Sunday, November 05, 2006

Hometown Sad Part 3: Where will we go now?

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In the past few years the Rittman IGA was relegated to being a glorified convenience store. You went there to get the bread or milk that you forgot when shopping in Wadsworth, Orrville, or Wooster. You would go there with ad in hand from The Post and get the sale items, and possibly some of those were loss leaders.

The meat prices were competitive and some good cuts were available there. And they had the best fried chicken in town, always a favorite for a quick take home dinner or covered dish for a church event. And the jo-jo's were the best.

Some groceries are available at several other stores in town. You can get milk, bread, prepackagd lunch meat, and other pantry items at several stores in town. Family Dollar, Dollar General, Rite Aid and Stop and Go are all in the general area of the shopping center. But you pay a price for convenience.

What are the seniors in town going to do? What will happen during the next crippling snowstorm when you can only get out so far and you need supplies for a couple of days?

Over the years, the IGA employed many Rittman High students, most of which have been good people. Others worked there to supplement the family income. One more business closes, and that much less money goes into Rittman's economy.

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