Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Back at the keyboard

Away from blogging the past few days as an audit at work has taken alot of my attention. To blow off steam I had made a few appearances on message boards. This will be a few odds and ends, and will be done in "pieces parts" today.

First, the audit: The worst that happened was that I was yelled at. Good audit. Definitely not worth me being "strung tighter than a violin", however. Don't have to worry again for another 13 months, Lord willing.

First "good" snow of season coming, so we will see how much we all have forgotten how to drive in it. I guess we are now paying for the indian summer/global warming or whatever you want to call it. Hopefully it will all be over by Friday, as WIXYjr is coming home from college. He's doing well, by the way. My computer at work will be busy looking at the school closings.

I am looking foreward to the next couple of weeks, as we all get ready for Christmas, our church is going caroling this weekend. Remember, it's Merry Christmas, as we celebrate the birth of our saviour, Jesus Christ.

I have the news on as I type this, and I'm hearing about the Garfield Hts. Wal-Mart having to close because of methane gas. Seems that this shopping center was built on a landfill. Well so was Cleveland Browns Stadium. Maybe that's also why the Browns stink this year.

Now some comments about the upcoming smoking ban. I smoked my last cigarette over nine years ago. My mother died from COPD, primarily from second hand smoke. Alot of my father-in-law's health problems can be associated with his tobacco habit. But I feel that "big brother" has no right telling us where we can or cannot smoke. Leave it up to the individual business owners. And if there is a smoking ban, quit using tax money garnered from the sale of tobacco products to build sports venues which you cannot smoke in. Rant off.


newsnomore said...

WIXY...I LOL at your landfill comment.

Gee, Channel 8 was also built on the landfill!

As for the smoking...have to disagree. A person's right to smoke ends when that smoke hits my nose.

I am elated this law passed.

Anonymous said...

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