Tuesday, December 19, 2006

From the Bleachers: Rittman Bands Winter Concert

Tonight, December 19, 2006, The Rittman Bands had their 2006 Winter concert. This show I was simply a spectator. The concert included the 7th Grade Band, the steel drum band PANomenon, and the High School Band. Conducting the bands, with his exceptional grace, as always was Ed Sims.

First up was the youngest band, our present and future stars, the 7th Grade Band. The selections played by the 7th grade was Ritmico!, Dragonfly(featuring the kazoo section), and The Tempest.

Next the High School Band began their first set of the night with the very familiar sound of Maurice Ravel's Bolero. Next was Sinfonia No. 4, by Timothy Broege. The three parts of this selection included Broadcast Memories, Romance, and On the Corner.

PANonenom was next. The steel drum band started with the Latin dance tune, Yumbambe. then it became Christmas Caribbean style, as they played, O Holy Night, and Sleigh Ride. Lastly we were treated to a taste of their upcoming concert, as PANomenon performed Steelband Paradise.

The 7th graders came back with sounds of the season, and gave us Yo Christmas Tree and jingle Bell Rock.

The High School Band was a little bit classical, and a little bit festive, as they performed A Merry Mozart Christmas. What we think was Jingle Bells(arranged by Sarah Bellum) was next. Ending the concert was an arrangement that Leroy Anderson wrote for Arthur Feidler over 50 years ago, called A Christmas Festival.

Of Note: Both the seventh graders, and the high schoolers were visited by the old flu bug and both bands had sections affected, but nonetheless put on an exceptional show.

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