Sunday, December 17, 2006

From the heart:Christmas is for families

As we all know, Christmas is coming fast, so now is a time for families to get together. It is also the time that folks, such as myself get to missing family members who have gone on. My mother passed away in 2004, my father in 2000. So it is nice to have a strong marriage and be able to spend it with the in-laws.

Making lemonade from lemons: As the regular readers of this blog know, my father-in-law suffered a stroke last month, which at the very least delayed their annual migration to Florida this year. Thanks in a large part to everyones prayers, and the God given abilities of several doctors, Eddie is doing better, and got clearance to drive this past week. Anyways, today we had a Christmas get together today that we wouldn't have had had the stroke not happened.

Today was a day to thank God for a strong family. My in-laws celebrated their 50th anniversary this past year. They are the parents to three girls who are all married to their first husbands. One of the daughters could not make it this day, but nonetheless the house was full with the extended family. Being a nice day we could also spend time in the breezeway. We realize today the blessings which are to come. I will get a third grandchild from one daughter and a new son-in-law from my other daughter next year. My nephew brought his fiance', who is a very nice, very smart young lady(they both also check this blog on occasion) and my niece came with her husband, who is a great young man and a good provider.

We had a good meal this afternoon, opened presents, and had a great time of family fellowship. After awhile, my future niece, Torri, asked my Eddie, Ella Jean, and my sister-in-law, Donna (her future mother-in-law) to sing. They sang in churches back in the seventies and eighties. They hesitated, but once they got started, the only time that they stopped was when it was time to go. We then got in a circle, joined hands, and had prayer before we all went our separate ways.

Now most of the folks who read this have strong family values, and I hope you all have some good quality family time in the next couple of weeks. Just keep it going year round.

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