Tuesday, December 12, 2006

News from WIXYland

First: Good news for WKRP in Cincinnati fans. I was looking at the classic television board at Radio-info.com and saw that the long awaited DVD set of the CBS series will be released around April. Alot of radio geeks, myself included, enjoyed the show during it's run in the late seventies, early eighties. What has kept the show from being released on DVD for so long has been rights to music played during the show. It's understood that Fox has worked out deals whenever possible, but when it's not possible some "generic" selections will be put in the original's place. I, for one, am looking foreward to the release. Had to ask for something new for my family to get me for father's day since the final season of MASH will be one of my Christmas presents.

Good guy given due credit: WTAM/1100, this week renamed their morning show on their website "Wills and Snyder" Mike Snyder(seated in the picture to the right), of course, is replacing the late Casey Coleman on the morning show. Snyder has been a part of 1100AM for the past twenty years, first WWWE and now WTAM. I remember first hearing him as he was a replacement for Pete Franklin, when "Sweet Pete" was recovering from open heart surgery in 1987. During that time, I was a frequent caller to Sportsline, and my topic always was wanting Indians manager Pat Corrales fired. I think, even after meeting him on a couple of occasions(see photo above; I'm the one wearing the Indians jacket) Mike Snyder is too nice a guy to be a regular talk show host. I'm glad that "Snites" has gotten the billing he deserves.

Lastly: I was invited to join the Christian Bloggers. What does that mean for this blog. Nothing. Very little will change, I am a Christian with a blog. I'm not necessarily writing a Christian blog. I will have a link to Christian-Bloggers.com on my link list shortly. Their blog roll is in alphabetical order so it would take someone awhile to get to mine.

The one thing I will say is that I feel blessed that my efforts are being recognized by the right people.

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