Thursday, December 28, 2006

Maybe a change in views...

Newsnomore, you could be right. Earlier this month I commented about the no smoking law being in effect. I said to "leave it to the individual business owner". Last night I took my wife out for supper, as she was very stressed by events of the day. We went to a restaurant in Wadsworth(former Red Barn location). We walked in and were asked, "smoking or non smoking". We then noticed the distinct smell of smoke around the counter seats, which was also next to the cash register. My wife asked our server why they weren't obeying the anti smoking laws, and she replied that the owners would not comply until they absolutely had to. Well, the food was good, but having to go through the smoking section to get to our seats and having to pay in an area that had a strong smell of cigar smoke caused my wife to need a breathing treatment when we got home.

Now I don't care about the civil disobedience, BUT one of the problems with this country is that there are some who feel that they have to violate the rights of others in order to exercise theirs. Next time put on your sign "WE STILL SMOKE HERE".

I will stick up for most of my friends who smoke because they don't violate othr people's air space.

One more thing: Where's my tobacco settlement money? I lost my mother, who never smoked because of other people who smoked.


Tim Lones said...

Hello WIXY:
I think I mirror some of your experinces somewhat..My interest in radio goes back to listening to the great talk shows of the past late nights on stations like KDKA, WBZ, etc. My mother, knowing of my interest, received a multiband portable radio as a prize/premium through some tupperware type thing she was in for clothing when I was a teenager, which she gave to me..I listened to AM, FM and shortwave..A particular favorite was WOIO-1060 Canton in it's 2-way radio days..

Tim Lones said...

We lived in Southern Stark County around East Sparta just north of the Tusc, County line so I listened to WNPQ 95.9 and WBTC 1540 as they were receivable there..I developed an appreciation for live local radio though it was not always "great" radio. I was already a history buff so that translated into radio and TV history interests..(Was known as the "Walking TV Guide" because I could always tell you what was on TV..LOL)..I first got online in the late 1990's early 2000's and discovered places..message boards, etc. as an outlet for my interests..

Tim Lones said...

Radio-Info was where I first read and posted a lot about radio..I felt intimidated as you did at first..but I figure I'm a listener, I have as much right to post as any "professional"..So I just gave my opinions..What is really funny is some have accused me of being in the business,,However, If you heard me speak..On air is not possible for me..I've posted sparingly at the Listening Party Forum for Obvious reasons..Now I post somewhat more at Radio-Insight than at Radio-Info because of the "foolishness" at Radio-Info that caused the board to split up.

Tim Lones said...

I have truly appreciated folks like Newsnomore and Old Akronite/OMW for taking me seriously as a poster about something I truly care about..Broadcasting..especially local Radio/TV..I apologize for taking up four comment spaces to share my views..I appreciate you WIXY..Have a blessed New Year

Tim Lones said...

That was all supposed to go in the second blog post..

74WIXYgrad said...


I appreciate all your comments here. I will in some way direct newsnomore to look at the comments as I'm sure that he'll appreciate your kind comments also. I am also in the thinking stages about a blog entry regarding my deciding to have a blog.

I hope you and your wife had a blessed Christmas, and that 2006 is a very prosperous year. That wish is for anyone who sees this.

God bless

newsnomore said...

Tim, your knowledge of broadcast history is impressive. I always enjoy reading what you have to say. Thank you for the kind words, but you shouldn't worry about how seriously anyone takes your opinion.

Now WIXY, I see you are coming to the light.

Smoking is not a right, even though many try to make it out that way.

Someone's "right" to smoke ends when the smoke from their "right" hits my nose.

If someone eats too much, who else does to affect?

Establishments should be enforcing the law that was passed by a majority of Ohioans.

You don't run a red light just because a cop isn't there at the time.

I was talking to a bartender at a downtown bar/restaurant in the Gateway area. She said their lunch crowds are actually up. The only difference since the law was passed is that their non-event nights (at the Q) were down a bit...but she expects the regulars to come around again too.

This is not the economic hardship it was made out to be.

Oh, and by the way, that bartender was pregnent. If it weren't for the new law, she'd be taking in those noxious fumes.

It is so much more enjoyable and healthy all the way around since the new law passed.

burpsmom said...

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