Thursday, January 17, 2008

Just when I said I wouldn't listen

Okay, I work until 5:30 this evening I get into my car, hit the AM/FM button on the car stereo when I heard a voice from Cleveland radio past-Ed "Flash" Ferenc. I had to listen to 1100 and you-know-who. He actually had a good interview with Flash, and I will have to go to iTunes and download that hour to listen to the whole broadcast hour, which is about 32 minutes after the commercials are taken out.

Traffic was steady so I didn't mind only hearing the "lockout" for Moose and Moose when Fred McMurray gave the traffic report.

For those new to this blog and outside of Northeast Ohio Ed Ference was the newsman for Jeff Kinzbach, morning personality on the Home of the Buzzard-WMMS. WMMS was the premier radio station in Cleveland from the mid 70's through the 80's. In September, I wrote a post about this legendary station. There will never another "Buzzard."

For the record, I do not hate or dislike Mike Trivisonno. I have never seen the guy in person. I realize his show is shtick, but the thing about the traffic reports do bug me. One of his producers, Paul Rado contacts me via email every once in awhile, so I would consider him a casual friend.

An update: My wife Kathy is doing better. Thank you for all the well wishes in the comments section. The rough time she was going through was emotional, due to some things that happened at home. Once again I'm convinced that the term adult children is not a oxymoron. But her father has had some health issues, and he was convinced that he wasn't long for the world. This week he has said that he hasn't felt this good in awhile. Pray for his continued health.


david5258 said...

cliff-i heard triv talking to flash today as well. good to see he has landed on his feet outside radio. he is right, their jokes were funny enuff to listen to the puncline b4 going into work. i think flash would have appreciated happy hare(specs and howard-kyw1100). check out hare's weekly blog, the happy hare. hard to believe he is 80 and STILL doing radio--weekly internet tusic show on wed 1-3pacific(tusic==talk/music hybrid).
surprised to hear billy joel when i logged in tonite. regards--david5258

Bella said...

Glad to hear that your wife is doing better. Sending the best for your FIL as well.

BTW, love your little music player list!

:) Bella

Liquid said...

I also send well wishes to Kathy and hope she is feeling stronger. Heart is stretched out....alllll the way to Ohio! Much to you each!

kasper794 said...

I have an award for you on my page The Cheer Me Up Award go to my page for the details.

Amias said...

So glad Kathy is feeling better.

Cliff I won't believe that it's in your heart to hate anyone.

74WIXYgrad said...

My mother who faced many challenges in her life, which included alcoholic parents, and a very abusive first husband told me when I was very young that you should not hate anybody.

Even though my mom has been gone almost 4 years now, her influence will be with me for the rest of my life.