Sunday, November 05, 2006

Tale of two cities

This has nothing to do with the Charles Dickens classic.

Yesterday was a somewhat busy day with the WIXY's Gone Bananas staff and family.

After participating in a clothing exchange at the church, it's off to Medina for the annual pre holiday get together and leaf raking party at my in-laws. They're putting the finishing touches on getting ready for their now annual migration to Florida. We also had the opportunity to help their neighbor take care of his yard.

We needed some diet pop to drink, so Adam and I went to the Super K to get some. We went into town on 57, and saw this house engulfed in flames. A closer look showed firefighter training in progress.

I'm not in Medina that often, so I sometimes like to look at the changes in town, and seeing that I lived in Medina when my wife and I first got married 27+ years ago, I've seen tons of changes. My inlaws live on Sharon Copley Rd. We have seen a very large open field become a very ritzy housing development.

I also remember not having that many places to go to eat in Medina. We are driving back to my in-laws going down rt. 3, noticing a new McDonalds bein built. Now someone has got to tell Medina how to stop building restaurants.

Well now after helping get rid of leaves, and getting more than a belly full of really good food, it's back to Rittman. Yesterday was tag day for the band. I stopped by the Family Dollar to give my contribution. I noticed that the band members were doing things like opening doors for customers going into stores. They netted over 1300 dollars for their efforts. This money goes into uniform needs.

Party time again, as it's off to the FOP lodge for the band party. Brenda and LuAnn from the WGBB(tm) did food preparation, and already being full had a can of Diet Coke, and a world renown Big Chief hot dog. Had a good time talking to Brenda, LuAnn and, Ed Sims. Ed told me that he found an occasion that Hallmark didn't make a card for-Record Day(huh?) He and his wife had been married for 33-1/3 years. Happy Record Day Mrs. Sims.

The student musicians looked like they had a really good time at their party. A reward for a job very well done this season.

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