Saturday, October 21, 2006

From the Pressbox:Senior Night

Last home football game was played last night against the Dalton Bulldogs. Due to some mitigating factors, the crowd was somewhat sparse tonight. The (worlds greatest) band boosters were in full force, as they were also readying themselves for the band show tonight.

Halftime: Due to the field being somewhat soggy because of constant rain for the past few days, both bands stood by the open end of the field, and took turns playing their halftime selections, first Dalton, then Rittman, one by one. Dalton had one of their students announcing, and she had made a mistake, and felt bad about it. I told her that tomorrow she would be the only one that remembered it. Then I made a deposit into my own memory bank when I announced the wrong song. It's been four years since I've done that. I gotta take my own advice.

Special note: Brookside was originally scheduled for tonight's band show, but had to cancel their appearance. Their band director had a mild stroke last Friday. Keep him and his family in your prayers.

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