my tobacco settlement money? I lost my mother, who never smoked because of other people who smoked.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

More tales from the Parallel Universe(tm)

Some may wonder how I got to posting on various radio forums. We will go back in history to July of 2001. The great frequency swap had taken place. That's where WHK-AM went from 1420 to 1220, WKNR went from 1220 to 850, WRMR went from 850 to 1420, WHK-FM went from 98.1 to 95.5(became the Fish), WCLV went from 95.5 to 104.9, WAKS went from 104.9 to 96.5, and WKDD went from 96.5 to 98.1(whew). By the way I did that by memory.

Aro-10und that time I discovered the Listening Party forum on Cleveland Live. It was being used in leiu of bathroom stall walls by the radio employees and looked at non professionals, including former broadcast school students, like we were intruders. At the time, no one had to register a forum name, so there was alot of nonsense, like "Doncha just love Gary Dee?" or "ffffffffffffffffffun", and alot of insider rumor mongering. Like I said before, my type wasn't appreciated on the board, so after awhile, I did more reading than posting.

Then came the revamping of the forum, and the debut of 74WIXYgrad. I took the name for obvious reasons, but being the insecure person that I am, I still let the pros post.

Around that time, I also discovered For awhile there was no registratione
needed, so I posted there more often. Later they too required registration, and for awhile there
I was WIXYGrad.

Radio-Info had all the pros posting there, or so it seemed. They also had a real live moderator on each board, so nonsense didn't last too long. Only problem was for awhile I was out of my league over there, as I never learned the fine art of faking people out. I would post something on a thread and for the longest time there the thread would die. I learned alot from those who would post there. The cast of characters included OldAkronite, nate81, JohnnyMorgan, BigWoody(now known as VODood), and others. Those that I haven't introduced to my non-forum friends are Nate81, who is a twenty-five year old broadcast student, who has a broadcast encyclopedia crammed into his young head, and VODood, program director of a radio station in Toledo, and owner of a thriving voiceover business.

OldAkronite in June of 2005 started his now very popular blog "Ohio Media Watch". It was partially based on his many posts at Radio-Info.

I was keeping one eye on the listening party forum. It seemed that there would be some real spirited discussions on the board, sometimes causing the board to "flame". It was after one of these "flamings", caused by spirited discussions about the last Super Bowl, that I started posting with any regularity. Of course I was among those taking pot shots at JimOhio123(it was like shooting fish in a barrel). As I said in my last post, Jim is the ultimate talk radio fan.

I found out this past spring that the listening party was taken over by baby boomers, so I joined in. It was after one of Jim's very annoying posts that Lynn had remarked that he was one of those that hadn't worked in radio. I then responded that I was never in the business, and Lynn told me that I wasn't an idiot either. Danny Wright then posted that he was surprised about that. And that started my current life as a forum poster. I've also made friends through e-mail and phone calls. Hopefully I know my limits, and don't post when I don't know.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

1st Annual "WIXY's Gone Bananas" thank you list

We are now at years end, and everywhere you look there are lists to end the year. This morning's Akron Beacon Journal had the "Bobbys" awarded by columnist Bob Dyer, who, in my opinion, had
the last good column on happenings of radio in the area. I also sold him two televisions when I worked at Fretter.

I could give out "Golden Bananas", but I feel that's waaaay too hokey.

So I'm just going to shoot from the heart and give out my thank you list. List is in no particular order, as all the people on the list are important.

First, I will start at the message boards that I participated in; Listening Party and television boards,, and

OMW/Old Akronite-Thanks for on board support, off board info, and the mention on your Mighty Blog of Fun(tm). Also thank you for watching my back on the religion board at radio-info.

BoredOp0930-Danny, you were the first buddy I made on the boards, and we spent hours chatting the phone. Hopefully I will get up there with that pizza, so you can show me around, and we can shoot the breeze.

Lynnpuskas-Lynn, you put up with alot, and also dished out alot, and sometimes posted before me in the morning. Thanks for your kind comments.

JimOhio123- Jim, you reminded us all what the definition of the word fan, as in "fanatic", is.

newsnomore- Thanks for showing me a very human side of one who has made it in a very competitive business.

Danny Wright- Thanks for showing how not to give up.

Johnny Morgan- Thanks for showing how to have a good time, and for sometimes adding some reason to discussion.

RIPJoelRose/WZZP-As one whom I once saw as a threat on the board, you've become one of the best supporters of this blog, and a good friend through e-mail. Thanks for your comments and support.

Tim Lones- Thanks for your comments, your knowledge of classic television, and your love for media. you give us "radio geeks" a good name. I hope you get a BBN station in the Canton area.

And to the others I've not mentioned, Nate81, VODood, MisterFact, and others(I will probably do an update later) a heartfelt thank you!

Now on to the personal friends and family who have checked this blog out.

Brenda of the WGBB(tm)-You and the rest of the band boosters have a way of making me feel like a million bucks in the fall, during football season. And telling me that this blog is one of the first things you look at in the morning makes me work harder at my efforts.

Mary Ann: Benefits coordinator at my work, your mention of checking my blog reminds me of what my mother would have done had I been blogging whan she was alive.

"The Other" Cliff Feightner- You are absolutely correct, we are both blessed.

My daughter, Martha aka, WIXYette jr. the 1st. You juggle two children(with a third on the way), a home, and college and still make the dean's list. And you still have time to check the old man's ramblings.

My other daughter, Sylva- thanks for being the official WIXY's Gone Bananas photographer.

My son Adam, also known as WIXYjr.-Thanks for hanging in there, and giving me plenty to write about.

Most importantly, my wife Kathy, who keeps it all together, including helping to take care of my handicapped brother and sister.

I also want to thank Bruce Trogdan and the staff at the Post Newspapers for publishing two of my posts.

My 100th official post-It's all thanks to you!

Special note: My in-laws will be leaving for Florida early tomorrow(Wednesday), and not today as I originally reported.

I was looking for something special for something special for number 100. Had I not deleted a couple of posts, posted some in draft that I later dumped, and included the five in my other blog, then this one would be about 110.

After about 100 posts I'm closer to be heading in some direction with my blog. I enjoy talking about my home town, and my family. And above all, I like to write about good news, something which more often than not, does not make the front page.

I'm proud of the accomplishments of all my children. All three are in their twenties, and realize life isn't going to be easy. All three are attending college. My oldest daughter and her husband both made the dean's list last semester. We're now talking about parents of two, one of which is special needs(she's deaf).

I enjoy reading comments on this blog, lets me know people care. I also like it when people stop me and tell me that they read something on my blog. I hope that I can encourage other baby boomers to put their observations in blog form. Just be true to yourself. Everybody has a story they can tell to others.

When I started doing this in August, I wondered if I would stay with it. With much thanks to those who read these words, I have made it to 100 posts. And utilizing the constructive criticism I've received, I've started a second blog. And I hope to have my wife blogging in the near future. and no, it will not be called "Mrs. WIXY's gone Bananas".

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Another Byline

In this morning's(December 24) edition of the Rittman Post, on page two, is the story I wrote last Tuesday about the Rittman Bands Winter show. I do have the byline. Thanks goes to Bruce Trogdan, for not only giving me an ego boost by printing it, but most importantly helping to give credit to Ed Sims and the Rittman 7th grade and High School Bands for the hard work they put into the show.

A quick reminder: PANomonen, the Rittman High steel drum band will be having a concert at the high school on Tuesday, January 9, at 7:00pm.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Christmas Weekend

Ahh. Three days that I can sleep until I wake up. Yes I can do that on Christmas Day, as all my kids are adults now, and they value their sleep more than I.

Do I need to get some last minute gifts? Some.

Any special activities planned? Yep, Christmas Eve at the in-laws. I'm bringing the chicken, KFC, finger lickin good. As I mentioned in my other blog, they leave for Florida Tuesday. Pray they have a safe trip. Pray for my wife and her two sisters, that they don't go nuts worrying about their parents. They are traveling in tandem with another couple, Dave and Mary Alice. Both Dave and Mary Alice drive, so there will be relief drivers if needed.

Got plenty to do, presents to wrap, some places to go, alot of relaxing to do.

Have a great weekend and a blessed CHRISTMAS.

Coming next week: My first annual WIXY's Gone Bananas thank you list.

Friday, December 22, 2006

Treasure Chest Reminder

Remember, the Rittman Treasure Chest will be open until 8:00pm tonight. You can look for treasures and help out the community for an extra two hours this evening. Terri and Joni hope to see you today, as the Treasure chest will be closed Saturday, Sunday(as usual), and Monday, so they can spend the Christmas weekend with their families.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

And now, some cross promotion

As we all know, I debuted my new blog, Seek Him First, two days ago. As I am going to attempt to make that my "Christian Blog", it is now on the blog roll of Christian Bloggers. Those of you looking for my more innermost thoughts, and want to debate on a spiritual nature, check that blog out. If you may be looking for some answers, I may have links up over there in the near future that might help.

Over there I will try to be more Cliff and less 74WIXYgrad.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

From the Bleachers: Rittman Bands Winter Concert

Tonight, December 19, 2006, The Rittman Bands had their 2006 Winter concert. This show I was simply a spectator. The concert included the 7th Grade Band, the steel drum band PANomenon, and the High School Band. Conducting the bands, with his exceptional grace, as always was Ed Sims.

First up was the youngest band, our present and future stars, the 7th Grade Band. The selections played by the 7th grade was Ritmico!, Dragonfly(featuring the kazoo section), and The Tempest.

Next the High School Band began their first set of the night with the very familiar sound of Maurice Ravel's Bolero. Next was Sinfonia No. 4, by Timothy Broege. The three parts of this selection included Broadcast Memories, Romance, and On the Corner.

PANonenom was next. The steel drum band started with the Latin dance tune, Yumbambe. then it became Christmas Caribbean style, as they played, O Holy Night, and Sleigh Ride. Lastly we were treated to a taste of their upcoming concert, as PANomenon performed Steelband Paradise.

The 7th graders came back with sounds of the season, and gave us Yo Christmas Tree and jingle Bell Rock.

The High School Band was a little bit classical, and a little bit festive, as they performed A Merry Mozart Christmas. What we think was Jingle Bells(arranged by Sarah Bellum) was next. Ending the concert was an arrangement that Leroy Anderson wrote for Arthur Feidler over 50 years ago, called A Christmas Festival.

Of Note: Both the seventh graders, and the high schoolers were visited by the old flu bug and both bands had sections affected, but nonetheless put on an exceptional show.

Oh, and by the way

This is a picture of my grandchildren. Enjoy!

I now have a second blog

That's right I have a new blog, to be a companion to this one. It's called "Seek Him First" That blog will be more faith oriented than WGB. Does that mean that I will stop talking about my faith here? Not on your life. I do know that I have several people who love the Lord who stop here, so the prayer requests won't stop, nor will the news I share about my church. I will just expound about it more there.

Tonight: Rittman Band Holiday Concert

That's right! Tonight at Rittman High School there will be a concert given by the Rittman bands-7th grade through high school. I plan to be there as your WIXY's Gone Bananas correspondent. Why don't you come too? If you're in the Rittman area, come to the high school. The fun starts at 7:00pm.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

From the heart:Christmas is for families

As we all know, Christmas is coming fast, so now is a time for families to get together. It is also the time that folks, such as myself get to missing family members who have gone on. My mother passed away in 2004, my father in 2000. So it is nice to have a strong marriage and be able to spend it with the in-laws.

Making lemonade from lemons: As the regular readers of this blog know, my father-in-law suffered a stroke last month, which at the very least delayed their annual migration to Florida this year. Thanks in a large part to everyones prayers, and the God given abilities of several doctors, Eddie is doing better, and got clearance to drive this past week. Anyways, today we had a Christmas get together today that we wouldn't have had had the stroke not happened.

Today was a day to thank God for a strong family. My in-laws celebrated their 50th anniversary this past year. They are the parents to three girls who are all married to their first husbands. One of the daughters could not make it this day, but nonetheless the house was full with the extended family. Being a nice day we could also spend time in the breezeway. We realize today the blessings which are to come. I will get a third grandchild from one daughter and a new son-in-law from my other daughter next year. My nephew brought his fiance', who is a very nice, very smart young lady(they both also check this blog on occasion) and my niece came with her husband, who is a great young man and a good provider.

We had a good meal this afternoon, opened presents, and had a great time of family fellowship. After awhile, my future niece, Torri, asked my Eddie, Ella Jean, and my sister-in-law, Donna (her future mother-in-law) to sing. They sang in churches back in the seventies and eighties. They hesitated, but once they got started, the only time that they stopped was when it was time to go. We then got in a circle, joined hands, and had prayer before we all went our separate ways.

Now most of the folks who read this have strong family values, and I hope you all have some good quality family time in the next couple of weeks. Just keep it going year round.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

A googling we shall go

Special note: Rittman Treasure Chest will be closed tomorrow(Sunday) They will be opened next week Monday thru Thursday 9am to 6pm, Friday next week they will be opened till 8pm.

Now back to the subject at hand.
I was showing my wife how to set up a blog this evening, and I was telling her about my readership. I had made mention this morning that my readership was well into double figures now(and a loyal group you are!)

I was showing her some of my entries and comments. We were discussing my other self who lives in Florida, who came across my blog about a month or so ago. I figure that Cliff had googled himself and saw OMW's reference to my blog, which is the ninth reference to "Cliff Feightner". Yes, the "other Cliff" has had a more remarkable life than myself.

Now a "googling" of "WIXY's Gone Bananas" gives you seven results; six are about this blog, and the other one is about the radio station promo that this blog is named after. Now my fragile ego gets a boost.

Now if my wife would start a blog I would make sure that she would get some publicity from this corner of the blogosphere.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Sale at Rittman Treasure Chest

Today, and possibly tomorrow at the Rittman Treasure chest is a buy one get one half price sale. That's right. You can help the Rittman community and save money too. If you're in Rittman tonight till 5, or Tomorrow 9am to 6pm go to South Main St, next to the VFW hall and save money on your treasures.

Update 6:17pm-See comment section for customer testimony.

Update 2 Friday 9:45pm-Joni at the Treasure Chest tells me that the sale will continue through next week. Hours are as follows

Saturday December 16- 9:00am to 6:00pm

Monday thru Thursday-9-6
Friday, December 22-9-8:00pm

Saturday, December 23-Christmas day-Closed.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

My wish for a tribute site

This past spring saw the unveiling of a new tribute site the WHK Color Channel 14 site. Those of us on the message boards started thinking of other possibilities. One of the things on our collective wish list was a "Big 1220 WGAR site. I had noticed recently in the guest book section of the WHK tribute site that someone had airchecks to some of the "big 1220" personalities. Seeing that I spent a good portion of my early twenties listening to Lanigan in the Morning, Joe Mayer, Fig "Music" Newton, and "The Real" Bob James, I for one would get a real kick out of seeing that kind of a tribute site.

WHK Good guy Don Williams, webmaster of the WHK site, is also preparing a WHLO tribute site. I know that one is being eagerly awaited.

After all that is done maybe some of us who contribute to the Listening Party can see if "Dancin" Danny Wright can get some of his pals from the old G-98(WGCL) to put together a G-98 tribute site.

I think we all have fond memories of "our radio stations".

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

News from WIXYland

First: Good news for WKRP in Cincinnati fans. I was looking at the classic television board at and saw that the long awaited DVD set of the CBS series will be released around April. Alot of radio geeks, myself included, enjoyed the show during it's run in the late seventies, early eighties. What has kept the show from being released on DVD for so long has been rights to music played during the show. It's understood that Fox has worked out deals whenever possible, but when it's not possible some "generic" selections will be put in the original's place. I, for one, am looking foreward to the release. Had to ask for something new for my family to get me for father's day since the final season of MASH will be one of my Christmas presents.

Good guy given due credit: WTAM/1100, this week renamed their morning show on their website "Wills and Snyder" Mike Snyder(seated in the picture to the right), of course, is replacing the late Casey Coleman on the morning show. Snyder has been a part of 1100AM for the past twenty years, first WWWE and now WTAM. I remember first hearing him as he was a replacement for Pete Franklin, when "Sweet Pete" was recovering from open heart surgery in 1987. During that time, I was a frequent caller to Sportsline, and my topic always was wanting Indians manager Pat Corrales fired. I think, even after meeting him on a couple of occasions(see photo above; I'm the one wearing the Indians jacket) Mike Snyder is too nice a guy to be a regular talk show host. I'm glad that "Snites" has gotten the billing he deserves.

Lastly: I was invited to join the Christian Bloggers. What does that mean for this blog. Nothing. Very little will change, I am a Christian with a blog. I'm not necessarily writing a Christian blog. I will have a link to on my link list shortly. Their blog roll is in alphabetical order so it would take someone awhile to get to mine.

The one thing I will say is that I feel blessed that my efforts are being recognized by the right people.

Monday, December 11, 2006

My memories of a good man

I have enjoyed the postings in both the comments section of Ohio Media Watch and the Listening Party board of those who remember Jaybird Drennan. It's sad that we lost a good man, but it's been a real blessing to read about all the good he did for the broadcasting industry.

I remember back in 1974, while I was going to broadcasting school, I was working evenings mopping floors at a nursing home in Brunswick. I was your typical eighteen year old guy, not alot of respect for my elders and would say almost anything simply for shock value. I had mentioned to a nurses aide at the facility the name of an Elton John song(I have since become more respectful of others and I also realize that I have some ladies reading this and some who read this have teenage children. I will not mention the name of the song.) She asked me who wrote the song, and I told her"Bernie Taupin". She then asked me what his address was. Her next statement was that you wouldn't hear that song if you were listening to Jaybird because he would refuse to play it.

I listened to Jaybird in the early eighties when he was the morning disc jockey at WSLR/1350. Back in those days all you needed on the air was a DJ and a newsman. Jaybird was always able to entertain and inform his audience very well. He did not need a "morning zoo" to do his show. His jokes were somewhat corny, but they were clean. He made you feel like a friend. I also remember when he was voted radio personality of the year by the readers of the Beacon Journal, competition consisting of personalities from both the Akron and Cleveland Markets.

There is a personal irony in this for me. I met the 'Ole Jaybird one time only, and that was September 9, 1995. I was walking through the Wayne County Fair with my family. It was the day after the Indians clinched the Central Division for the first time and I was wearing an Indians t-shirt. Jaybird saw the shirt and asked me if I had saw the game the evening before. I answered in the affirmative, then turned around and told my kids that he was one of the finest country music disc jockeys of all time. I say that this is ironic because I got my e-mail from Sports Time Ohio and on the schedule for the week is a replay of that very game, Indians versus Baltimore Orioles September 8, 1995.

God bless you Jaybird. I will see you around the throne.

Sad news for area country radio fans

Some of my readers know that my efforts here were partly inspired from another blog called Ohio Media Watch. To those who aren't familiar with the blog click here to read the well written story of the passing of legendary country music personality Jaybird Drennan .

Only other comment I will make in this space is he will be missed. Rest in peace Jaybird.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

The ghost of Christmas past.

I have made mention on message boards that I used to work in retail sales. It was both comission(Sears, Fretter, Montgomery Ward) and non commission(Wal-Mart, K-Mart). I will tell you that from that side of the cash register, I always had more fun as non commission when feeding my family wasn't as dependant on my performance.

I was full time commission when I worked for Fretter, from 1988-1992. It was also when I was introduced to prozac. Anyway as a commission salesperson the holiday season(between the week before Thanksgiving to the week after New Years Day) was supposed to be the time that we made the majority of our years income. It's also the time when people can show how really cheap they are when it comes to buying presents for the ones they love.(You all know how to make comments on this blog, and all comments are welcome)

It's also the time when most scammers are at their worst. Credit cards and merchandise are stolen at a greater rate during this period. Of course we have all heard about the current gift card scammers. Just one more thing to worry about this year.

I was working at the Rolling Acres Fretter store in 1991 during Christmas shopping season. It was, by the way my last Christmas season as a full time commission sales person. My area of responsibility in the store was the VCR display. Another salesperson was trying to sell a big screen television to this seemingly disabled person, who was in a wheelchair. This salesman had taken a credit application to the desk to try to get approval on 90 days same as cash(cash same as cash is always best). Well the salesman came back with the bad news that he was not approved. He apologized for taking the sales professional's time and left the store. I later found one of the display VCR's missing(VCR wall was next to the big screen television display). We later figured that this seemingly disabled person had taken the VCR out of the display, put it on the seat of his wheelchair, sat on it and left the store. Store personnel later found out that this same person had been stealing from other stores in the neighborhood in the same manner.

It's a shame when we can't trust each other when we are getting ready to celebrate our saviour's birth.

Last day for raffle

Today is the last day to participate in the Raffle for Chloe. Drawing will be at 8:00pm EST tonight.
Click here for information. There are links about chloe at that blog where you can get to know her and other contact information.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

End of a busy week

First WIXYjr made it home. It was his first trip of that length by himself. When asked where he wanted to eat, his response was Milich's. As I said on the Listening Party yesterday, I feel that they are the best Barberton "chicken house". You just don't eat there too often without knowledge of a good cardiologist. My suggestion would be Dr. Roger Chaffee out of City Hospital in Akron. Good doctor, also one of my high school friends.

Next a correction. I mentioned two weeks ago that the Rittman Treasure Chest was run by the All Sports Boosters in Rittman. That was incorrect. They contribute to the all sports boosters. They have also given coats to kids in Rittman whose families couldn't afford them. If you are in Rittman and have an affection for thrift shops give them a visit. Their prices are better than Goodwill. Rittman Treasure Chest is located on South Main Street, next to the VFW hall.

Country Breakfast was this morning at the South Main Street Church of God. All went well today, and I delivered 29 breakfasts, with two going to my in-laws in Medina. The breakfast went remarkedly well when you consider that the fire department was also serving a pancake breakfast today.

And to those who leave comments, send e-mails, and tell me in person about their views about what I like and wonder why I didn't blog so much week, thank you for looking for me.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Back at the keyboard

Away from blogging the past few days as an audit at work has taken alot of my attention. To blow off steam I had made a few appearances on message boards. This will be a few odds and ends, and will be done in "pieces parts" today.

First, the audit: The worst that happened was that I was yelled at. Good audit. Definitely not worth me being "strung tighter than a violin", however. Don't have to worry again for another 13 months, Lord willing.

First "good" snow of season coming, so we will see how much we all have forgotten how to drive in it. I guess we are now paying for the indian summer/global warming or whatever you want to call it. Hopefully it will all be over by Friday, as WIXYjr is coming home from college. He's doing well, by the way. My computer at work will be busy looking at the school closings.

I am looking foreward to the next couple of weeks, as we all get ready for Christmas, our church is going caroling this weekend. Remember, it's Merry Christmas, as we celebrate the birth of our saviour, Jesus Christ.

I have the news on as I type this, and I'm hearing about the Garfield Hts. Wal-Mart having to close because of methane gas. Seems that this shopping center was built on a landfill. Well so was Cleveland Browns Stadium. Maybe that's also why the Browns stink this year.

Now some comments about the upcoming smoking ban. I smoked my last cigarette over nine years ago. My mother died from COPD, primarily from second hand smoke. Alot of my father-in-law's health problems can be associated with his tobacco habit. But I feel that "big brother" has no right telling us where we can or cannot smoke. Leave it up to the individual business owners. And if there is a smoking ban, quit using tax money garnered from the sale of tobacco products to build sports venues which you cannot smoke in. Rant off.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Saturday Night Special

I am writing this while listening to Soup du Jour on WCRF/103.3. Once again Andre Bernier has put together a very entertaining show to kick off the Christmas season. Hopefully WCRF will rebroadcast it in another week. Actually I was hoping for a podcast, but you can't have everything.

The very strange nature of the listening party has caused me to want to blog here more. At least I know who I am.

Final season of MASH is now available in the stores on DVD, has been for about a month. I will have to ask for something else for Father's Day and Christmas after this.

Several editions of The Post in Medina County, Medina, Wadsworth, Southwest Medina County, and Highland editions have a Medina county restaurant survey. When you fill them out you can receive a twenty dollar gift certificate to "a fine dining establishment in Medina, no strings attached". Check Bruce Trogdon's "Publisher's Notebook" on the editorial page for details.

It was mentioned to me in one of the forums which I post in that there should be a Rittman Board for me to use, and to be honest I wish there was. Perhaps city administrators could use this as a barometer for what they should do to improve services in town, that is if a forum could be used and moderated properly.

There is a Wayne County Forum at, which is the site for the Akron Beacon Journal. The Daily Record also has discussion forums, but one person does most of the posting and that is alot of copy and paste.

Special note

As a favor to my oldest daughter, I have added for the next several days, a new link for a special internet raffle. It is called "Raffle for Chloe". Chloe David is a very young girl who has been recently diagnosed with leukemia. Click on the link for further details.

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Time to lighten up

I had started to write a post about global warming being called off, but I deleted it in fear of offending someone.

Now I want to just post some humor I had heard on a podcast coming home from work tonight.

I hope the buck would stop here, I could use a few.

I've wondered, if all is not lost, where is it?

My prayer is that God would grant me the senility to forget the people I never liked anyway, the good fortune to run into those that I do, and the eyesight to tell the difference.

I understand why it's so hard to make a comeback when you haven't been anywhere?

I believe if God wanted me to touch my toes, he would have put them on my knees.

Have a good day everyone. All the one liners were gleaned from the Zig Ziglar Podcast

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Thoughts about an interview

This morning while I was working, I was listening to WCRF. About 7:35, Mark Zimmerman had Terry Pluto on during a segment. They talked about sports this morning, the Browns, and the Cavaliers.

The last part of the segment, Terry talked about Casey Coleman. Much has been discussed about his recovery from alcoholism and Terry wrote a column about that yesterday. Today the talk was about when they were new Christians and how they had to overcome some language problems. Accountability was also discussed. (Sometimes it's good to know that I'm not the only one that needs to watch myself.) It was a very good segment.

After looking at most of the local websites in the past couple of days, I started to wonder why, in every instance, the sites would have a picture of Casey taken in the past year. Then it occured to me; he picked up alot of fans during this time in the way he handled his condition. I noticed that in all these photos there was a sincere smile on his face. From all the stories which I heard, I'm convinced that Casey accepted what was dealt to him.

Reminds me of another story I heard about 11 years ago, when Mickey Mantle had passed on. The Mick had been as intense a drinker as he was a baseball player. Drinking had probably robbed him of several years of his baseball career. Later in life, Mickey had hit rock bottom with his drinking. He had said that he was not a role model. I believe that was out of a broken spirit, whereas Charles Barkley's quote was out of arrogance(my opinion).

Mickey had received treatment for alcoholism but later needed a liver transplant. He died months later from cancer. In his last days, his Yankee teamate, Bobby Richardson, now an evangelist, had come to visit and to witness. Mickey had professed to Bobby that he had made it right with the Lord.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Notes and such

For those of you who might be wondering, my father-in-law is doing better, and is about two weeks away from being able to drive again.

Rumor has it someone in Rittman is interested in the now defunct IGA's chicken fryer equipment. Hopefully we will see something up and running in the near future. Until then Hometown Market's chicken is a very tasty alternative. The most recurring rumor is that Save a Lot is going in that location, but I hope not, I would like to see a store with a full service deli and bakery.

Rittman Band winter concert will be December 19, and I intend to be there as the WIXY's Gone Bananas correspondent and hope to give a full report of the concert.

Hope you are having a great week.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Condolences to Coleman family

Please pray for the family of Casey Coleman. The longtime Cleveland sportscaster passed away early this morning after more than a yearlong battle to cancer. Casey is now in a better place, but his wife and daughters now must face the holiday season with this loss. Pray for them.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Back to work tidbits

First, Ohio Media Watch has a fine article today about our friends at the Sunday Oldies Jukebox.
Click here as it's worth the read.

Rittman readers, check your edition of The Post. In it is an insert for Hometown Market, with a coupon for a free loaf of Schewbels bread with a fifteen dollar purchase.

Remember that this time of year as there are those not as fortunate as the rest of us. If you can, give food, or toys, or clothing or a monetary gift to the charity of your choice, as we are celebrating the gift of God's son this season.

Finally, those of us who frequent the broadcast message boards will be interested that today's column in the Plain Dealer by Roger Brown was his last for the paper. I'm sure that one with his talent will pop up elsewhere. Say what you want, but his columns got reactions and got people to either read the paper or check it out at

Have a good productive week everybody.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Rittman Post items

I got an early copy of the Rittman edition of The Post newspaper and an article and a letter to the editor caught my eye.

First The Treasure Chest is featured on the front page. Bruce F. Griffin wrote an excellent article about the thrift shop. This should be online either Tuesday or Wednesday. Just go to , click on Rittman Edition and the article should be near the top. Some things that I failed to mention in my earlier post is the owners names which are Terri Porter and Joni Robinson. And the TRreasure Chest is located at 171 South Main Street in Rittman. It's in the old H&R materials store.

Next there was a letter to the editor concerning a friend of the community. Dan Hoover, who has been a Rittman bus driver for the past 28 years and his family was involved in a automobile accident on November 7th that caused major injuries to his family(further details are unknown). The letter, written by other Rittman bus drivers, specified that a Hoover Trust has been set up at all FirstMerit banks. I will go on to say that Dan Hoover has been a personal friend to me and my family over the years as well as a great supporter of the Rittman band as he's had two daughters participate and has driven the bus to many games and shows. If you can please help this family.

From the Mailbag

I was going through one of my e-mail accounts that I hardly use anymore, and I got a greeting from someone who shares the same name as myself(no, not 74WIXYgrad). This Cliff Feightner was brought to my attention and I was brought to his when I was a salesman at Fretter from 1988-1992. People would ask me if I had a relative who was a supervisor at Goodyear. I would tell them not to my knowledge. Then one day during December, 1990 the "other Cliff" come into the store for the express reason to meet me. At the time he was living in Cuyahoga Falls.

We later determined that we were distant relatives. Two of our common ancestors, Henry and John Feitner(the surname was later Anglicized) came to the colonies to work for George Washington as a stone mason.

We later were at the same family reunion together. His wife made a chocolate cake, which was very delicious. He later was transferred to Germany, where he spent three years, and retired to Florida.

Well, the "other Cliff" was surfing the web and found this humble blog and decided to drop me a very nice cyber note, bringing me up to date on his life.

Everybody keep the great comments coming. You can either post a comment in the comment section of this blog or if it's more of a personal note contact me at

Have a super day.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Rittman Treasure Chest, You can always find a treasure here.

I have just got back home from a little journey into town. When I say I went into town, I mean Rittman, as opposed to the big city, which is Wadsworth. My sister wanted to do some shopping. One of my mottos during the holiday shopping season is "Peace on Earth, Goodwill for values."

Anyway my travels led me to this new thrift shop called "Rittman Treasure Chest". I was told that it was called this because everybody can find a treasure here. This store is operated by members of the Rittman All Sports Boosters, from this point known as the Worlds Greatest All Sports Boosters or WGASB(tm).

The donations sold here are comparable, and in alot of cases lower, than the Goodwill across town. Proceeds go to help those who are less fortunate than others. Also the goal of the WGASB(tm), is to make it possible for anyone who wants, to be able to participate in the school sport of their choice.

Back to the Treasure Chest name. I was told while I was shopping there that someone bought a set of cups, I believe, for a dollar and resold them for over three hundred dollars on eBay.

The Treasure Chest is open Monday thru Saturday, from 9am to 6pm, closed on Sunday. It's located on S. Main St. Next to the VFW hall.

Attention Shoppers: Black Friday is here!!

Ahh. The day after Thanksgiving, and I'm on a four day weekend. And guess where I'm not today? That's right, K-Mart, Walmart, Target, or any other shopping venue.

I am a former retail worker, and I'd rather be on the side of the register where the money comes. I don't need the 50 dollar portable dvd player, or any other cheap Chinese made piece of junk that went on sale at 5:00am. What I needed at that time, and very badly, was sleep.

But right now, as a public service, WIXY's Gone Bananas will bring you these tips for an enjoyable holiday shopping season for all:

First, the image on your left designates handicapped parking. This is close to home, seeing that I had my knee replaced almost six years ago(I'm fine now). Also, I have a brother who is wheelchair bound whom my wife and I take shopping often.

The space designated with that sign is not a cart return. Just because you can't park there doesn't mean you have to prevent others from parking there. And the lined spaces next to the handicapped spots are there because some folks need a little extra space to exit their vehicles.

And while we're on the subject of parking, there were times when my children were young that we would be those all too infrequent trips to the mall. It would be a rainy day and we would be patiently waiting for someone to exit their spot, when all of a sudden someone turns the corner, all by themself, in a small car, and very able bodied and could handle walking an extra fifty feet. Well, they take the spot. Over the years that has happened to me at least a couple of times. Once I feel that I was vindicated when we walked past the car that took our spot, and I noticed that he left his lights on. Confession time. I didn't have it announced either.

Now on the subject of advertised items not being there when you get there. That is not the associates fault in the department, so remember that when you think of verbal abuse. To the associate receiving verbal abuse during the next several weeks: Remember that these folks are frustrated and they are yelling at the top name on your badge(store name) and not the bottom name(yours).

Happy shopping everyone.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving everybody

This morning as I was reading my Akron Beacon Journal, I came across this article by my favorite sports/religion columnist, Terry Pluto. He was thanking all his readers, whether they bought the paper or read it online. I enjoy Terry's columns. As a man of faith, I am convinced that he is the real deal, as I've seen him in action at personal appearances, getting chairs for folks to sit in, and paying attention to those others would not give the time of day to.

Terry Pluto also goes to the Summit County Jail to minister to the inmates on a weekly basis. One of those who helps Terry minister is a young lady named Gloria Williams. Gloria ministers in song. She also works at Sam's Club in Fairlawn, passing out samples. You only have to be talking to Gloria for a few seconds to tell that she really loves the Lord. She also remembers everybody she meets and will ask about your particular situation.

We can all be thankful for people like that.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

What a stupid place to put a mall

I had heard recently that Rolling Acres Mall wasn't originally supposed to be on Romig Road, that it was supposed to be in Barberton, on SR619. After much opposition, developers then decided to build on the present location.

If you have spent much time in that neighborhood, as I had, had to start thinking that it was kind of a stupid place to put any major shopping complex.

The first time I thought of this was when I was a part time employee at Montgomery Ward. The Store had announced their closing and that Higbees was taking over their lease. With Higbees as one anchor, and O'Neils as another, it was announced that Rolling Acres would become a higher scale, regional mall. That got myself, along with others to start thinking "huh?" This mall was between one of the poorer neighborhoods in Akron, and Barberton, a depressed community, partial thanks to Rolling Acres. there was only one major access road, Romig Rd., far enough away from two freeways, I-77, and I-76, to have different street names at their respective exits. Upon exiting I-77 you had to follow Wooster Rd., now V. Odom Blvd. to Romig Road. When you exited I-76, you turned left on State St., which became Romig Rd. after about a third of a mile.

The only other road to get to the mall was a little residential road, called Harlem, two lanes, very narrow, very crooked. What were the planners thinking?

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Supermarket Sweep

Hometown Market: Corner of State St. & Rt. 94. On the south side of Wadsworth.
First, a review: Yesterday, as promised, I went to Wadsworth Hometown Market to get some chicken to take to my in-laws. As there were 8 people there, I got the 21 piece package. For $19.99, you get 21 pieces of very tender, very juicy, very delicious fried chicken.

In comparison, Wal-Mart chicken is good if you haven't eaten in days. Wal-Mart chicken is very dry, and mass produced, as they get their chicken already breaded from a central warehouse. Hometown Market has the best chicken without having to go into Barberton. If you want cheap chicken, go to Wal-Mart. If you you want good chicken, go to Hometown Market. I receive no compensation for this endorsement.

To your upper right is a scan of the flyer placed in the Rittman edition of The Post. Comes with a coupon for a free pound of bacon with a $15.00 purchase. Also the Hometown Market circular is part of the inserts now placed in the Rittman paper. Obviously, they want the business that the IGA left behind when they gave up on Rittman.

If you are in Rittman or Wadsworth or other points close by, give the good folks at the Hometown Market a visit. The store has a deli and a bakery, and they run some pretty good specials. If you haven't yet gotten your turkey for the coming holiday, stop on by and check out their special on Honeysuckle White turkeys.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Finally, a Saturday to do some yardwork

Good news is my father-in-law is home from the hospital. He can't drive for now, so it will be up to my wife to get them around to therapy and shopping. They are blessed that their church has several concerned members. My in-laws have served the Lord and others for years, so now it's time for them to be served. I will be there later this afternoon with some Hometown Market chicken. And yes, I will review the chicken in the next couple of days. To the upper right is a picture of my in-laws, Eddie and Ella Jean Bowyer. (If you visited before this update I originally said to your left. I am enough of a man to admit when I was wrong. Furthermore there is nothing wrong with your computer, just the one I was born with.)

As I said in the title it's time to do some yardwork. Leaf pickup in Rittman is this coming Tuesday, and it's a great day to do this. And besides, I need the exercise in the worst way. Gotta get all this done. I hear there is some college football game being played today.

One final note before I pick up my rake again. I get some views from personalities on the Sunday Oldies Jukebox. Tomorrow when you are watching the Browns-Steelers game or the Nextel Cup race from Homestead, turn down the sound, click on this link and enjoy the streaming oldies from my friends in Streetsboro. There will be a permanent link in the near future. Update 10:08pm: Link is now added to list to your right.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Friday Comments

Playstation 3: This morning's Medina Gazette had an article about the long lines of people waiting at Medina stores for a chance to purchase the Playstation 3 game system. Some even paid up to 500 dollars to get a place in line. Most people weren't getting the system to play they were getting the system as an investment. I just heard on the news that systems were going on eBay for 10,000 dollars. All this for something that will be considered obsolete in a short period of time.

I had mentioned earlier this week about what may fill the now vacant space in the Rittman Shopping Center, which up until yesterday was occupied by the IGA. This morning's Wooster Daily Record had an article about the closing. One thing that was mentioned is that the same person who owns the Rittman Shopping Center, also owns the Center in Orrville where the Save-A-Lot is located. Maybe he might have an in with that particular corporation. They are looking for a grocery store to fill that location, but do not see one there before February.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Some loose ends and observations

First: My father-in-law is recovering very nicely from his stroke. Thanks for all your prayers. He will have to have some speech therapy, as he has some difficulty converting all his thoughts into words. He also couldn't remember his phone number, but then how often do we call ourselves?
Lord willing, they will be able to go to Florida in about four weeks. Keep my in-laws in your prayers, and I will continue to love on them until they're ready to go. One basic rule when it comes to care of your parents: Honor thy father and thy mother. Believe me, when they are gone(both my parents are deceased) there will be times when you will wish they were still around.

Some things never cease to amaze me. I've been watching on the news where some have been waiting for days to get a shot at buying the new Playstation 3 game system. WHY?? When I was growing up, we either made up our own games, had board games or (horrors) we went outside. Every year before school ended, my father would remove a tube from the television so we would have to go outside for entertainment. If had asked my dad for a 500 dollar game system when I was growing up, he'd would still be laughing at me from beyond. Of course 75 dollars then would probably be inflation adjusted to 500 today, but you get the point.

More on Christian radio: Ohio Media Watch reported earlier this week about Wooster's new radio station
WVMC/102.7 is a Christian Rock station, and heard mainly in Wooster proper, even though there are billboards advertising the station northeast of Smithville on SR585 and north of Orrville on SR57. Both of those locations I could get the signal scratchy at best. Of course in Rittman, those that enjoy that particular format(aimed at demo younger than me) can benefit from a K-Love repeater station in Wadsworth, located at 91.7 on your dial.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Last Day Announced for IGA

I had to go into town tonight for a loaf of bread, so I went to Family Dollar. As I passed the IGA, I noticed some new signs in the window. A closer look said that tomorrow, November 16, would be their last day of business. Good luck to all the soon to be former employees.

Going into Family Dollar, I talked to the cashier, Doris, who also worked at Conley's, which at one time occupied a portion of the space where the Family dollar sits. Doris is in her seventies, and she said that she didn't shop at IGA because they were too expensive, so she went either into Wadsworth or Norton. Doris did say that she felt sorry for the seniors that couldn't get out of town, and lost their grocery store.

The current rumors about town have said that the space would be occupied either by Aldi or Save-A-Lot. Two problems with those theories. First is every time you see a new Aldi, they've put up their own building. Second their is already a Save-A-Lot in nearby Orrville.

I know I have a few readers who live in Rittman. I also have a faithful reader, Tim Lones from Canton who is a grocery worker. Feel free to use the comment section to express your theories and opinions.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

A mixed pot

I'm writing this after I spent an hour and a half with my Father-in law at Akron General this evening. He seems to be making a pretty good recovery, as he is able to walk, and use his hands with no difficulty. He is having problems getting some of his thoughts into words. My in-laws were supposed to be leaving for Florida this weekend, but may have to postpone or cancel this year. they did remind me however that they are still expecting me to bring over fried chicken in the next couple of weeks. They even told me that I now can get the chicken at the Hometown Market in Wadsworth. I'm just hoping it's as good as the IGA. We'll see.

I was thinking today as I was walking through Tops Friendly Market in Fairlawn, how funny life can be. Let me explain. In the early eighties, Cleveland grocers were found guilty of price fixing, and had to send all homes so much in coupons as restitution to the public. The area grocers were as follows: Fazios, Stop-N-Shop, Pick-N-Pay, A&P, and Kroger. Kroger and A&P left the area, as I posted before, Kroger left as the result of a labor dispute. Fazios had financial problems, and were bought out by Stop-N-Shop. Pick-N-Pay later became Finast, and after the chain was sold, it became Tops.

And it came to pass that Giant eagle came into the area, and opened their own stores, many of which were in abandoned Kroger stores. Several years later Giant Eagle bought out the Stop-N-Shop chain.

After Tops announced that they were looking for buyers for their Northeast Ohio stores, Giant Eagle announced their intentions of buying 18 of the Tops locations. So when you think of it, the carcases of Stop-N-Shop, Fazios, and Pick-N-Pay were all devoured by the buzzard now called Giant Eagle.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Jesus, take the wheel

What I'm about to relate is a testimony of God's grace. It's also an urgent prayer request. My in-laws were coming home from their after church dinner this afternoon. My father-in-law was driving down Reimer Rd, between Bonita Rd. and Rt. 57 when he seemingly was losing control of his car. After weaving on the road and narrowly missing a mailbox, the car had come to rest in someones yard. My mother-in-law was able to flag a passing motorist down, who helped her call 9-1-1. He was taken to Akron General Hospital, where he is resting in the picu unit. It is feared that he has had a stroke.

My son-in-law went with me to get his car and take it to his house. We were amazed at the fact that the car had no damage, and the yard thet the car ended up in had not been torn up, and the car was neatly parked next to the driveway.

Next time I hear the song "Jesus Take the Wheel" it will have a new meaning to me.

Remember my in-laws, my wife and her two sisters in your prayers.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Back home with a road report.

As you can imagine, Interstate 71 was, well, wet today. As I was by myself in the WIXYmobile , I was able to listen to my mp3 player. I have podcasts that I like, but bore other people . The main one that I was listening to was Dan Miller's "I Love My Work", which is now being called "The 48 Days to the Work You Love Radio Show"A very frustrated quality inspector, such as myself, can get some ideas on how to suppliment the income, or use some of his talents to someday go in another direction, hopefully not as far from home.

I was listening to the October 1st show, which had me on as a caller in the third hour. And as an idiot, I started some nervous laughing.

Back to the trip. Mission accomplished. Adam has his new cell phone, and hopefully he won't take this one canoeing. We ate at a Chinese buffet this afternoon, and I ate too much. When you have a three hour drive ahead of you, you don't want to do that.

I saw a couple of interesting license plates on my trip home. First one ST8 WRKR. Being the radio buff, er geek, that I am, I thought that WRKR was a radio, or television station in the area, then common sense hit me. At the time, I was around Columbus, and they have plenty of State Workers. Sometimes, it's good to be by yourself, as you are less likely to make a fool of your self. Second plate was WE SK8. My question is roller or ice?

One radio note: Every time we're in the Columbus area, we like to listen to a classic country station at 95.5. Call letters are WHOK. If you like some of the older country music, give it a listen. We can get it just south of Mansfield, and it still comes in strong in Nelsonville.
The station is currently owned by CBS, so if you are reading this OMW, give me some insight of the status, as we are well aware that CBS is selling alot of their radio properties.

Busy Saturday

Hi folks,

Don't figure there will be alot of traffic here today. I have a busy day planned. First, I work the country breakfast at my church-South Main Street Church of God, 261 S. Main St. in Rittman. Breakfast served from 6:30 to 11:00.

Then I hop in the WIXYmobile and visit WIXYjr. at college. A quick over and back. Have to replace his cell phone. He took his canoeing.

Have a great day, and may God richly bless.

Cliff aka 74WIXYgrad

Friday, November 10, 2006

Some Motivation

With everything to write about this past week, I forgot to wish a happy birthday to one of the greatest motivational speakers of all time. This past Monday, November 9, Zig Ziglar turned 80 years young. He wrote a book in 1974 called "See You at the Top", one of my favorite motivational books of all time. Zig has been described as one who would go after Moby Dick in a rowboat- and take the tartar sauce with him.

My favorite Zig quote is "You can get anything you want if you help enough other people get what they want."

Zig also has a weekly podcast available at iTunes.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

A (somewhat) safe haven in the blogosphere.

I have been surfing around blogger today, reading several spins on the election, and you know what? I hope you've come here to escape that. I will make one comment and move on.

The comment: I agree with the statement made in the comments section on my last post. I hope that all the people who turned out to vote yesterday also turn out to vote in local elections, and for tax levys. You can't change things at the top if you're not willing to change at the bottom.

Media comment: Even though alot of my inspiration and influence comes from Ohio Media Watch, I try not to speak too much on radio and television, except on discussion boards. This comes from a comment I made on the listening party board at I was using the copier in the office next to mine yesterday, and the radio on in that office was tuned to WXRK/92.5. Rover's Morning Glory was on. For informational purposes, just in case you don't know what a Rover is, to your right is an illustration, and no, he's not from Rootstown. Anyway I heard him use the Lord's name in vain, not once but twice in a ten second period. I posted on the board that "even though I know the FCC allows language like this, it offends me and I wish he wouldn't use it" I went on to post that "the potty mouth is not needed." Well I was pretty much accused of "wanting to stomp a little more on the Bill of Rights."

I guess the only thing you can't say on the air anymore is that Jesus loves you.

Decent people needed: No, Rittman isn't Mayberry, but you have to have pride in a town that has laws against children under 18 smoking. You have to be glad that the high school principal went to Catholic schools, and shows it in his style of discipline, who lays down the law at freshman orientation and tells the parents if any students square off to fight they will be suspended, and if they draw blood, they will leave the school in handcuffs. We have many decent people in Rittman, and we can always use more.
One friend of this blog was talking to me this past weekend about XM and Sirius. She and her husband had just bought a car, and wanted satellite radio, due to some of the traveling they do. They didn't want Sirius, simply because they didn't want to be subjected to Howard Stern.
You don't need to be filthy to be funny. I don't think the framers of the constitution was thinking of people making off color statements in public when they wrote the first amendment.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

A Recent Election Day Memory

Two years ago I was standing outside my polling place, which was the Rittman Library. It was chilly and damp outside, and I was waiting in a line that was long for Rittman standards. A few places in front of me was one of my neighbors. I had made mention that it would be nice if we had that kind of turnout for a school levy ballot. My neighbor then stated that this was an important election. I then said they all are.

I vote all the time so I can have the right to complain.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Hometown Sad: We need dreamers

Hometown Sad; Part one

Part two; Some History of Rittman IGA

Part three; Where will we go now?

Several years ago I was being interviewed by Rittman City council, as I expressed interest in filling a vacated councilman position. I didn't get it, but then I don't think that I'm the political type. During this interview I was asked what I felt that Rittman needed to attract new businesses. I didn't know then, but now I feel that Rittman, as many towns, need people with dreams.

We have dreamers. For example, I go to church at the South Main Street Church of God. Somewhere around 1970, Wesley Ball saw a building at 261 S. Main Street that previously been used as a gas station and an electrical shop, and visioned a place of worship. His son, Pastor Jeff Ball saw the need for a new building at that site, and the congregation started worshipping there this past June.

Another dreamer is Bruce Trogdon. He and his then future wife started The Chippewa Valley Messenger, the weekly paper that would become The Post, a community paper that has 10 local editions.

Jerry Corp is still another dreamer. He is the general manager of Premier Pontiac. Premier Pontiac moved into their new building on Eastern road last year.

Look around town, you will see hundreds of results of dreams. We need fresh dreams. We need one, or several to come into town and share their dream.

Maybe someone's dream will fill the void that was created when PCA left town.

Perhaps one will see the need for a market in town to serve those who can't leave town. One that will take care of their customers, as IGA tried. One that makes excellent fried chicken(I know, selfish dream). One that makes customers return. One that utilizes the good people of Rittman. Maybe someone who looks at this blog can hope with me that perhaps some company, like F.W. Albrecht Grocery Co., can come in and make a go with an Acme Fresh Market. But then, maybe I'm the one who is dreaming.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Hometown Sad Part 3: Where will we go now?

Part one.
Part two.

In the past few years the Rittman IGA was relegated to being a glorified convenience store. You went there to get the bread or milk that you forgot when shopping in Wadsworth, Orrville, or Wooster. You would go there with ad in hand from The Post and get the sale items, and possibly some of those were loss leaders.

The meat prices were competitive and some good cuts were available there. And they had the best fried chicken in town, always a favorite for a quick take home dinner or covered dish for a church event. And the jo-jo's were the best.

Some groceries are available at several other stores in town. You can get milk, bread, prepackagd lunch meat, and other pantry items at several stores in town. Family Dollar, Dollar General, Rite Aid and Stop and Go are all in the general area of the shopping center. But you pay a price for convenience.

What are the seniors in town going to do? What will happen during the next crippling snowstorm when you can only get out so far and you need supplies for a couple of days?

Over the years, the IGA employed many Rittman High students, most of which have been good people. Others worked there to supplement the family income. One more business closes, and that much less money goes into Rittman's economy.

Next:Dreamers needed.

Hometown Sad Part 2: Some History of Rittman IGA

Part one of this series can be viewed by clicking here.
I moved to Rittman in the summer of 1983 with my wife, two year old daughter, and one child on the way. There were two grocery stores in town, Wilging's Mainway Market, and Ryan's Rittman Foodliner(IGA). Times were good for the consumer in Rittman because with two grocery stores we had competition, and competition brought lower prices. That my friends, is part of what free enterprize is about.

The building that housed the IGA was also at one time a Kroger store, but alas they built a bigger store in nearby Wadsworth, so they vacated this building and the IGA came to town to serve the Rittman community. Ryans changed suppliers for a spell and for more than a year the store was a Sparkle Market, but reverted back to IGA.

Mainway Market, who also had locations in Seville and Doylestown, closed their Rittman store in 1992, leaving the IGA as the only grocery store in Rittman. Ryans sold out to Bill Alfords and Bill LeCount, and became known as Rittman IGA.

There has always been other places to shop in nearby towns. Giant Eagle took over the Kroger location in Wadsworth(Kroger left the area due to a labor dispute). Family owned Buehler's Markets has locations in Wadsworth, Orrville, and Wooster. IGA seemed to coexist well with these stores.

Enter Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart opened their Wooster store in 1992. At the time they were only competition for places like K-Mart, Sears, Woolworths etc. In 1998 the store expanded to a supercenter, now offering groceries at a tremendous discount, due to their buying power. In 2004 WalMart opened s supercenter in Wadsworth.

How can an independent survive against the world's largest employer?

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Tale of two cities

This has nothing to do with the Charles Dickens classic.

Yesterday was a somewhat busy day with the WIXY's Gone Bananas staff and family.

After participating in a clothing exchange at the church, it's off to Medina for the annual pre holiday get together and leaf raking party at my in-laws. They're putting the finishing touches on getting ready for their now annual migration to Florida. We also had the opportunity to help their neighbor take care of his yard.

We needed some diet pop to drink, so Adam and I went to the Super K to get some. We went into town on 57, and saw this house engulfed in flames. A closer look showed firefighter training in progress.

I'm not in Medina that often, so I sometimes like to look at the changes in town, and seeing that I lived in Medina when my wife and I first got married 27+ years ago, I've seen tons of changes. My inlaws live on Sharon Copley Rd. We have seen a very large open field become a very ritzy housing development.

I also remember not having that many places to go to eat in Medina. We are driving back to my in-laws going down rt. 3, noticing a new McDonalds bein built. Now someone has got to tell Medina how to stop building restaurants.

Well now after helping get rid of leaves, and getting more than a belly full of really good food, it's back to Rittman. Yesterday was tag day for the band. I stopped by the Family Dollar to give my contribution. I noticed that the band members were doing things like opening doors for customers going into stores. They netted over 1300 dollars for their efforts. This money goes into uniform needs.

Party time again, as it's off to the FOP lodge for the band party. Brenda and LuAnn from the WGBB(tm) did food preparation, and already being full had a can of Diet Coke, and a world renown Big Chief hot dog. Had a good time talking to Brenda, LuAnn and, Ed Sims. Ed told me that he found an occasion that Hallmark didn't make a card for-Record Day(huh?) He and his wife had been married for 33-1/3 years. Happy Record Day Mrs. Sims.

The student musicians looked like they had a really good time at their party. A reward for a job very well done this season.