Friday, January 11, 2008

The Lady and the Lottery Ticket

In my last post Wednesday, I mentioned the name Alicia Battle. She was the one trying to scam the Ohio Lottery Commission out of 162 million(probably more like 95 million before taxes.)

Last drawing of 2004 found Ohio with it's first Mega Millions winner. The ticket was sold in South Euclid at a convenience store. The winner of this ticket did not come forward for about a week.

Enter Alicia Battle. She had claimed that she had bought the winning ticket, but lost it in the parking lot of the convenience store. After the news of this broke, people came to this store in groves looking for this missing ticket, searching every square inch of the parking lot.

The next day, the actual holder of this ticket came forward. Ms. Battle then threatened to sue this lady and the Ohio Lottery Commission, saying that she was the owner of this ticket. She told the media that she picked out the numbers by dates, ages etc. The next day, Alicia recanted, saying that she wanted the money real bad and that she wanted to help so many people, such as the police.

Shortly following this, WTAM/1100 afternoon drive (lack of) personality, Mike Trivisonno, stated that he admired what Ms. Battle did in order to try to get this money, and if he had a million dollars, he would get naked and roll around in it. Believe me, the image of this is almost enough to make you give up money. He also had her in studio and told her how much he admired her efforts. Of course Triv says that people don't have gambling problems they have losing problems.

So there you have it. Get rich the old fashioned way-by deceit.

P.S. Dave Ramsey says that the lottery is a tax on the poor and those who can't do math.


wzzp said...

My grandparents always said the lottery was a tax on the poor and the ignorant. They always told me I would be better giving my dollar to a more worthy cause that could benefit another.

"Advice your grandmother would give, but we keep our teeth in"

Amias said...

Blessing comes in many forms ... I think the lottery is one, especially when it shared after a win --- However I am reminder that the dreaded Mafia use to run the lottery until our Government took it away.

As for the two blind mouse, well --- there's nothing I can say about them, because they show who they are very well --- I would offer them a coat because their nakedness is showing.

bizdecision said...

Cleveland is so unfortunate to have Mike Trivisonno on in drive time. Thank God other stations like WKNR have regular traffic updates. I will check WTAM at the top or bottom of the hour when I know the news will be on and once the news is over, I change the station.

Amel's Realm said...

Oh dear...the things some people would do for money! Wow!!!