Tuesday, November 14, 2006

A mixed pot

I'm writing this after I spent an hour and a half with my Father-in law at Akron General this evening. He seems to be making a pretty good recovery, as he is able to walk, and use his hands with no difficulty. He is having problems getting some of his thoughts into words. My in-laws were supposed to be leaving for Florida this weekend, but may have to postpone or cancel this year. they did remind me however that they are still expecting me to bring over fried chicken in the next couple of weeks. They even told me that I now can get the chicken at the Hometown Market in Wadsworth. I'm just hoping it's as good as the IGA. We'll see.

I was thinking today as I was walking through Tops Friendly Market in Fairlawn, how funny life can be. Let me explain. In the early eighties, Cleveland grocers were found guilty of price fixing, and had to send all homes so much in coupons as restitution to the public. The area grocers were as follows: Fazios, Stop-N-Shop, Pick-N-Pay, A&P, and Kroger. Kroger and A&P left the area, as I posted before, Kroger left as the result of a labor dispute. Fazios had financial problems, and were bought out by Stop-N-Shop. Pick-N-Pay later became Finast, and after the chain was sold, it became Tops.

And it came to pass that Giant eagle came into the area, and opened their own stores, many of which were in abandoned Kroger stores. Several years later Giant Eagle bought out the Stop-N-Shop chain.

After Tops announced that they were looking for buyers for their Northeast Ohio stores, Giant Eagle announced their intentions of buying 18 of the Tops locations. So when you think of it, the carcases of Stop-N-Shop, Fazios, and Pick-N-Pay were all devoured by the buzzard now called Giant Eagle.


Mike Dane said...

I'm glad to hear your dad is doing
better. I hope he's up and around
soon. My prayers are with you all.

Mike Dane

74WIXYgrad said...

Thanks Mike. I told my wife that worst case scenerio is that her folks will have to buy some warmer clothes if they have to stay. Added benefit is that they might be in town when their third great-grandchild is born, due in February.

Thank you for your prayers. Next time I'm playing around with my settings, I will have to put the Sunday Oldies Jukebox on my links. Keep up the good work.