Saturday, December 16, 2006

A googling we shall go

Special note: Rittman Treasure Chest will be closed tomorrow(Sunday) They will be opened next week Monday thru Thursday 9am to 6pm, Friday next week they will be opened till 8pm.

Now back to the subject at hand.
I was showing my wife how to set up a blog this evening, and I was telling her about my readership. I had made mention this morning that my readership was well into double figures now(and a loyal group you are!)

I was showing her some of my entries and comments. We were discussing my other self who lives in Florida, who came across my blog about a month or so ago. I figure that Cliff had googled himself and saw OMW's reference to my blog, which is the ninth reference to "Cliff Feightner". Yes, the "other Cliff" has had a more remarkable life than myself.

Now a "googling" of "WIXY's Gone Bananas" gives you seven results; six are about this blog, and the other one is about the radio station promo that this blog is named after. Now my fragile ego gets a boost.

Now if my wife would start a blog I would make sure that she would get some publicity from this corner of the blogosphere.

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