Thursday, November 16, 2006

Some loose ends and observations

First: My father-in-law is recovering very nicely from his stroke. Thanks for all your prayers. He will have to have some speech therapy, as he has some difficulty converting all his thoughts into words. He also couldn't remember his phone number, but then how often do we call ourselves?
Lord willing, they will be able to go to Florida in about four weeks. Keep my in-laws in your prayers, and I will continue to love on them until they're ready to go. One basic rule when it comes to care of your parents: Honor thy father and thy mother. Believe me, when they are gone(both my parents are deceased) there will be times when you will wish they were still around.

Some things never cease to amaze me. I've been watching on the news where some have been waiting for days to get a shot at buying the new Playstation 3 game system. WHY?? When I was growing up, we either made up our own games, had board games or (horrors) we went outside. Every year before school ended, my father would remove a tube from the television so we would have to go outside for entertainment. If had asked my dad for a 500 dollar game system when I was growing up, he'd would still be laughing at me from beyond. Of course 75 dollars then would probably be inflation adjusted to 500 today, but you get the point.

More on Christian radio: Ohio Media Watch reported earlier this week about Wooster's new radio station
WVMC/102.7 is a Christian Rock station, and heard mainly in Wooster proper, even though there are billboards advertising the station northeast of Smithville on SR585 and north of Orrville on SR57. Both of those locations I could get the signal scratchy at best. Of course in Rittman, those that enjoy that particular format(aimed at demo younger than me) can benefit from a K-Love repeater station in Wadsworth, located at 91.7 on your dial.


Tim Lones said...

I am the ultimate "late-comer" to some new technology..I bought one of the last "New" Sega Genesis systems for $29.00 just as they were going out of style..A couple years later I bought a USED Playstation (original) for around $50.00..That was probably at least 5 years ago..I May think about getting PS2 soon as I think they play PS 1 games..I wait till the games are a year or 2 old then get them at a discount..Can't see going all out for graphics, etc..for $500.00 or more when cheaper systems do the job for me..

Anonymous said...

I am surprised you can get the 91.7 Wadsworth K-Love translator in Rittman... it starts getting fuzzy for me on the southside of the town, and the tower is located north of I-76.

Your response on R-I about our area having sufficient Christian formats is probably true... I just keep hoping that stations would consider more rock oriented Christian music along the veins of a RadioU in Columbus, but then again it is probably hard to sell that format.

I will add your blog to my favorites, next to OMW.

God bless,

74WIXYgrad said...

After I read CollegeDJ's comments I was listening to the tuner of my mp3
player while inside my house, listening to 91.7/K-Love. There was a little bit of static on that but I remember my daughter getting it loud and clear on her boom box. She hasn't listened to it alot since the fish signed on in 2001. By the way to give some perspective, I live about 1000 feet south of Chippewa Creek.

wixy jrette the 1st said...

(Yes, I'm chiming in very late here, sorry Dad...I've been busy)

On video games:

Once upon a time, my hubby and I were semi-serious gamer. Life has taken over from fantasy but we are considering a Wii next summer since it comes loaded with all the NES, SNES and N64 titles. Is it sad that I look foward to playing final fantasy, mario brothers and the other old classics with a wand?We'll wait until demand is down and the price drops (although, it is MUCH cheaper than a PS3)

As far as the PS goes, As far as
I know, all PS1 games play on a PS2. A PS3 plays most PS1 and PS2 games but at last count, 250 titles had issues. Most of these were obscure titles though. The only way I would go back to the PS gaming systems is if they re-released some great but extremely hard to find games.