Wednesday, December 13, 2006

My wish for a tribute site

This past spring saw the unveiling of a new tribute site the WHK Color Channel 14 site. Those of us on the message boards started thinking of other possibilities. One of the things on our collective wish list was a "Big 1220 WGAR site. I had noticed recently in the guest book section of the WHK tribute site that someone had airchecks to some of the "big 1220" personalities. Seeing that I spent a good portion of my early twenties listening to Lanigan in the Morning, Joe Mayer, Fig "Music" Newton, and "The Real" Bob James, I for one would get a real kick out of seeing that kind of a tribute site.

WHK Good guy Don Williams, webmaster of the WHK site, is also preparing a WHLO tribute site. I know that one is being eagerly awaited.

After all that is done maybe some of us who contribute to the Listening Party can see if "Dancin" Danny Wright can get some of his pals from the old G-98(WGCL) to put together a G-98 tribute site.

I think we all have fond memories of "our radio stations".

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