Thursday, November 02, 2006

Better than I deserve

From Financial Peace Plaza, It's the Dave Ramsey Show, where debt is dumb, cash is king and the paid off home mortgage has replaced the BMW, as the status symbol of chioce.

Like many folks, I miss listening to Dave Ramsey live on the radio. I have listened to his show a couple of times on the live stream, but since I get home from work about 4:30 at the earliest, that is not an option. When I heard that he was leaving the airwaves at the local Salem station, WHKW, I downloaded itunes onto my home computer and the Dave Ramsey show was the first free podcast I subscribed to.

I wasn't the only one to subscribe to this podcast, as this show is the most popular download under the business catagory. I have burned several cd's of this program and it's played alot in three offices at the shop. Now with my new mp3 player, I 've been able to carry the show in my pocket. I've once heard that you have to read something six times to get the full educational value out of it, and with modern technology, you can hear his show all you want, be it once, or dozens of times.

Dave is very entertaining. I enjoy hearing him giving people his sage advice on how to get out of debt. I would love to call him some day and scream, "I'm debt free!" I think people need to hear his very simple advice.

As everybody that reads this blog is well aware, I live in Rittman, population 6300. The sad statistic about this town is that we have four payday loan places. Whats wrong with that picture? What we need here(put the name of your town here) is people to" live like nobody else, so later you can live like nobody else." We need several places to host Financial Peace University, Dave's 13 week course, teaching you to be responsible with your money.

I also need more people to recognize when I say that " I'm better that I deserve" that I ripped that off from the Dave Ramsey show.

For any information on the Dave Ramsey Show or Financial Peace University, click here.

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RIPJoelRose said...

I miss DR as well. He came on just as I was coming out of work driving down the Big 83. DR has many thoughtful moments on the air.


I would love to see him face off with Triv. Wash his mouth out with soap! And that CliffClavin too!