Friday, June 20, 2008

Stadium name change proposed

As I was getting ready for work this morning, I had my television on ESPNnews. I kept looking at the "ticker" at the bottom of the screen while it was showing the scores. I noticed that my beloved Cleveland Indians had lost to Colorado 6-3.

As most know, the name of the facility the Tribe plays in was changed this year. The park formerly known as Jacobs Field is now known as Progressive Field, as the insurance company bought the naming rights.

This year the Indians season, so far, is putrid. Several players are now on the disabled list. Shows you what happens when an insurance company buys naming rights. It has also starting to rip the hearts out of the fans who watched as the team came within one game of playing in the World Series last season.

I want to propose another change for the venue which hosts the Indians home games. We should start calling it Regressive Field.


struke said...

Excellent idea renaming the park!

On an unrelated and funny note, the first time I heard the song on your jukebox here by Blake Shelton, I was shocked thinking he kept saying, "Some bitch." I thought there would be no way you would put a song on here with the word "bitch" in it.

Pat Jenkins said...

doesn't matter what you call the park, you are right wixy we STINK.... all i can say is "wait till next year".... yours truly travis hafner