Saturday, December 02, 2006

Saturday Night Special

I am writing this while listening to Soup du Jour on WCRF/103.3. Once again Andre Bernier has put together a very entertaining show to kick off the Christmas season. Hopefully WCRF will rebroadcast it in another week. Actually I was hoping for a podcast, but you can't have everything.

The very strange nature of the listening party has caused me to want to blog here more. At least I know who I am.

Final season of MASH is now available in the stores on DVD, has been for about a month. I will have to ask for something else for Father's Day and Christmas after this.

Several editions of The Post in Medina County, Medina, Wadsworth, Southwest Medina County, and Highland editions have a Medina county restaurant survey. When you fill them out you can receive a twenty dollar gift certificate to "a fine dining establishment in Medina, no strings attached". Check Bruce Trogdon's "Publisher's Notebook" on the editorial page for details.

It was mentioned to me in one of the forums which I post in that there should be a Rittman Board for me to use, and to be honest I wish there was. Perhaps city administrators could use this as a barometer for what they should do to improve services in town, that is if a forum could be used and moderated properly.

There is a Wayne County Forum at, which is the site for the Akron Beacon Journal. The Daily Record also has discussion forums, but one person does most of the posting and that is alot of copy and paste.

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RIPJoelRose said...

Yep, the Listening Party is pretty messed up. It is wearing on my patience (and I have a lot!). I will be using the forum name WZZP for a while. Just so you know it is me. That is if I decide to post anything in the near future.

I bought the entire collection of MASH DVD's so I could have the extras that were included with it. I sold my previous 10 seasons on I made money off of it!

Enjoying the blog!