Saturday, November 11, 2006

Back home with a road report.

As you can imagine, Interstate 71 was, well, wet today. As I was by myself in the WIXYmobile , I was able to listen to my mp3 player. I have podcasts that I like, but bore other people . The main one that I was listening to was Dan Miller's "I Love My Work", which is now being called "The 48 Days to the Work You Love Radio Show"A very frustrated quality inspector, such as myself, can get some ideas on how to suppliment the income, or use some of his talents to someday go in another direction, hopefully not as far from home.

I was listening to the October 1st show, which had me on as a caller in the third hour. And as an idiot, I started some nervous laughing.

Back to the trip. Mission accomplished. Adam has his new cell phone, and hopefully he won't take this one canoeing. We ate at a Chinese buffet this afternoon, and I ate too much. When you have a three hour drive ahead of you, you don't want to do that.

I saw a couple of interesting license plates on my trip home. First one ST8 WRKR. Being the radio buff, er geek, that I am, I thought that WRKR was a radio, or television station in the area, then common sense hit me. At the time, I was around Columbus, and they have plenty of State Workers. Sometimes, it's good to be by yourself, as you are less likely to make a fool of your self. Second plate was WE SK8. My question is roller or ice?

One radio note: Every time we're in the Columbus area, we like to listen to a classic country station at 95.5. Call letters are WHOK. If you like some of the older country music, give it a listen. We can get it just south of Mansfield, and it still comes in strong in Nelsonville.
The station is currently owned by CBS, so if you are reading this OMW, give me some insight of the status, as we are well aware that CBS is selling alot of their radio properties.

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