Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I like Amias because...

Amias is one who thinks outside the box.

In this world of change, we can ill afford to go with traditional ways. I have seen this in both the church world and the professional world. We need intellectual leaders, ones who will help us all to think outside of the box.

I have seen this in Amias' writings. She had needed to take a few days off from blogging to heal and to recharge. Some very ignorant people decided that she didn't write to satisfy them. She doesn't hold the "traditional black" opinion of the Confederate flag. She feels that it is part of her history as a black woman who was raised in Mississippi. Click here to read her views.

Amias returned to her Liquid Plastic blog early this morning to express her struggles and how she had to delete over 200 emails from ignorant and hateful people. I admire her for going off the "cow path" and sharing a different, non traditional view with all of us.

And Amias, like everyone else on my blog roll, you are my friend. When you are hurt, I'm hurt also.


Amias said...

Cliff .. I am going into my closet and get down on my knees, when I finish typing this, and thank God for your friendship, for it gives me strength.

I am going to thank God for Suzanne for introducing us. I am going to thank God for the parents that gave birth to you, the wife that gives you comfort, and the folks who make sure you make a good living. I am going to ask God to send you his blessing and his peace --- and to bless you with abundant in all levels of your life. Indeed, you are worthy! YOU are what Christianity should be about. You are an inspiration to all of us.

I am indeed humbled.
Thank you.

Bizdecision said...

WIXY...one time I drove from Massillon down to visit my cousins in Starkville, Mississippi. I stopped in Memphis to see Graceland. Anyway, from Memphis to Starkville, it's about an hour's drive. Once you get off the highway, it seems like one long country road. On the way to Starkville, I saw three houses that had a Confederate flag in their picture window. Maybe having an American flag is too progressive and too current for some people. Geez...maybe I need to find a 13 colonies flag to hang up somewhere.

Amias said...

Biz, I understand both side of the issue concerning the Rebel Flag. I just have my own personal opinion about what it means to me.

Of course, I have a United States of American Flag, I have a Mississippi State Flag, and now that I live in Texas, I have a Texas State Flag -- to me, all flags that represents every state in America are American flags.

74WIXYgrad said...

I don't feel that the Confederate flag has the same power to offend as the flag of Nazi Germany. Most who own the "stars and bars" are saying that they are proud of being from the south.

The only flag that I will remove my hat to, place my hand over my heart for, and pledge allegiance to is the flag of the United States of America.

Frasypoo said...

Thats horrible...on my way to Amias' s blog

Liquid said...

When she hurts, I hurt too.

And others had best not, mess with my sister!

"When one number is dialed.....all our phones ring....!"

I am so grateful for you both!