Tuesday, December 26, 2006

My 100th official post-It's all thanks to you!

Special note: My in-laws will be leaving for Florida early tomorrow(Wednesday), and not today as I originally reported.

I was looking for something special for something special for number 100. Had I not deleted a couple of posts, posted some in draft that I later dumped, and included the five in my other blog, then this one would be about 110.

After about 100 posts I'm closer to be heading in some direction with my blog. I enjoy talking about my home town, and my family. And above all, I like to write about good news, something which more often than not, does not make the front page.

I'm proud of the accomplishments of all my children. All three are in their twenties, and realize life isn't going to be easy. All three are attending college. My oldest daughter and her husband both made the dean's list last semester. We're now talking about parents of two, one of which is special needs(she's deaf).

I enjoy reading comments on this blog, lets me know people care. I also like it when people stop me and tell me that they read something on my blog. I hope that I can encourage other baby boomers to put their observations in blog form. Just be true to yourself. Everybody has a story they can tell to others.

When I started doing this in August, I wondered if I would stay with it. With much thanks to those who read these words, I have made it to 100 posts. And utilizing the constructive criticism I've received, I've started a second blog. And I hope to have my wife blogging in the near future. and no, it will not be called "Mrs. WIXY's gone Bananas".

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