Sunday, January 13, 2008

Thinking Blogger Award-Thank you Bella

Bella-Nurse, mother, wife, and the brains behind "It is What it Is", as well as the recipient of a coveted Top Banana in the category of Southern Cuisine- Has given me the Thinking Blogger award. Here is what Bella has to say in awarding me this honor:
"Wixy's Gone Bananas. This guy is great. Very kind and caring. Not only that, he has given me two blogging awards!"

Now this is a real honor to be given an award for being kind and caring and for putting some thought behind my words. I feel that a blogger who interacts with others (not all blogs are set up that way) is also one who understands others. All those on my list do understand each other and will drop a line when someone is down.

What I want to do now is nominate some of my fellow bloggers and also set up a challenge. I want to challenge those nominated to state why they are passing on the award to their intended recipient. So without further adieu...

Frasypoo-This and That: We get to understand what life is like for one getting used to this culture. Frasypoo is also very thrifty and passes ideas along when she finds one.

Struke-Media Matters: Struke is someone who wanted to make a career out of radio and television. He decided to take the high road, get a degree in education and teach high school students modern media techniques. He is one of high moral value and would like to see the standards of media go in an upward direction.

Amias- Liquid Plastic: Amias always challenges me to think when I read her work. I feel like I am attending American Lit when I read her latest posts. She and Struke have struck up a very good online rapport this past week.

Diamond-A Day In The Zone: Diamond is one fighting a battle many of us are fighting and that's trying to lose weight. She is using the resources of the World Wide Web to bring this information together and pass it along to those of us who are interested, for whatever reason we have, to lose pounds.

Sindi-Life is a Roller Coaster: Sindi is one who, when she senses I may be down, will send me an email in an attempt to lift my spirits. She is a good friend to others and will not use her blog to grind an axe. Also today she has blogged her 100th post. Go over and give her a hand.

Congratulations to all.


Sindi said...

That was so sweet of you to say such nice things. I almost cried. It is true that I will not use my blog to grind any axes but to be truthful I don't have any axes to grind. Maybe if I grind my teeth hard enough I can come up with something, HE HE HE HE :)

Frasypoo said...

Thanks Cliff!!!
I am extremely thrifty and the I ruin my reputation my buying an ill needed ipod !!!
I think its time for an India post too!!!

struke said...

WIXI...I am honored by your mention. Trying to do the right thing isn't so easy in today's world. Trying to change the standards and morals in media start with the individual. If the individual doesn't have it, then the problem starts/ends there.

Amias said...

Cliff you are good company, thank you. I have to give the compliment right back at ya, as your interaction always give me pause --and thus allow me to look at all sides of any position, no matter who is presenting it.

As for Struke, I like what he is trying to impart to his students -- he is about open and honest dialouge, and I respect that. A good teacher is worth their weight in Gold and then some!

kasper794 said...

Congrats to you on your award.

Amias said...

Cliff, I couldn't sleep, so I started playing in the search engine. What popped up was your thinking blog award" originator. If this is the case, am I suppose to follow the rules of participation and do the same?

Amias said...

Yes I am sleepy Cliff.

"I want to challenge those nominated to state why they are passing on the award to their intended recipient. So without further adieu..."

Ok, Thank you friend, I saw this ... my excuse for not understanding is simple, (laughing out loud) ... the excitement of the last few days have got me spinning .. I need to wound down. Even a thinker sometimes forgets to think!

Bella said...

You're welcome deserve it!!!


Warren Peace said...

What a fitting award for you Cliff. Congratulations.

Diamond said...

Thanks Cliff!! Congrates to you as well!