Sunday, November 12, 2006

Jesus, take the wheel

What I'm about to relate is a testimony of God's grace. It's also an urgent prayer request. My in-laws were coming home from their after church dinner this afternoon. My father-in-law was driving down Reimer Rd, between Bonita Rd. and Rt. 57 when he seemingly was losing control of his car. After weaving on the road and narrowly missing a mailbox, the car had come to rest in someones yard. My mother-in-law was able to flag a passing motorist down, who helped her call 9-1-1. He was taken to Akron General Hospital, where he is resting in the picu unit. It is feared that he has had a stroke.

My son-in-law went with me to get his car and take it to his house. We were amazed at the fact that the car had no damage, and the yard thet the car ended up in had not been torn up, and the car was neatly parked next to the driveway.

Next time I hear the song "Jesus Take the Wheel" it will have a new meaning to me.

Remember my in-laws, my wife and her two sisters in your prayers.


Anonymous said...

wixy-tonite for the first time i heard the entire song 0n 104.9the river on fof sponsored martha hadley. carrie was bashed for writing a "sappy song" but the reality is that we all need to let "Jesus Take The Wheel". When we are in conrol, in GOD's eyes , we are out of contol. Carrie wrote very beautifully about that need to surrender our wills to GOD. I will be praying for you and your family

74WIXYgrad said...

David-Thanks. My father in law is doing better, Thanks for your prayers.

Oh...and Go Red Riders.