Saturday, November 18, 2006

Finally, a Saturday to do some yardwork

Good news is my father-in-law is home from the hospital. He can't drive for now, so it will be up to my wife to get them around to therapy and shopping. They are blessed that their church has several concerned members. My in-laws have served the Lord and others for years, so now it's time for them to be served. I will be there later this afternoon with some Hometown Market chicken. And yes, I will review the chicken in the next couple of days. To the upper right is a picture of my in-laws, Eddie and Ella Jean Bowyer. (If you visited before this update I originally said to your left. I am enough of a man to admit when I was wrong. Furthermore there is nothing wrong with your computer, just the one I was born with.)

As I said in the title it's time to do some yardwork. Leaf pickup in Rittman is this coming Tuesday, and it's a great day to do this. And besides, I need the exercise in the worst way. Gotta get all this done. I hear there is some college football game being played today.

One final note before I pick up my rake again. I get some views from personalities on the Sunday Oldies Jukebox. Tomorrow when you are watching the Browns-Steelers game or the Nextel Cup race from Homestead, turn down the sound, click on this link and enjoy the streaming oldies from my friends in Streetsboro. There will be a permanent link in the near future. Update 10:08pm: Link is now added to list to your right.


Mike Dane said...

I'm glad to hear that your dad
is home and doing better. Please
tell him hello for me and that he
is in our thoughts and prayers.

Mike Dane

74WIXYgrad said...

We were over there tonight, with chicken of course,watching the Ohio State game. Eddie was in all his glory with some good fried chicken, an Ohio State win and playing with his great grandchildren. Plans had to change, but I hope that we can give them a good Christmas up here.