Tuesday, December 26, 2006

1st Annual "WIXY's Gone Bananas" thank you list

We are now at years end, and everywhere you look there are lists to end the year. This morning's Akron Beacon Journal had the "Bobbys" awarded by columnist Bob Dyer, who, in my opinion, had
the last good column on happenings of radio in the area. I also sold him two televisions when I worked at Fretter.

I could give out "Golden Bananas", but I feel that's waaaay too hokey.

So I'm just going to shoot from the heart and give out my thank you list. List is in no particular order, as all the people on the list are important.

First, I will start at the message boards that I participated in; Cleveland.com Listening Party and television boards, Radio-info.com, and radioinsight.com.

OMW/Old Akronite-Thanks for on board support, off board info, and the mention on your Mighty Blog of Fun(tm). Also thank you for watching my back on the religion board at radio-info.

BoredOp0930-Danny, you were the first buddy I made on the boards, and we spent hours chatting the phone. Hopefully I will get up there with that pizza, so you can show me around, and we can shoot the breeze.

Lynnpuskas-Lynn, you put up with alot, and also dished out alot, and sometimes posted before me in the morning. Thanks for your kind comments.

JimOhio123- Jim, you reminded us all what the definition of the word fan, as in "fanatic", is.

newsnomore- Thanks for showing me a very human side of one who has made it in a very competitive business.

Danny Wright- Thanks for showing how not to give up.

Johnny Morgan- Thanks for showing how to have a good time, and for sometimes adding some reason to discussion.

RIPJoelRose/WZZP-As one whom I once saw as a threat on the board, you've become one of the best supporters of this blog, and a good friend through e-mail. Thanks for your comments and support.

Tim Lones- Thanks for your comments, your knowledge of classic television, and your love for media. you give us "radio geeks" a good name. I hope you get a BBN station in the Canton area.

And to the others I've not mentioned, Nate81, VODood, MisterFact, and others(I will probably do an update later) a heartfelt thank you!

Now on to the personal friends and family who have checked this blog out.

Brenda of the WGBB(tm)-You and the rest of the band boosters have a way of making me feel like a million bucks in the fall, during football season. And telling me that this blog is one of the first things you look at in the morning makes me work harder at my efforts.

Mary Ann: Benefits coordinator at my work, your mention of checking my blog reminds me of what my mother would have done had I been blogging whan she was alive.

"The Other" Cliff Feightner- You are absolutely correct, we are both blessed.

My daughter, Martha aka, WIXYette jr. the 1st. You juggle two children(with a third on the way), a home, and college and still make the dean's list. And you still have time to check the old man's ramblings.

My other daughter, Sylva- thanks for being the official WIXY's Gone Bananas photographer.

My son Adam, also known as WIXYjr.-Thanks for hanging in there, and giving me plenty to write about.

Most importantly, my wife Kathy, who keeps it all together, including helping to take care of my handicapped brother and sister.

I also want to thank Bruce Trogdan and the staff at the Post Newspapers for publishing two of my posts.


Anonymous said...


Thank you for the mention.
In '07 I'll try to be in touch more often.

If you make the trip up to Elyria, I'LL buy the pizza!!

newsnomore said...

Emmy Shemmy...I'll take a Golden Banana any day!

Cliff, I hope you had a nice Christmas and best of everything in 2007.

Mike Dane said...

Boy I feel unloved now. LOL
Just kidding Cliff.
Bill told me you called Sunday,
unfortunately he told me AFTER
you'd already hung up.
Oh well.
My best to the whole Wixy family
and wishes for a happy and wonderful
New Year.

Mike Dane