Saturday, December 09, 2006

End of a busy week

First WIXYjr made it home. It was his first trip of that length by himself. When asked where he wanted to eat, his response was Milich's. As I said on the Listening Party yesterday, I feel that they are the best Barberton "chicken house". You just don't eat there too often without knowledge of a good cardiologist. My suggestion would be Dr. Roger Chaffee out of City Hospital in Akron. Good doctor, also one of my high school friends.

Next a correction. I mentioned two weeks ago that the Rittman Treasure Chest was run by the All Sports Boosters in Rittman. That was incorrect. They contribute to the all sports boosters. They have also given coats to kids in Rittman whose families couldn't afford them. If you are in Rittman and have an affection for thrift shops give them a visit. Their prices are better than Goodwill. Rittman Treasure Chest is located on South Main Street, next to the VFW hall.

Country Breakfast was this morning at the South Main Street Church of God. All went well today, and I delivered 29 breakfasts, with two going to my in-laws in Medina. The breakfast went remarkedly well when you consider that the fire department was also serving a pancake breakfast today.

And to those who leave comments, send e-mails, and tell me in person about their views about what I like and wonder why I didn't blog so much week, thank you for looking for me.

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