Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Last Day Announced for IGA

I had to go into town tonight for a loaf of bread, so I went to Family Dollar. As I passed the IGA, I noticed some new signs in the window. A closer look said that tomorrow, November 16, would be their last day of business. Good luck to all the soon to be former employees.

Going into Family Dollar, I talked to the cashier, Doris, who also worked at Conley's, which at one time occupied a portion of the space where the Family dollar sits. Doris is in her seventies, and she said that she didn't shop at IGA because they were too expensive, so she went either into Wadsworth or Norton. Doris did say that she felt sorry for the seniors that couldn't get out of town, and lost their grocery store.

The current rumors about town have said that the space would be occupied either by Aldi or Save-A-Lot. Two problems with those theories. First is every time you see a new Aldi, they've put up their own building. Second their is already a Save-A-Lot in nearby Orrville.

I know I have a few readers who live in Rittman. I also have a faithful reader, Tim Lones from Canton who is a grocery worker. Feel free to use the comment section to express your theories and opinions.


Tim Lones said...

I know virtually nothing about Rittman or the Wayne County area..but Save a Lot has 5 stores within the immediate Canton/Massillon area..based on my zipcode (44710) on the Save-A-Lot Website all 5 stores are within 6 miles of my house..So A Rittman Save-A-Lot with one in Orrville might not be a stretch..

As far as My situation at Fishers' I'm hanging in..was never full-time officially but They've had lay-offs recently..They've cut back my hours to where my wife is no longer on my insurance..I've heard store closing rumors (one store or another) but I try not to pay attention to them..I've been told by my union that My job should be safe because of seniority but I can't be sure..It's gotten a little better the last couple weeks because of the holidays..My wife lost her job in June and the unemployment is about to run out....Sorry about the post length..I would appreciate your thoughts and prayers..God Bless


74WIXYgrad said...


Thanks for your comment. You have my prayers. Something you might want to check out for yourself and your wife is a book that I've mentioned on my blog called "48 Days to the Work You Love" by Dan Miller. he also has a radio program from Nashville, airing on Sunday night from 7:00- 10:00pm est called "48 Days to the Work You Love". You can go to his website and listen to the archives, or download the podcast from iTunes. You seem to be very resourceful and maybe you can find a way to turn your love for radio and television into a living.