Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Special Announcement

As I was checking to see what all my blogging friends were up to yesterday, I stopped at Kathy's Klavier. At the top of her sidebar she always puts where her son's band, A Plea For Purging, will be playing. APFP is a Christian metal band, and her son is the drummer for them. After noticing that they would be in my area, I checked out their MySpace page, and saw that they will be in Cleveland, at the Pirates Cove on Wednesday June 18. I mapped out where the Cove was in relation to where I work and saw it was 2.4 miles.

I then sent Kathy an email, with my regrets that I couldn't go see them tomorrow since the concert would end way past my bedtime. I get up at 3:00am, so going to a concert 45+ miles away from home was out of the question. She expressed her appreciation that I would check this out. Since I do like to help out my blogging friends whenever possible, I will tell you that the show time is 6:00 tomorrow evening June 18.

Pirates Cove
2083-1/2 E. 21st St.
Cleveland, Ohio 44115

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Kathy said...

Hey Cliff! Thanks for the plug! I would also ask that you pray for these guys. I talked to my son last night and he said they are trying to grow closer to the Lord and to each other, and are trying to learn to glorify God in their actions. I know it's hard for them because they are closed up in a van on the road so many hours a day so you know the potential for tempers to flare and other problems to arise is great. Thanks!