Friday, November 24, 2006

Attention Shoppers: Black Friday is here!!

Ahh. The day after Thanksgiving, and I'm on a four day weekend. And guess where I'm not today? That's right, K-Mart, Walmart, Target, or any other shopping venue.

I am a former retail worker, and I'd rather be on the side of the register where the money comes. I don't need the 50 dollar portable dvd player, or any other cheap Chinese made piece of junk that went on sale at 5:00am. What I needed at that time, and very badly, was sleep.

But right now, as a public service, WIXY's Gone Bananas will bring you these tips for an enjoyable holiday shopping season for all:

First, the image on your left designates handicapped parking. This is close to home, seeing that I had my knee replaced almost six years ago(I'm fine now). Also, I have a brother who is wheelchair bound whom my wife and I take shopping often.

The space designated with that sign is not a cart return. Just because you can't park there doesn't mean you have to prevent others from parking there. And the lined spaces next to the handicapped spots are there because some folks need a little extra space to exit their vehicles.

And while we're on the subject of parking, there were times when my children were young that we would be those all too infrequent trips to the mall. It would be a rainy day and we would be patiently waiting for someone to exit their spot, when all of a sudden someone turns the corner, all by themself, in a small car, and very able bodied and could handle walking an extra fifty feet. Well, they take the spot. Over the years that has happened to me at least a couple of times. Once I feel that I was vindicated when we walked past the car that took our spot, and I noticed that he left his lights on. Confession time. I didn't have it announced either.

Now on the subject of advertised items not being there when you get there. That is not the associates fault in the department, so remember that when you think of verbal abuse. To the associate receiving verbal abuse during the next several weeks: Remember that these folks are frustrated and they are yelling at the top name on your badge(store name) and not the bottom name(yours).

Happy shopping everyone.

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